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15 rencontres biomédicale LIR Louis Casteilla


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15 rencontres biomédicale LIR Louis Casteilla

  1. 1. Louis Casteilla, PhD e-mail: UMR CNRS UPS 5241 “ Plasticity of adipose tissue” IFR150, Toulouse FRANCE Turning fat into gold Toulouse FRANCE
  2. 2. UMR 5241 UPS/CNRS Plastic and reconstructive surgery (old uses) Common view of adipose tissues Obesity <ul><li>White Adipose Tissue </li></ul><ul><li>very abundant </li></ul><ul><li>(10 à 50% of BW) </li></ul><ul><li>Energy storage </li></ul>
  3. 3. UMR 5241 UPS/CNRS A very simple process to purify immature cells Digestion & Centrifugation Stroma Cells Mature Adipocytes Liposuction (local anaesthesia ) Isch N.Isch Planat-Benard et al, Circulation, 2004 Silvestre, Tedgui Patent Angiogenic potential PBS HuASC ASC Cell subset 1 Cousin et al, , 2004 Patent Hematopoietic activity: in vitro & in vivo cf. Fat body Cell subset 3 Planat-Benard et al, Cir. Res, 2004 Patent MLC-2v A-CMG Spontaneous Cardiac differentation (in murine) Cell subset 2 Adipogenesis Osteogenesis Chondrogenesis Mesenchymal potentials
  4. 4. - Frequency: Great number of progenitors ASC/MSC: 100 to 500 fold - Easy to get (large quantity, local anesthesia, liposuctions) - Various potentials => a real alternative to many other sources - Adult tissue Adipose tissue as a reservoir of therapeutic cells ? and for us ? No ethic issue Local anesthesia liposuction
  5. 5. Autologous injection of ASC to treat critical limb ischemia Feasibility and safety Future: Phase II ACellDREAM = Adipose Cell Derived REgenerative Endothelial and Angiogenic Medicine From bench to the bedsite : Effective translational research coll EFS => GMP and safe culture protocol CPP & AFSSaPS (French regulation Agency):OK On going: 2 => 9 patients Results: 2011 1. Liposuction 2. Expansion GMP protocol 3. i.m. injection
  6. 6. UMR CNRS UPS 5241 Future applications Digestion & Centrifugation Stroma Cells Immuno-suppressive effects of ASC Allogenic uses ? Puissant et al, 2005 Lymph. prolif (10 3 cpm) 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 hADSC * + - Cardiac cells from human fat ? Other ischemic situations (Myocardial infarction) ? Hematopoietic activity in humans
  7. 7. STROMALab in Toulouse: an integrated project unique in EU Focus on stroma cells and particularly on MSC & ASC FP7: CASCADE (wound healing/inflammation) FP7: REBORNE (bone) FP7: ADIPOA (Cartilage/inflammation) 5 patents GMP MSC & ASC Culture protocols Quality controls 3 ongoing clinical trials Ischemia Myocardial Infarct GVHD Basic science Bone Marrow & Adipose tissues MSC & ASC Cell biology and regenerative potentials Translational research Cell engineering, GMP protocols, Safety Cell production Clinical trials Phase I, II 1
  8. 9. UMR 5241 UPS/CNRS