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Jobs in switzerland


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Published in: Career, Business
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Jobs in switzerland

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Introductions...An avid writer and blogger ( expat, including CH since 2007Finance professionals with 15+ years of experienceHappily married, father of two wonderful boys
  3. 3. niversities and yet both are an essential life-skillJob-Seeking Is Like Parenting......and both can be learned
  4. 4. Seven Audacious and CreativeIdeas About Finding Work inSwitzerland
  5. 5. Idea 1al career in the context of expatriation to Switzerland:Career Management = Strategic Marketingareer and workmily and personalysical and healthnd personal developmentFinancialkes and dislikesWork?Don’t Work?Continue Career?Change Career?
  6. 6. Idea 1 – cont.hing jobs in science for one of several international schools present in Switzerland…From Nuclear Physicist to a Teacher
  7. 7. Idea 2Certain about what you want?ther Market Researchut your target market…and then research it to find out what is out there.nds and network contacts.Remember that your research never stops, it is constant work-in-progress...IndustryGeographyCompaniesLanguage SpokenNGOsInterim / Temp Work
  8. 8. Idea 3o define what your transferable and non-transferableYou = Productrable: chemical engineerTransferable: negotiator, resolves conflicts,define your Unique Selling PointsPosition Yourself
  9. 9. Idea 4munication Mix» perfect:Communication = Promotionob Resumeover Letterk Certificatesb ReferencesDegreesng CertificatesBe a «Polished Communicator»
  10. 10. Idea 4 – Cont.ough your accomplishmentsExample: Writing Job-Resumeve words and phrasesfor the sales function”10% sales growth”
  11. 11. Idea 5you are there, potentially qualified and potentially fit tob-Searching = Placementnnel! And no business uses just one channel and neitNETWORKINGHead-huntersCold-callingCareer FairsJob-boards Direct-mai
  12. 12. Idea 6obs are filled in the invisible job-marketNetwork, Network, Networkhe only strategy to get hired fastanagers even if there are no particular jobs on offer...Networking is...... trail of breadcrumbs that spread from one person to another where each new bre
  13. 13. Idea 6How Does It Work?fy hiring managersrage your networkcall the»on-grabbing letters / teasers and use your referalst target companiesourself introduced...Then wait....and follow up from time-to-timeNetworking=Planning
  14. 14. Idea 7Going To Interview?tional interviews...and this is Good News!usiastic and confidentScript your answersrything you can about the job and the companye your questionsExercise! Exercise! Exercise!
  15. 15. Just One More Ideachology of Job-Huntingjust wish! Desire!Cut procrastinationEliminate disempowering believesGet hold of your stressorsm your kitchen. Have a proper job-office!Be positiveGoals = Control
  16. 16. reer Management Market ResearchCommunnication= PromotionYou= ProductInterviewing For SuccessNETWORKINGJob-Searching = Placement
  17. 17. To Get FREE Expert Practical Advice and Information onGetting Hired and Jobs In Switzerland:Visit “The Swiss Jobs and Career Center”Sign Up For “The Expat Jobseeker’s Weekly Digest”Connect With Us
  18. 18. You Can also Buy Our Information Packed Book“The Expat Jobseekers Guidebook To Switzerland”This practical manual is designed to empower youin your search for one of the countless vacancies thatSwiss employers tirelessly try to fill.