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les antioxydants

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Les antioxydants

  1. 1. AUTHOR : LISA BRUNLearning the common heart attach symptoms at a glanceHeart disease is quite life threatening and is something that can make a patient feelnerve-racking, especially if it is left undiagnosed. Among the several various dreadfuldiseases, the condition of heart attacks has topped the list causing most number ofdeaths in the world. As per a conducted research, most cases of heart diseases havebeen typically found in certain worldwide locations like the UK, the US and Canada. Youmay be surprised to learn that every 30 seconds a person in the United States alone diesjust because of the heart attack. Considering the alarming situations, you may beinterested to know the heart attack symptoms as highlighted below:Pain in chest: This could be one of the most crucial heart attack symptoms typicallyfound in most patients. That is why every time a patient feels pain or numbness in areaaround chest, there should be no negligence in the care. Another common type ofdiscomfort occurring around the cheat is called Angina and other phenomenon likesqueezing, burning, painful or distressing are also quite likely to occur. Unswervingly,because these are some of the typical cardiovascular symptoms (In French cardiaquesymptome), there should be no delay in consulting a medical doctor.Loss of consciousness: Among the typical cardiovascular diseases(symptomemalaise cardiaque), loss of consciousness stands to variety of reasons. To assign thereasons include mental strain and debility. However, in the time to come, this symptomcan lead to cause a cardiac disease if no care is followed in the direction.Exhaustion: This is another symptom that can commonly come to pass. Not to put toofine point on the fact that you if you easily feel exhaustion, the sign refers to that youeither have some minor disorders or are very possibly suffering from a cardiac disease.In either of the cases, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for a proper conclusion and toprevent the diseases or disorder to grow further.Uneasiness in breath: This is another one of the most common cardiac diseasessymptoms. Patients having undergone heart failure usually experience uneasiness inbreath, especially when they lie down on their backs.
  2. 2. Heart failure: Chronic cardiac patients largely experience heart failure. And there arevarieties of reasons to support the condition, for example, abrupt weight gain, atypicalswelling, queasiness, coughing inclusive of white mucus, uneven heartbeats andpalpitation.Should you experience any of the aforesaid symptoms, chances are much that you aresuffering from cardiac troubles. So don’t delay when it comes to consult a doctor.High level of cholesterol(In French le cholestérol ) can cause cardiovascular diseases(In French maladies cardiovasculaires).Heart Attack and Pepin Grapefruit ExtractA blockage in the heart arteries often lead to a heart attack. There are many heartattack symptoms. There is often a chest pain which is often accompanied by a shortnessof breath. There patient also suffers from profuse sweating. In some cases there is alsonausea associated with a heart attack. The chest pain usually becomes tight in somecases and sometimes there is a pressure associated with it. A heart attack symptomoften varies in an individual. It often starts with a pain in the jaw area or withindigestion. Sometimes an individual may also experience some pain in shoulders orarms. The patient also encounters shortness of breath.It is also observed that sometime heart attack symptoms (In French cardiovascularsymptoms) are very minimal .Some heart attack symptoms are so mild in nature thatfew realize that they have suffered a heart attack. The person often feels very weak orworn out after a heart attack. The pain usually gravitates from chest to the neck area orto the shoulder. There is often a serious muscle injury associated with the heart musclein the case of a heart attack. The heart rate increase or becomes irregular. The personsuffering from a heart attack also becomes pale in nature. It is important to understandthe fact that not all heart attack symptoms occur in a person. Sometimes the discomfortgoes away and in some cases the symptoms occur again. It is important to seek medicalhelp when you encounter the symptoms otherwise it could prove to be fatal.Pepin grapefruit extracts (In French extrait pepin pamplemousse)are also known ascitrus seed extract. This extract is usually derived from seeds, pulps and the membranesof a grapefruit. The extract is then taken in a lab where the pulp and the seed are mixedwith glycerin to make the pepin grapefruit extracts. These grapefruits extracts are oftensold commercially as a health supplement. Grapefruit extracts are often blended withpreservatives and sold in the market. It also finds its use in the cosmetic industry. Thegrapefruit extract is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is widelyused to cure throat infections, ear ache and diarrhea. In the fitness industry it is oftenrecommended as a health supplement by nutritionists. Pepin grapefruit extracts areknown to prevent diseases of the heart, varicose veins and high blood pressure.
