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Symptoms of heart failure


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Symptoms of heart failure

  1. 1. BY:Lisa BrunEverything was fine in Mr. Smith’s life .He was well settled with adequate retirementfunds and his sons were in a very big MNC drawing good paychecks. He was a widowerwhich actually forced him to do his own cooking. He was not a bad cook and everyonedid enjoy his preparation. At the rise of the morning sun Mr. Smith would be the firstone to put on his jogging shoes and walk his way briskly to the neighboring grounds.Different Symptoms of Heart failureAt the outset anyone would like to be friendly with him. Days passed by and one dayMr. Smith who was out on his normal walks experienced terrible seizures in his chestarea. The pain became very much intense and this forced him to seek medical helpatonce.The doctor after thorough examination told Mr. Smith that he was suffering fromcongestive heart disease. Neither Mr. Smith nor the friend who accompanied him couldunderstand the reason for it. This is because Smith followed a very strict diet and hisdaily activities were lively and how come in such a case he had a terrible heart attack?The doctor briefed him to beware of certain factors and asked him to come back to hisclinic for regular health check up. Smith was ready to face the reality and yes thedoctor’s words created awareness of his health condition.Now as readers we must also know what the general symptoms of heart failure(InFrench insuffisance cardiaque). Heart attack is a common disease nowadays and wecan see many people being affected by it. Over weight, heart palpitations, a quickenedheart rate and limited ability to engage in physical activities are all the symptoms ofheart failure.
  2. 2. Heart attack is sudden in some cases and in such case the patient would be feeling heavypain in his/her heart .In some cases the heart attack(In French attaque cardiaque) wouldbe light and in some cases it might be massive .While the massive attacks might causestrokes and other ailments in body [at times even loss of life] there are cases of patientswho had then followed a very healthy life style and exercise habits to keep the disease atbay.It is therefore important to note the symptoms of heart disease and it is wise to take stepsto prevent the occurrence of heart failure in his/her life. Moreover if any infected personis seen then one must be also ready to provide him/her the required medical help.Cardio is stands for cardiovascular, this means related to the hear, cardioworkouts areexercises that helps you keep your heart healthy, these exercises helps in maintainingheart rate and keeping it elevated for a long period of time.Cardiovascular Disease and FitnessThese heart exercises are very simple day to day exercises, like walking to be specificfast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling without any break in the routine. Exercisesthat stress on stretch and strength, like Pilates, are not counted as cardio exercise, butthey can be included in some or the other manner in your cardioworkout (In Frenchcardiaque symptome) schedule.Studies suggest that a lot of cardiovascular diseases could be cured with a little changein your diet and your exercise practice, it not only helps in preventing severe heartproblems but is also a cure for heart diseases, and a healthy life style means a healthyheart and a healthy life.
  3. 3. Experts have given certain guidelines for healthy heart, according to them one shouldhave at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise every day , it is also beneficial maintain ahealthy weight and body condition. Just workouts are not enough your daily habitsshould also be changed, it is very important that you quit smoking and control yourdrinking, and these things are very helpful for curing cardiovascular diseases (In Frenchmaladie cardio).There is are numerous health benefits associated with cardioworkouts, there is a long listof advantages due to these normal cardio exercises hefty list of health benefitsassociated with doing cardio exercise. Here we present to you some top reasons that tellyou, why should one to include cardio in your workout routine: • The most vital and key reason being that it strengthens the heart and prevents all cardiovascular diseases. • It also helps in strengthening the lungs and also increases the capacity of your lungs. • Metabolic activities also get a boost due to this workout regime, it helps in balancing your metabolic rate, and helps to burn calories, and thus in simple words help loose weight. • Cardio workouts are the best stress busters, because stress is the main reason for a lot of heart related diseases therefore regular exercising is needed if you have a stress full job. • It increases your over all energy and thus keeps you active through out the day. • A lot of people who complain of sleepless nights and insomnia should consider workout for a restful sleep. For more information visit