Health problems


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Health problems

  1. 1. BY: Lisa BrunNowadays our health and life expectancy are threatened from all sides bynumerous factors. It is our responsibility to safeguard our health and ensure thepotential to live a long life. Having a healthy heart is one of the surest ways toensure that we have good health and live a long, full life.Heart attacks (In French maladie cardio) and other heart related problems are thenumber one cause of death and this is why it is important to begin thinking aboutthe health of the heart from a very early age. If there is a history of coronarydisease in our family, we should take all steps necessary to ensure that we do notbecome a victim of the same type of disease and this can improve the quality oflife we live as well.Maintaining good heart health is one of the most basic ways a person can care forthemselves. While some people have to deal with bad genes or heart defects frombirth, most people can ensure a strong heart just by eating well and exercisingregularly. The internet is a good resource for people who are interested in gainingmore knowledge about nutrition, exercises, risk factors and the various types ofheart problems.The heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised as well and as often as any otherpart of the body. We may not see the effects that those exercises have on it likewe do when we exercise our biceps or abdomen muscles, but it needs to be caredfor because it keeps the rest of the body moving. Apart from this, a healthy dietis also important. Proper nutrition and a good diet-plan do not have to becomplicated. All it takes is a few changes in what we take in everyday.A proper heart rate is the key to having a long life. It has been said that having aproper heart rate is a sign of good health. There are many advantages that aperson can gain from maintaining a low heart rate., such as acquiring a shapelybody, having a relaxed and stress-free life and of course, having a longer life.Having a healthy heart is something that everyone should be concerned with.Decreasing the chance of any coronary disease(In French cardiaque symptome)
  2. 2. through proper diet and exercise is important. Making small changes in ourlifestyle can reap huge benefits.Our modern lifestyle has made us complacent is terms of our health. Gone arethe days when manual labor was the only way to get things done. Asbackbreaking as it was, you have to admit that the people in those times were ahardy lot. Now, automation has replaced manual work and we barely have to lift afinger to get things done. Need to get to the 4th floor of a building? Take theelevator. Need to do the laundry? Use the washing machine. Need to clean yourhome? Use the vacuum cleaner.The sedentary lifestyle we now lead has given way to a host of healthproblems(In French insuffisance cardiaque). Heart attack, cancer, diabetes amajority of the time, they’re caused by what we eat, our habits and lack ofexercise. The drive to achieve success in the workplace too has given rise tostress which only compounds the problem. When it comes to food, what we eatplays a major role in our health. Here we have a few recipes (vegan) of healthfoods which are tasty, healthy and can has lots of antioxidants(In Frenchantioxydants) that can help prevent and reverse a heart attack.Baked vegetable stuffed potatoes are yummy and easy to prepare. Use fat-freecheese and soymilk which are low in calories. For a mock tuna salad, substitutesoy chunks for fish. This way, you get your proteins without a hint of mercury.Potato pancakes are a great choice for breakfast. Free from fat, they’re filling andvery healthy. For a light meal, try a lemony asparagus soup. Use powdered soy orrice milk instead of dairy milk. For a heavier meal, try a Shepherd’s Pie andsubstitute soy chunks for meat. A vegetable casserole is also a great way to eathealthy and can be had as a side dish or a main course.We have given recipes of only vegan products in view of diseases that can plaguelivestock and high mercury levels in fish. Of course, if you prefer you can stillmake the dishes non-vegetarian. The thing to remember is to eat a lot of veggiesas they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body.
  3. 3. Health foods are also becoming popular nowadays as people have awoken to therealization that their health isn’t something to be wagered. For more information visit