Heart attack


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The above saying is too common and we read it many times, but do we try to comprehend this? Why do we rush to the doctor only when we fall ill or get some ailment? Heart failure is a chronic disease and any body can be victimized by this. It is true that having a good diet can help you to fight with so many diseases, as the quote `prevention is better than cure’ points out towards this.

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Heart attack

  1. 1. Types of heart failure treatmentHeart problems can strike people of any age and race though admittedlymiddle-aged and senior persons make up the majority. The causes are manyand so are the types. It is the leading cause of death in the West and someEuropean countries. In fact, statistics show that heart problems have ahigher malignancy than even some types of cancers.Like many lifestyle diseases, heart failure (In French insuffisancecardiaque) can occur due to prolonged tobacco use, inactivity, obesityand alcohol consumption. Since it encompasses so many types of heartproblems, its treatment will differ. However, what doctors usually do istreat the underlying causes, advice lifestyle changes, prescribe medicationand/or undertake surgery. Since problems can aggravate over time, it isimportant for people to consult a doctor if they believe they may beshowing symptoms.Some medications used to treat heart attacks are diuretics or water pillsto help kidneys produce more urine to flush out excess toxins. Angiotensiveconverting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors dilate or widen the arteries so that theheart doesn’t have to pump too hard for blood to flow. For abnormal heartrhythms, anti-arrhythmic drugs are prescribed to regulate heart beat. Toblock the effect harmful hormones can have on disease progressions and tolower blood pressure, beta-blockers are taken. Since we excrete potassiumand magnesium through urine, supplements are often times prescribed alongwith diuretics.Depending on the severity of the problem, doctors may advice surgery. Someof the types include implanting pacemakers and artificial heart valves,coronary artery bypass graft or angioplasty to prevent or treat heartfailure due to blocked arteries, fixing congenital heart defects, hearttransplantation for those suffering from its most severe forms, LeftVentricular Assist Devices (LVAD) and heart reconstruction. The last can bedone using certain procedures like valve repair, Batista procedure, Acornprocedure, Dr procedure and dynamic cardiomegaly.Since the number of heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque) and
  2. 2. heart failure cases is on the rise, scientists will be making more advancesin its treatment. More drugs will be invented and surgical procedures willbe honed to increase success rate and help people live a longer life. Butlike most lifestyle diseases, heart failure too can be prevented, saving aton of money on health care costs. All that’s needed is information andwill power. Lack of exercise can increase possibilities of Heart failureHeart failure is referred to the failure of the heart to pump enough ofblood to the other organs of the body. The heart failure is actually not ashort term one but a long term condition and it can develop quite suddenly.The heart failure occurs either in the right side or the left side or bothsides of the heart. The heart attack is classified as systolic heart attackwherein the heart muscle cannot pump blood very well and the diastolicheart attack is the one wherein the heart muscles are stiff and it does noteasily fill up with blood. Apart from these there is another specific thingcalled Cardiod myopically which refers to an infection which weakens theheart muscle.Abnormal rhythms of the heart, heart valve disease and congenital heartdisease [refers to a defect in septum of heart at child birth itself] areall the major causes of heart failure.Most of the heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque) results as personage. The risk of developing cardiac disease [heart failure] is increased bylack of exercise, obesity and a diet overly high with certain types of fat.Heart attack or my cordial infarction usually occurs in those who haveunderestimated the maintenance of a good heart.The coronary arteries when subjected to blockage might cause terribledangers to the pumping action of the heart and when this constant pumpingaction is blocked the whole body and its efficient balance is disturbed.This can be a short analysis of what is meant by heart failure (In Frenchinsuffisance cardiaque) but let us agree that we have got two
  3. 3. eyes,ears,hands,legs but only one heart .It is very important to maintain ahealthy heart.It is advisable for everyone to do the required physical exercise and gainhealth benefits from moderate level aerobic activity per week. The moreactive you are the more one can benefit can be attained by the body. Theuse of illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking cigarettes should be completelynullified. It is advisable to lose weight if one is overweight. The use ofsodium should be limited. Recent studies have discovered that sodium causesedema, fluid retention, and intake of processed salty foods is consideredto be a great havoc to human heart. A diet should be balanced with goodintake of fruits, vegetables and Brown rice. Wheat germ and soybeans can bealso added up with the diet and the intake of red meat should be limited."Prevention is better than cure" A good heart is essential for a happystress free life and by being aware of your body and heart condition it isapt to lead a simple and active life. Know how to take care of arteriesIn a normal human body, blood vessels are that part of the circulatorysystem of human anatomy , the main function of which is to transport bloodthroughout the human body. There are three kinds of blood vessels in ourbody namely arteries which carry blood away from the heart, capillarieswhich are responsible for the exchange of water and chemicals taking placebetween tissues and blood and last but not the least veins which help incarrying the blood from capillaries back towards heart. Arteries thetherefore have a major function to perform in our body to ensure oursurvival which means arteries are a very important part of a human body andif arteries are affected by any disease, they can sure pose a great dangerfor our wellbeing.The most dangerous thing that can happen to our arteries is atherosclerosisor in common language narrowing of arteries where our arteries hardens andnarrows down because of the deposition of fat on the walls of arteries
  4. 4. which reduces the flow of blood. Arterial narrowing is fatal to humanbeings as a reduction in flow of blood can cause heart attack (In Frenchattaque cardiaque), stroke or angina or chest pain when one’s heartmuscle does not get enough blood which is rich in oxygen.The type of arteries which gets maximum affected by atherosclerosis iscoronary arteries as they are already narrow and its common for them toget blocked and cause the above mentioned diseases which can even causeheart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque). If a person issuffering from cardiovascular diseases which have occurred because of thenarrowing of arteries, the first and the foremost advice given to theindividual after diagnosis is to give up smoking if he or she does it andtake up exercises on a regular basis.Medicines are prescribed by the doctor in such cases only when the diseasecannot be cured by simple measures and the medicines given to the patientsare often patented and expensive but care should be taken that they do notshow any side effect after the consumption of these medicines. Surgerieslike angioplasty is done on the patient that helps in expanding narrowedarteries whereas bypass surgery helps in creating additional blood supplyconnections which go around the arteries which have narrowed down. It isalways said that prevention is better than cure so one should take care ofhis or her body from the very beginning by exercising regularly andmaintaining a healthy diet.