  3. 3. Grapefruit extract is the perfect antioxidant (In French les antioxydants).Antioxidants juice works wonders in maintaining good healthAntioxidants are the combination of certain vitamins that are quite instrumental inpreventing the body cells from sustaining any potential harm caused by specific unevenmolecules called free radicals, which incidentally drop inside from several differentsources in form of air pollutants and cigarette smoke. By the bye, an extreme growth ofthese free radicals inside may cause some dreadful diseases like cancer or certain seriousskin disorders like development of wrinkles or fast aging process. Some of the commonantioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, selenium beta-carotene, andlycopene, which are plentifully found in broad varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains.Consideration all aforesaid points, the antioxidants are essential to the body as theyefficiently nip the oxidation process in the bud. However, antioxidant (In French lesantioxydants) do not form naturally in the body but instead indeed found bountifully incolored red and black fruits, as well as wine, fruit beer and green tea.If your regular diet is void of the antioxidants, it is worthwhile to start your day with amulti-vitamin supplement for a certain period of time, however, hinging exclusively onthe supplement to meet the requirement regularly may also not prove good to the bodysince there is no actual substitute for the real thing.Talking about the antioxidant juice, this can really prove wonderful to add extraantioxidants in your diet, especially when you abstain from taking wines and beers or youdo not include readymade fresh fruit in your diet. The cream of the crop feature aboutthe antioxidants is that besides having great therapeutic values, they are also excellentanti-aging agents.However when it comes to high-antioxidant fruits like Pepin grapefruit extract(In Frenchextrait pepin pamplemousse), blue berries, acai berries pomegranate, maqui berries, gojiberries the consumption in readymade form is not very apparent but instead the intakeof these nutrients in the juice extract form is proven to work more wonderfully for thebody.There are lots of antioxidant extracts available in juice form and research is still beingdone in terms of the therapeutic values. Some well-known and effective antioxidantsextracts include cherry juice, Pepin grapefruit extract, apricot extract, cranberry juice,camu camu berry, aronia extract, bilberry juice, passion fruit juice, kiwi fruit and more.Alongside of these important juices, there are still some other different types ofantioxidant juices to achieve the need.All in all, antioxidant juices are quite wonderful in the preventing of cardiovasculardiseases and cancer. Additionally, their intake on a regular basis is also found to be veryeffective in generating good level of energy and in the detoxification of our metabolismsystem.
  4. 4. Proper consumption of antioxidantsOxidation is a common phenomenon in the body of the living organisms. This oxidationreaction produces free radicals in the human body. These free radicals are primarymolecules which causes the chain reactions of the complex organic molecules in thebody. If this reactions keep going on in the cell the cells might get damaged and finallydie. To prevent this situation the antioxidants (In French les antioxydants) are present.These antioxidants inactivate the free radicals and stops the reaction. The knownantioxidants are glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D and some enzymes.Some of the antioxidants are present inside the body where as some has to be taken asa dietary supplement. The common source of antioxidants are citrus fruits, vegetables,eggs, nuts, cereals, legumes, Pepin grapefruit extract(In French extrait pepinpamplemousse ), soy, coffee, tea, red wine, meat, and chocolates. By the intake of theantioxidants many diseases can be prevented. The Pepin grapefruit extract is contains56% of vitamin C and is very beneficial for the heart stroke patients. Grapefruit oil isused for aroma therapy. The grapefruit seed extract has very low glycemic index andthe cholesterols content is only 0.10 per gram. The sugar content is less then 4 grams inevery seed so the heart diseases patients can consume it, rather than going for the fruitswhich contains more sugar. It also contains another antioxidant which is called lycopenewhich lowers the risk of breast cancer. Some scientist agree that grapefruit seedscontain an enzyme which lowers the mechanism of aging in certain animals, although itdoesnt work the same way in the human body.Neurological diseases, cancer, heart diseases can be prevented if vitamin C is included inthe daily diet. But larger consumption of the antioxidants can cause oxidative stresswhich can cause the death of the cells and tissues. The antioxidants not only preventsthe free radical reactions and diseases but also it is very useful in the industries. Aspolymers and complex molecules are susceptible to the oxidation on exposure to thesunlight, antioxidants are added to prevent it. They are added as preservative in the foodstuff to avoid deterioration and helps in prolong storage. Grapefruit seed extract islargely used as a preservative in the food stuff. The antioxidants are also added in thefuels and lubricants to prevent them from the reaction of atmospheric oxygen.