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Nu Ride Overview Presentation

  1. 1. NuRide Overview Presentation Click arrows to play or advance slides Click easel icon to view full screen
  2. 2. NuRide helps you track your savings and earn rewards for taking a “greener” trip
  3. 3. “Greener” trips include carpooling and vanpooling taking public transportation walking, biking and telecommuting
  4. 4. Here’s how it works Sign up for free at
  5. 5. Here’s how it works Record your green trips carpooled today took transit yesterday
  6. 6. Here’s how it works Track savings & earn points saved $887 earned 70,200 pts prevented 3 tons
  7. 7. Here’s how it works Redeem points for rewards restaurant coupons ticket promotions retailer discounts
  8. 8. Record work and personal trips bus to work bike to friend’s Earn points for all green trips
  9. 9. Find NuRide members going your way Share just one ride or set up a regular carpool.
  10. 10. Free service support by sponsors governments sponsor commuters employers sponsor employees businesses sponsor consumers
  11. 11. 100’s of companies, millions of trips & rewards
  12. 12. Web Site Walk-through
  13. 13. Home page at
  14. 14. Enter your zip code, name, password and email Sign up page.
  15. 15. Text messages, click to read Video/graphic messages Message center for receiving important messages.
  16. 16. Messages can be quickly read and deleted.
  17. 17. Click “record trip” to record a past trip Your personal trip calendar for recording and planning trips.
  18. 18. Indicate the type of trip Indicate the origin, destination, and time Recording a past trip is simple.
  19. 19. Enter notes (optional) Enter fare (optional) Record your trip Recorded trips can have notes and other information.
  20. 20. Your past trip is recorded Click to plan future ridesharing trip Recorded trips show up on your calendar. To plan a future trip select “Get started.”
  21. 21. Indicate the type of trip Indicate the origin & destination, time and flexibility Specify your role for this trip Specify details for your future ridesharing trip.
  22. 22. Enter meeting notes Plan your trip! Advanced trip options Specify notes and even customize your advanced options.
  23. 23. Your planned trip shows up on your calendar as a red icon. To find a match click “Find match.” Click to find a match
  24. 24. You can click on the route match to view maps All of the trips that meet your criteria are shown in a list.
  25. 25. Maps show how close the origins and destinations are for your trip along with directions and landmarks Maps can be viewed for additional information.
  26. 26. Click on a NuRider name to learn more about the person You can also view information on each NuRide member.
  27. 27. You can view a members home town, car, organization and feedback rating.
  28. 28. Join the departing trip … and returning trip When you find a match, join a departing and returning trip.
  29. 29. You can then finalize the details including exact time, who is driving and any meetings notes. When reserving your trip you can finalize important details.
  30. 30. Your scheduled ridesharing trip Your reserved trip shows up on your trip calendar.
  31. 31. Select “My Rewards” to go to your rewards.
  32. 32. Here you can see what you have earned, what you have saved, and the emissions you’ve prevented! Click to view rewards Your savings, emissions and points are summarized.
  33. 33. To choose a reward click the link for details Rewards are listed alphabetically and vary greatly so each person may get different rewards.
  34. 34. Detailed information is provided for each reward.
  35. 35. Enter your mailing address and NuRide will send you the reward Reward are delivered by U.S. Mail or electronically as printable coupons.
  36. 36. You can setup your regular commute and NuRide will automatically plan your trips on the days indicated For regular commuters you can setup auto-planned trips.
  37. 37. You can email them about riding together You can also just find people who live or work near you and contact them about future rides.
  38. 38. Sign up today at