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Naturopathy Cures for Cardiovascular Diseases


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Naturopathy Cures for Cardiovascular Diseases

  1. 1. BY: Lisa BrunMost individuals suffering from heart diseases turn to conventional allopathicmedicine for a cure. As a result, they often end up going through an oftentraumatic and expensive treatment plan that many a times results in the patientloosing much of their earlier health and vitality.Antioxydants- allopathic vs naturopathicConventional allopathic medicine tends to dismiss such detrimental developmentsas inevitable side-effects that need to be endured and most sufferers end upputting up with these very often painful, distressing and debilitating conditionssimply because they are not aware of any other alternative. However, the truth isthat there are several gentler, more natural solutions for cardiovascular diseases(In French maladie cardio). many of which can be found in the field ofnaturopathic medicine.Though the roots of this ancient study goes back to thevery foundations of medical knowledge (Hippocrates, the father of modernmedicine advocated many of the same principles as naturopathy); it evolved as aseparate branch of medicine in the 18th century when European doctors firststarted looking for a way of treating diseases that recognizes, respects andencourages the self-healing power of Mother Nature inherent in each of usindividual human beings.Maladie cardio- Naturopathic HelpUnlike conventional medicine, naturopathic physicians follow a holistic treatmentplan that tries to locate and identify the various internal and external influencesacting on a patient at any given time so as to identify and remove the root causesof illness rather than simply eliminate or suppress its symptoms. Consequently, anaturopathic practitioner will dwell in detail on a patient’s way of life, medicalhistory, emotional character and physical features in addition to conducting athorough physical examination. Accordingly, unlike conventional treatment forheart diseases (In French insuffisance cardiaque) which typically treat eachsymptom separately, a naturopathic cure would involve trying to locate the rootcause of the problem in an effort to resolve it while simultaneously advising thepatient on diet and lifestyle changes that can improve the body’s innate healingpowers.
  2. 2. Antioxydants- Can help in Treatment of Heart ProblemsCommon naturopathic treatments for heart conditions include changes in the dietincluding a cutting down on excess meat and dairy products and processed foodin favor of organic, whole foods and the use of natural health supplements andherbs such as hawthorn berry and gingko biloba that will help nourish the heartand improve blood circulation in the body. Finally, a naturopathy practitioner willalso help patients find an suitable exercise program and stress-reduction plan.The desire for a healthy, fit and fabulous body is practically universal and almostall of us have at one point or the other made an effort to achieve the samethrough various diets. However, you can sometimes have too much of a goodthing and dieting is no different.In their quest to achieve the perfect (read ‘thin’) body, many people both youngand old end up cutting down their food intake to dangerous levels. Crash diets inparticular are especially hazardous; though unfortunately a common resort formany young women in their teens or twenties. By crash diets we refer to any kindof meal planning system that aims at losing weight quickly. Most nutritionists andhealth experts define a crash diet as any diet in which a person’s daily intake isless than 1,200 calories.Maladie cardio- Can be a result of Crash DietsNot only are such crash diets unsuccessful in the long run (most people who trysuch shortcuts end up losing their capacity to keep up with it within a short periodof time at which point all the lost weight quickly returns); they also have severalserious short term and long term side effects including the risk of fainting, short-term dehydration, health problems arising from sustained nutritional deprivation,and even potentially fatal heart problems such as heart attack(In French attaquecardiaque). Here’s the reason why. By drastically reducing your caloric intake,you deprive your body of nutrients that it needs to sustain itself includingminerals like potassium, magnesium, copper etc that are essential to the healthyfunction of your heart. The shortage of these can lead to arrhythmia, a heartdisorder(In French cardiaque symptome). common seen in crash dieters wherethe heart rate shows a definite irregularity; either beating too fast or too slow orbeing out of sync.
  3. 3. Cardiaque symptome- is the result of Crash DietsCrash diets can also lead to a weakening of the heart muscles in the long run. Theresulting damage of the blood vessels creates an environment that is conduciveto the development of heart diseases like atherosclerosis. Finally, experts alsobelieve that crash dieting can cause heart palpitations and cardiac stress due tothe drop in blood pressure and also due to sodium depletion. While a single crashdiet may not put your body at risk, repeated attempts at such unhealthy methodsof weight loss can definitely lead to cardiac illnesses. Rather than rely on suchunreliable and potentially method commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle today. For more information visit