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Attaque cardiaque

  1. 1. Survive Heart Attack On OwnHeart Attack is one of the crucial and life threatening disease which needs immediate attentionto save the life. And for the heart patients the situation can be critical anytime and anyplace.There can be situations when the patient is completely alone and there occurs the symptoms ofheart attack. For those situations there should be few remedies known to all and even to thepatient so that the initial treatment can be given. Though complete medical evaluation isabsolutely necessary, three things should be followed by every heart patient and they are,listening to the advice of the doctor and controling the necessary habits like smoking andmaintain healthy diet and exercise. Also arrangement should be made so that in emergency,immediate call can be done to nearby hospital by the patient itself.However other than this three procedures there are few things which needs to be maintained asan initial aid.The first and foremost requirement is to be perfectly knowledgeable about the heart failuresymptoms so that it can be recognized immediately. Usually pressure on the chest, breathingdifficulty, pain in back and chest are notable symptoms of heart failure (In French insuffisancecardiaque).Secondly, after the symptoms are recognized, activities like driving etc should be stopped asthere can be very few seconds left before unconsciousness so there remains usually not muchtime to run to the hospital.Thirdly emergency numbers should be kept handy so that immediate information can betransferred for quick help.Fourthly suggestion from the doctor should be taken for emergency medicine during the symptomof heart failure. These medicines should always be there with the patient so that at any time heor she feels uncomfortable, can treat own self at the earliest. While the symptoms are showndo remember to take the medicine which usually helps in restricting blood clod.Fifthly, there are beta-blocking drugs which help in these situations. These are however drugsfetched by prescription, so it’s always better to consult the doctor before hand and keep thesame with one own self to use in case of emergencies.Sixthly, if there is a patient of heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque) there is alwaysadvise by the doctors to keep oxygen ready, wherever the patient go. So in critical situations,the oxygen should be used at the earliest.Lastly chest thumping can be done, but for the patient in such a situation doing the same can bedifficult. So, it should be remembered that right medication and the right direction can make aheart attack patient also live quite healthy. Conditions Of The HeartMany people believe that a heart attack and heart failure is the same thing. This is false.Heart failure is usually a chronic condition. It is a result of damage to your heart muscle. Thisdamage weakens the heart but it does not necessarily mean that it will stop. The pumping actionof the heart weakens and this makes it more difficult to pump blood and oxygen that the bodyneeds. When the body’s demand for oxygen is not met, the symptoms of heart failure begin todevelop.The common symptoms of heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque) include fatigue,breathlessness and swollen feet, ankles and abdomen. Symptoms depend on whether the left,right or both sides of the heart are affected. They also depend on how advanced the condition is.When the left side of the heart is affected, it can cause breathlessness, coughing, wheezing andfatigue. In severe cases, a patient can cough up froth or blood. On the other hand, in right-sidedheart failure, it is the fluid balance of the body that is affected. Symptoms include swollen feet,ankles and abdomen, fatigue, nausea and weight gain.Apart from medication, there are ways to improve symptoms. The first is eating a healthy, well-
  2. 2. balanced diet. Cutting down intake of salt and quitting smoking is very important. Regularexercise and maintaining a healthy weight, monitoring fluid intake and weight and managingstress are also very important. If alcohol intake was the cause of the condition, it is a goodidea to quit or cut down on it.A heart attack (In French attaque cardiaque), also known as myocardial infarction, iscaused when part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies because it does not receive enoughoxygen. It is also often caused by a blood clot that forms in a coronary artery, blacking bloodflow.The pain felt during a heart attack is similar to that of heartburn. A crushing pain in the chestaccompanied by sweating, dizziness, nausea or vomiting is a sign of heart attack. Other signsare pain that extends from the chest to the jaw, left arm or right shoulder, shortness ofbreath, weakness and overwhelming fatigue are some of the other signs of a heart attack.There are ways to reduce the risks of a heart attack. Eating healthy and exercising is a must.Quitting smoking is important. Controlling blood sugar in case of diabetes is very important aswell, so is controlling blood pressure in cases of hypertension.A point to remember is to consult a doctor for information and support. Heart Attack- Prevention is always Better than CureThere is no specific cure for heart attacks however its wise to forestall one from getting in thecenter attack patients’ cluster. Any doctor would advise one that the most effective tool toforestall from heart failure is to follow a healthy active life vogue. There are 3 vital tips toforestall one from heart failures.It is essential to initially follow a healthy heart diet. The diet that one leads nowadays willensure the sort of health that one would have tomorrow and additionally within the close tofuture. The physician would recommend one to follow a diet termed as “Dietary approaches toprevent hyper tension.”Such a diet ought to be wealthy in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats likeomega 3 fatty acids found in tuna,, salmon, halibut .,herring and in fish oil pills sold inpharmacies. Saturated and Trans fatty food substances ought to be totally avoided because itraises the blood cholesterol levels.Maintaining a healthy diet doesnt mean that one should starve oneself instead it refers to theintake of healthy food within the right amount at the correct time of the day.Secondly its vital to guide a healthy life vogue. many folks grasp the hazardous effects ofsmoking tobacco and still they persist on doing it. In several alternative cases there are somepeople who would be taking within the tablets to forestall heart attack (In French attaquecardiaque) and still get pleasure from smoking his tobacco .Smoking causes the impact ofnarrowing the arteries of the smoker and its additionally dangerous to inhale the smoke fromthe cigarettes. In some cases [especially in women] the intake of contraception pills also arefound to own dangerous effects on one’s healthy heart. Moreover excessive alcohol intakeadditionally causes heart failure.Finally a healthy life vogue in addition to the correct body weight is that the certain mantrafor a drag free heart. Walking, Swimming, House-keeping, Gardening, Taking the dog out for awalk are all the varied activities which could .Active physical activities in serious trouble aminimum of thirty or hr every day would have wonderful advantages for a healthy heart.Heart attacks are the key explanation for death for several folks round the world. Thestatistics for heart failure (In French insuffisance cardiaque) shows that the key factors forheart attack includes the episodes of abnormal heart beat, Old age, excessive alcohol intake, aprevious heart attack or stroke,. Obesity, High levels of stress, triglyceride levels andeventually the ignorance of the center patient relating to his/her own health condition.Hence these factors may be kept beneath management by following the higher than mentionedsteps that permits one to realize a healthy health and stress free life.
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