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  1. 1. ( trengthening hilanthropy. everaging ssociations. erving umankind)
  2. 2. Campaign Generator:Transparent Charity Tool: Will help decrease the cost ofFollow donated money from creating online marketingdonor to end user. campaigns. Smart Disaster Relief Tool:Charity Gather: Allow donors to specify aA way to pool resources by disaster and automaticallylikeminded nonprofits to create donate to the most efficienta surplus out of scarcity. charity. A web-based tool that leverages social networks to forge lasting relationships between donors, nonprofits, and beneficiaries.
  3. 3. Leverage existing social networking technologies to amplify the effectiveness of socialinvestors through communication with their networks. Connect with youth to maximizelifetime philanthropic impact.Make research easy by aggregating existing ratings and allowing for Yelp-style reviews bydonors and beneficiaries. Information is clear, succinct, and easily digestible.Generate achievement-based awards to display the effectiveness of an individual’s socialinvestment network. Ability for users to compete and compare impact.
  4. 4. Share Donate Research to Find & with Maximize Evaluate Network Social Nonprofits ImpactCreate &Share aProfile
  5. 5. Easy to join - Use Facebook Connect to pull from FB profileConnect with nonprofits, beneficiaries, and fellow donors View testimonials from people with similar interests
  6. 6. Visible Metrics Affinity Tool Information• Charity Navigator • Suggests nonprofits Aggregation “star system” based on user profile • Aggregated research• Year-on-year • Connect to users with from top charity nonprofit financial similar interests evaluation sites and impact reports • Similar to concepts • Summary dashboard• Stock-ticker style used by Amazon and for each nonprofit tracking of chosen Pandora Radio • Promotes frictionless organizations access to key information
  7. 7. Integrate with Twitter and Facebook– draw attention to your research Easily generate polished-looking donation recommendation e-mails Involve traditional donors and non-donors from your network
  8. 8. Enlighten the “I Care” App Link Tracking Uninformed •Share your research•Links to Facebook •Provides metrics on to engage friends, clicks and donations family, and co-workers from links you sent in smart giving• Proudly displays andshares your charitable •Demonstrates personaldonations •Encourage your effectiveness in influencing others to existing social donate network to get involved
  9. 9. 1. Nonprofits can 2. Knowing more Encouragesconnect with donors transparency about their donorsto learn more about allows them to tailortheir donor base. their message more effectively. Nonprofits Improves Increases donations communicate youth engagement with donors4. Increase in smart 3. Individualgiving encourages donations provide atransparent metrics Reduces vital supplement to fundraisingand feedback loops. costs grant funding.
  10. 10. Feasible• Utilizes existing technology and resourcesScalable• Uses crowd-sourcing and aggregationInnovative• Brings nonprofits, donors, and beneficiaries together on one platform• Leverages the power of social networking to increase the impact of social investors