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Bad lifestyle led my friend to a Heart                                        Attack                       I always sugges...
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Bad lifestyle led my friend to a heart attack(in french attaque cardiaque)


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Bad lifestyle led my friend to a heart attack(in french attaque cardiaque)

  1. 1. How To Keep Your Heart Healthy The human heart is a muscular organ that provides continuous blood supply to the whole body. It has four chambers. It is the size of a fist and weighs about 250 to 350 grams. It is enclosed in a protective sac called the pericardium. Blood flows into the heart in one direction. It is prevented from flowing backwards by the valves between each chamber. Deoxygenated blood flows into the heart and oxygenated blood flows out of the heart.Obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol lead to heart disease. Heartdisease is a major cause of death. Of course, heart disease can also occur inpeople with normal cholesterol and normal pressure.High blood pressure is a major risk factor leading to heart failure. If you are obeseand you smoke, your chances of heart disease will be higher. High bloodcholesterol also leads to heart disease and heart attack (In French attaquecardiaque). Cholesterol is a fatty substance that the liver produces to makecertain hormones. Saturated fat in food is responsible for the fat entering yourbody. This can get deposited on the artery walls, thus not allowing the blood toflow easily through them. If the blood does not flow easily to the heart, the heartwill begin to malfunction. This can lead to heart failure (In French insuffisancecardiaque) finally. Diabetes also leads to heart attack. If you know that you sufferfrom diabetes, you should be under a doctor’s care. Obesity increases your risk ofdeveloping other risk factors associated with heart disease. Most people do notrealize that smoking leads to heart disease. They only associate it with lungdisease. In fact, smoking increases heart rate, tightens major arteries, and causesirregular heartbeats. People who are inactive have a greater risk of getting heartdisease. The more you exercise, the more your chances are of staying healthy.Generally, men have a higher risk of heart disease than women but by the time awoman reaches menopause, the risk is same for men and women. Age is also a bigfactor. People over the age of sixty five are more prone to heart disease thanyounger people.There are many contributing factors as well. Stress is one such factor. To loweryour risk of heart disease, try to keep your stress levels low. Lead a healthylifestyle. Take time out for enjoyment. Eat well. Make time for exercise.
  2. 2. Bad lifestyle led my friend to a Heart Attack I always suggested my best friend to change his lifestyle and adopt some healthy habits which he always did not take seriously. What bothered me was the non-healthy diet pattern he was following. The excessive oily foods, being more on junk food, less fruits and vegetables and over and above no physical exercise. I was worried about his sedentary lifestyle along with a bad diet chart as well.Moreover, he used to smoke and drink alcohol at times. I knew all this was ruininghim and I was worried about my dear friend. But he never listened to me what Isuggested. The result was one day he suffered from a severe heart attack and stillthere in the hospital.The heart problems are increasing all over the world due to changed lifestyles.Heart which happens to be a major life supplying organ in your body. A heartfailure (In French insuffisance cardiaque) results from the malfunctioning ofheart where it starts pumping the oxygen rich blood at a relatively slower rate toother parts of the body. This impacts the overall health of the body. On the otherhand, a heart attack happens when the excessive blood pressure is exerted on thewalls of the arteries and that may even lead them to the state of bursting. Whileboth are extreme situations, care should be exercised in minimizing the chances offacing any such issues. The disease may not be noticed initially and may developover the time posing a serious threat to life.Of course, treatment is available today to cure various heart diseases includingheart failure and heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque). For my friend,doctor suggested him to go for a heart surgery that cost him quite a few bucks butsaved his life. He now understands what I used to tell him. I am happy at leastfinally he understands the things and is ready to change his lifestyle. In certaincases, doctors may even go for a complete heart transplant and plant in a newheart in your body. Science has advanced a lot and various treatments areavailable but exercising caution in your lifestyles to avoid any such problems is thebest cure possible for you.
  3. 3. Was it really a Heart Attack? On a normal day, enjoying the evening stroll in the neighborhood park; he just fell off all of a sudden. When rushed to hospital, doctor said that he has passed away 5 minutes back. Everybody felt astonished and sad for the demise of the young man all of a sudden. Nobody ever thought that a normal evening walk could take his life away. Investigating further, doctor mentioned that it was a severe heart attack that his body could not bear and in minutes after the attack he passed away. I still could not believe that such a health conscious person who never had any major health issues could have this.But finally believing the doctor and leaving myself in interrogation about heartattack (In French attaque cardiaque) and heart failure, I left the hospital with aheavy heart.There have been an increasing number of cases pertaining to heart attacks andheart failures that can be heard of. A heart attack happens due to excessive bloodpressure on the arteries of the heart that may even cause them to burst. On theother hand, a heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque) does not mean acomplete dysfunctional of heart but rather slow functioning of the heart whereinthis blood pumping unit works on a slower pace and impacts the overall health ofthe body. While both are extreme cases, the number of people suffering with suchproblems is much more today than it used to be few years back.A doctor friend of mine told me that this is particularly due to the change inlifestyles and diet patterns. What we eat decides what we become. Today, peoplerely more on junk food rather than fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, there isexcessive use of chemicals while growing fruits and vegetables; and also whileprocessing the foods. Although it does not show its signs initially but over a longtime, it may lead you to such severe problems. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyletoday adds on the toll. Symptoms may vary from a small to huge pain in the chest.Sometimes the pain is too less that you tend to just ignore it which might havehappened in this case as well. There might be other health issues also associatedwith the heart problems.After this incident, I am more committed to changing my lifestyle and also helpingmy friends and relatives do the same. Still, it seems hard to believe was it really aheart attack that took him away.