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Speakers Extravaganza Presentation


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Description of my contribution to a multi-VA teleseminar for new speakers

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Speakers Extravaganza Presentation

  1. 1. + New Speaker Collaboration Project Speaker Engagement session
  2. 2. + The Pain Need Support But No Money Not Prepared For The Work Of Finding/Securing Speaking Gigs Have A Message, But Don’t Know How To Move Forward Don’t Know How To Get Started
  3. 3. + What’s Missing? Want To Be “All Things To All People” Target Audience Not Defined/Poorly Defined Realistic Expectations Defined Point Of Differentiation (POD) Understanding Of/Time For Relationship Building (KLT)
  4. 4. + The Challenge Reigning In The Focus “One Trick” Pony (Only Needs a Website) Can’t Miss Out No Time for the Extras Won’t Go Beyond the Surface to Identify Target Audience
  5. 5. + The Outcomes Credibility With Target Audience Staying Connected/Build Relationship With Target Audience Armed With Key Collateral Evoking Change In Participants’ Lives
  6. 6. + Getting to the stage! Importance Of Collateral Required Collateral What’s Key For A ‘Good Sell’ Effective Ways To Work With Me
  7. 7. + 30-Day Delivery Weekly Call PowerPoint presentation sent before the call Assignments to complete before each call Q&A time incorporated into call Participants get recordings
  8. 8. + My Promise Give Understanding Of The Importance Of Collateral Teach Key Media Kit Pieces Provide Knowledge Needed For Positive First-contact Promotion Gift a One Sheets To (3) Active Participants