25 Ed Tech Leaders to Follow


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This accompanied my Ed Tech Leaders to Follow presentation at the iSummit Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on July 11, 2012.

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  • 63,000 members
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  • Van Meter, Iowa
  • 25 Ed Tech Leaders to Follow

    1. 1. presented by 25Lisa ThumannInnovative Learning TechnologiesSGEI, Kean University Ed Tech@lthumann Leaders tothumannresources.com Follow
    2. 2. Define: Follow Take a look at their blog or wiki Join their online community Send them a "shout- out” View their social bookmarks Listen to their podcastsAdd these educational technologyleaders to your personal learning network (PLN).
    3. 3. ...a suggestion...Image source: http://indexed.blogspot.com/2008/08/this-is-what-20-means.html
    4. 4. These folks advocate for theeducation community to effectivelyuse technology to improve teaching and learning. (In no specific order.)
    5. 5. Steve Dembo 1Online CommunityManager, DiscoveryEducationBlog:Teach 42Twitter: Teach42Bookmarks:Teach42
    6. 6. Joyce Valenza 2Library InformationSpecialist, Springfield Township HighSchool, PABlog:Never EndingSearchTwitter:JoyceValenzaBookmarks:JoyceValenza
    7. 7. Larry Ferlazzo 3English LanguageLearnerTeacher, LutherBurbank High Schoolin Sacramento,CaliforniaLarry FerlazzosWebsites of the DayLarrys Lists
    8. 8. Jennifer Wagner 4ProfessionalDevelopmentCoordinator, Projectsby JenBlog: Thoughts by JenTwitter: JenWagner
    9. 9. Richard Byrne 5US History and CivicsTeacher, Oxford HillsComprehensive HighSchool, MEBlog: Free Technologyfor TeachersTwitter: rmbyrneWebsite: Android 4Schools
    10. 10. Jennie Mageria 6Digital LearningCoordinator for theAcademy for UrbanSchool LeadershipBlog:Teach Like It’s2999Twitter: MsMageria
    11. 11. Chris Lehmann 7Principal of theScience LeadershipAcademy inPhiladelphia, PABlog: PracticalTheoryTwitter:ChrisLehmannBookmarks:ChrisLehmann
    12. 12. Sheryl 8Owner and founder Nussbaum-Beachof 21st CenturyCollaborativeBlog:21st CenturyCollaborativeTwitter: SNBeachBookmarks: SNBeach
    13. 13. Adam Bellow 9Director ofEducationalTechnology for TheCollege Board SchoolsWebsite: EduTecherTwitter: AdamBellowBlog: Edutecher
    14. 14. Kim Cofino 10Technology andLearning Coach,YokohamaInternational School,JapanBlog: AlwaysLearningTwitter: MsCofinoBookmarks:SuperKimbo
    15. 15. Bud Hunt 11InstructionalTechnologist, St.Vrain Valley SchoolDistrict, COBlog:Bud TheTeacherTwitter:BudtheTeacherBookmarks:BudtheTeacher
    16. 16. Dean Shareski 12Community Managerof the CanadianDiscovery EducatorsNetworkBlog:Ideas andThoughtsTwitter: ShareskiBookmarks: Shareski
    17. 17. Mark Wagner 13EducationalTechnologist, EdTechTeam, Inc.Blog:EducationalTechnology and LifeTwitter:MarkWagnerBookmarks:MarkWagner
    18. 18. Sylvia Martinez 14President,Generation YESBlog: Generation YESBlogTwitter: SMartinezBookmarks:SMartinez
    19. 19. Steve Hargadon 15Educational TechnologyConsultant, BlackboardCollaborateClassroom 2.0Blog:stevehargadon.comTwitter: stevehargadon
    20. 20. Dana Boyd 16Senior Researcher atMicrosoft Research, aResearch AssistantProfessor in Media,Culture, andCommunication at NYU,and an AdjunctAssociate Professor atthe University of NewSouth Wales.Website: apopheniaTwitter: ZephoriaPublications: papers
    21. 21. Scott McLeod 17Director, CASTLE;University of KentuckyBlog: DangerouslyIrrelevantTwitter: McLeodBookmarks:scottmcleod
    22. 22. Helen Barrett 18Founding Faculty atREAL ePortfolioAcademyTwitter: eportfoliosWebsite: REALePortfolio Academyfor Teachers
    23. 23. Miguel Guhlin 19Director ofInstructionalTechnology, SanAntonio ISDBlog: Around theCornerTwitter: MGuhlinBookmarks: mguhlin
    24. 24. Vicky Davis 20ProfessionalDevelopmentCoordinator ITDirector at WestwoodSchools in Camilla,GeorgiaBlog: Cool CatTeacherTwitter: coolcatteacherWebsite:CoolCatTeacher.com
    25. 25. Tom Barrett 21Year 5 Teacher,Nottinghamshire,EnglandBlog: ICT In MyClassroomTwitter: TomBarrettBookmarks: TBarrett
    26. 26. Shannon Miller 22Teacher Librarian &TechnologyIntegration Specialist,Van Meter, IABlog: Van MeterLibrary VoiceTwitter:ShannonmMillerBookmarks:shannonmiller
    27. 27. Julie Lindsay 23E-Learning & MYPCoordinator at Beijing(BISS) IS, ChinaBlog: E-LearningJourniesTwitter: julielindsayWebsite: LearningConfluence
    28. 28. Eric Scheninger 24Principal, New MilfordHigh School, NJBlog: A Principal’sReflectionsTwitter:NMHS_PrincipalBookmarks:escheninger
    29. 29. Lisa Parisi 25Elementary SchoolTeacher, Long Island,NYBlog: Lisa’s LingoTwitter: lparisiWebcast:Conversations
    30. 30. The Person Next To YouAsk them wherethey are fromand what theirpassions arewhen it comesto integratingtechnology intoteaching andlearning. http://qml.ucsd.edu/images/john_doe.gif