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Web 3.0 Intro


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Published in: Technology, Education

Web 3.0 Intro

  1. Web 3.0 Justin Lee
  2. web 1.0 web 2.0 ? web 3.0 1993 2003 2010 2020
  3. Web 1.0 Read-only content and static HTML websites.
  4. Web 2.0 User-generated content and social network
  5. Web 3.0 Semantic Web, machine can read the data and help us
  6. Semantic?
  7. What is syntax? How you say something.
  8. What is semantic? The meaning behind what you say.
  9. Web page is written in HTML
  10. HTML describes the syntax not the semantics.
  11. for example, I love you.
  12. I love you. Does the meaning changed? No, but machine don’t know.
  13. what machine see what human see
  14. The goals of semantic web Spend less time searching Spend less time looking at things that do not matter Spend less time explaining what we want to computers
  15. The problems of current web
  16. When you try to organize a trip on the web...
  17. You have to consult a large numbers of sites. You had to mentally integrate all those information to achieve your goals. Ivan Herman, 2009
  18. friend list on social network...
  19. You had to type in and connect with friends again and again for each site.
  20. Why?
  21. Because current web is web of documents.
  22. Documents is unstructured.
  23. unstructured data structured data word document excel spreadsheet
  24. current web vs. semantic web unstructured data structured data web of document web of data
  25. Semantic web enables people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites.
  26. How semantic web works?
  27. Add metadata to webpages. place person relationship person event
  28. semantic web is not A.I.
  29. How to add metadata to webpages? RDFa
  30. { People and Organizations hCard, XFN Calendars and Events hCalendar Opinions, Ratings and Reviews VoteLinks, hReview Licenses: rel-license specifications Tags, Keywords, Categories rel-tag Lists and Outlines XOXO More…
  31. With semantic web, we can...
  32. increase search efficiency
  33. bring information from one place to another
  34. Demo
  35. Semantic search engine
  36. WolframAlpha
  37. retrevo: electronics
  38. spock: people
  40. Semantic web browser
  41. Firefox with Operator Add-on
  42. IE 8 with Opmph Add-on
  43. IE 8’s web slice
  44. Semantic web=World wide database
  45. From current web to semantic web
  46. Thank you!
  47. Backup Slides
  48. Who’s using Microformats? Google Maps Yahoo Local Upcoming Facebook Linkedin eBay Amazon
  49. Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
  50. Natural Language Processing for the Semantic Web
  51. example of microformat’s hCard <li id="33458931" class="vcard"><div class="main-data"><a href=" info-33458931-ra-sushi-bar-restaurant-houston" class="biz-name fn org">RA Sushi Bar Restaurant</a> <em class="tel">(713) 621-0800</em> <em class="adr"> <span class="street-address">3908 Westheimer Rd</span> <span class="locality">Houston</span>, <span class="region">TX</span></em> <a href="" class="url" target="_blank"></a> </div> </li>