Lisa Thomas, Communications/ Copywriting Portfolio


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Lisa Thomas, Communications/ Copywriting Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio contents: • Three writing samples (2009-2012) --- 30 Marketing Ideas (first page of that published brochure, 2009) --- Service Saves (Magazine ad concept, unpublished, 2010) --- “CEP Preview Materials” business card (unpublished, 2012) and PowerPoint (published, 2011) 708-476-7351 Lisa Thomas Portfolio of work from Lions Clubs International
  2. 2. 30 Marketing Ideas -- first page only included Target audience: members *publication copy (LCI, published)
  3. 3. Is your club keeping its service a secret?
  4. 4. Service Saves Target audience: members *Magazine ad copy (LCI, unpublished)
  5. 5. “CEP Preview Materials” Target audience: members *Promotional copy (LCI, business card concept, unpublished, 2012. PowerPoint and script, published, 2011)
  6. 6. Script: The Club Excellence Process (CEP) is a four step workshop that any club can participate in. Clubs are guided by a locally trained facilitator and learn about the characteristics of excellent clubs. They learn how to be more effective in service, communication, membership invitation, membership retention and leadership/club operations. This presentation provides an overview of a CEP Workshop and contains actual slides shown in a CEP Workshop. The next nine pages contain the “CEP Preview PowerPoint” published in 2011.
  7. 7. Script: The first part of any CEP Workshop is to welcome the participants.
  8. 8. Script: In the CEP Workshop, the facilitator will ask participants to think about why they are Lions. Many, if not all members, will say they became Lions in order to serve the community. Participating in a CEP Workshop can help a member serve more effectively. Clubs participating in the CEP will be asked to think about types of community service and about the needs they can meet.
  9. 9. Script The purpose of a CEP workshop is to help a club accomplish its goals. In a CEP Workshop, clubs analyze simple surveys and LCI resources in Steps 1 through 3 to help them determine their goals and create action plans in Step 4 that detail how to accomplish those goals. Script (cont.) When was the last time you accomplished a goal? How did you feel when the goal was complete? What work did you do in order to accomplish the goal? Go ahead and answer these questions. Your answers -- whatever they are -- prove you are ready for CEP. * Slide design and script text modified in 2013.
  10. 10. Script: The CEP is an active process. It allows members to write down their thoughts about community needs
  11. 11. Script: The CEP asks club members to envision the future.
  12. 12. Script: Clubs participating in CEP focus on resources that can help them communicate as well as serve, lead, grow and involve members.
  13. 13. Script: CEP ends with power. It asks all members to work as a club to fulfill goals. CEP encourages each club to be excellent.
  14. 14. Lisa Thomas Portfolio of work from Lions Clubs International 708-476-7351