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20130604 Prototype Driven Design@Computex 2013 智慧手持裝置論壇 I 加拿大人機介面技術發展與經驗分享


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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20130604 Prototype Driven Design@Computex 2013 智慧手持裝置論壇 I 加拿大人機介面技術發展與經驗分享

  1. 1. ⽤用原型驅動設計PROTOTYPING DRIVEN DESIGNJustin Lee
  2. 2. Member of Council of UiGatheringCo-funder & UX Lead of Travelerfan Co.李易修 Justin Lee••• twitter @lis186
  3. 3. User Experience Professional Association台灣使⽤用者經驗設計協會
  4. 4. 「推廣使⽤用者經驗設計與研究,帶動產業專業知識提升與交流。」“Promote user experience designand research,and lead the professional knowledges’sadvancement and exchange.”
  5. 5. since 2005 3000+ participants30+ events
  6. 6. 複雜的⾏行動時代The complicated Mobile Age
  7. 7. 智慧型⼿手機+平板時間全球出貨量(億台)PC20102005 2006 20092007 2008 2011 2012 201312345670Globalshipments(MM)TimeSmartphone + Tablet電腦我們已經進⼊入⾏行動時代We are in mobile age
  8. 8. ⾏行動裝置讓我們從空間中解放 not longer need to be tethered to a PC in orderto use internet to connect the world around us
  9. 9. 我們可以隨時隨地使⽤用We can you the mobile technology any time any where
  10. 10. 我們可以⽤用各種喜歡的裝置上網 can use anything we want to surfing the internet
  11. 11. 我們可以⽤用更⾃自然的⽅方式與科技互動We can use much more natural way to interactwith technology
  12. 12. 數位匯流加速進⾏行中電視 遊戲機 電腦 平板 ⼿手機遊戲App⾳音樂影⽚片應⽤用applicationsGameMusicVideoTV game console PC/Laptop Tablet SmartphoneEvolution of converged cross-platform services isgetting faster
  13. 13. 簡單的產品背後其實很複雜 backstage of a simple product could be complicated
  14. 14. 複雜的⾏行動使⽤用情境The complicated mobile interaction model
  15. 15. 產品設計⽅方式需要改變Product design process must be change
  16. 16. 瀑布式軟體開發流程無法適應變動的需求 waterfall model is not suitable for projectwhere in the project requirements aredynamic or constantly change.
  17. 17. file folders image by CraterValley Photo from Fotolia.com不可能⼀一次想清楚、講清楚所有的事It is not impossible to plan all the details correctly
  18. 18. 設計師前端⼯工程師後端⼯工程師傳統的分⼯工⽅方式需要改變⼈人⽂文 ⼯工程改繪⾃自 focused Technology focusedTraditional Job assignment needs to be changedUI DesignerFront-endDeveloperBack-endDeveloperResearch Front-end Back-end研究 前端 後端Design設計
  19. 19.敏捷式開發Agile software developmentCustomer collaboration over contract negotiation個人與互動 重於 流程與工具可用的軟體 重於 詳盡的文件與客戶合作 重於 合約協商回應變化 重於 遵循計劃Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationResponding to change over following a plan
  20. 20. ⼈人⽂文 ⼯工程使⽤用者經驗設計師使⽤用者界⾯面⼯工程師應⽤用程式⼯工程師改繪⾃自環環相扣Human focused Technology focusedUser ExperienceDesignerUIDeveloperApplicationDeveloperclosely connected and inseparableResearch Front-end Back-end研究 前端 後端Design設計
  21. 21. ⼈人⽂文 ⼯工程使⽤用者經驗設計師使⽤用者界⾯面⼯工程師應⽤用程式⼯工程師視覺設計師研究員改繪⾃自專業分⼯工,環環相扣Human focused Technology focusedResearcherResearch InteractionDesignFront-end Back-endVisualDesign研究 互動設計 前端 後端資訊設計視覺設計InformationDesignclosely connected and inseparableVisual DesignerUI DeveloperApplicationDeveloperUX Designer
  22. 22. ⽤用原型驅動設計Prototype Driven Design
  23. 23. 原型把概念具體化prototyping is to concrete representation of part orall of an interactive systemPrototyping: A Practitioners Guide
  24. 24. 原型讓錯誤的代價降低Prototype make mistakes cheap.
  25. 25. 原型是最好的溝通⼯工具Prototype is the best communication tool.
  26. 26. 更早就得到使⽤用者回饋Get user feedback earlierResearch at Youtube in 2008
  27. 27. 原型的流程評估需求Determine Needs製作原型Build Prototype評估原型Evaluate Prototype起點終點StartEndPrototyping Process
  28. 28.草圖Sketching
  29. 29. 紙⾯面原型Paper Prototype
  30. 30. 簡報原型 Prototype
  31. 31.軟體原型Software Prototype
  32. 32. ⽴立體模型
  33. 33. 選擇適合的⼯工具靜態敏捷互動精細各種⽂文具⽤用品紙、筆上線環境簡報軟體繪圖軟體原型設計軟體多媒體軟體Choose the right toolsstaticdynamicagile detailpen and paperstationerygraphic edition softwareprototyping softwarepresentation softwaremultimedia softwareproduction environment
  34. 34. 雙鑽⽯石設計流程Design Council, 2005時間TimeIdea VisionDiscover Define Develop Deliver願景點⼦子 成果Solution探索 定位 開發 交付The Double Diamond Design Process
  35. 35. ⽤用原型驅動設計Design Council, 2005Prototyping Driven Design時間TimeIdea VisionDiscover Define Develop Deliver願景點⼦子 成果Solution探索 定位 開發 交付
  36. 36. 原型讓我們做出更好的產品Prototyping makes our product more awesome
  37. 37. THANKYOU!Member of Council of UiGatheringCo-funder & UX Lead of Travelerfan Co.李易修 Justin Lee·•·•·•twitter @lis186
  38. 38. User Experience Professional Association台灣使⽤用者經驗設計協會