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Jakarta Crown Capital Eco Management: Environmental Scam Prevention Watch | Blogger


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Jakarta Crown Capital Eco Management: Environmental Scam Prevention Watch | Blogger

  1. 1. Jakarta Crown Capital EcoManagement: EnvironmentalScam Prevention Watch“GREEN ENERGY”Original article:
  2. 2. With emerging renewable energy alternatives today, it is highlyimportant that they be given enough attention even early on theirdevelopmental stages. Such technologies might not be ready forcommercial uses yet but their potential should be amply testedand funded. Societys modern lifestyle is in serious need of energythat can be generated and consumed and yet, not compromise thefuture state for generations to come; to have no anxiety that itwould cause damage to the environment.
  3. 3. Green energy could come from such sources available in ourenvironment that are naturally replenished and efficient like tides,wind, sunlight and geothermal heat. It is very different from low-carbon energy as the former does not add to the amount ofcarbon dioxide in the atmosphere at all, thus, coming withminimal environmental harm and greenhouse gas.
  4. 4. Concerns in climate change and increasing oil prices are some of thecontributing factors in drawing the spotlight to renewable energy andits potential for commercialization. Green energy can effectivelyreplace our conventional fuel of today in all its main uses, which are inheating, vehicle fuel and electricity generation sectors. In fact, 19% ofthe electricity generated around the world today comes fromrenewable sources. Furthermore, since the emergence of biofuels inthe United States 6 years ago, consumption of conventional oil hasdecreased significantly.
  5. 5. For a green energy resource or technology to be sustainable, it has to give themaximum environmental advantage while still serving its purpose.ORIGINAL ARTICLE: MORE AT:http://crowncapitalmngt.comEND OF SLIDE