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Via Viente is a whole foods liquid

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12weeks Brochure

  1. 1. 7th Edition 7th Edition 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH The Challenge Not Just Another Juice “Are you worried your diet is not supporting your health & nutritional goals As well as being a Natural Whole Food & making you feel old before your time?” Do the stresses of our modern The Scientific Puree, VíaVienté is focused on a pro- lifestyle deplete your energy? Development of a gram of research, development and product testing that is strikingly simi- VíaVienté is a Natural Whole Food Puree, rich in Anti-Oxidants that can provide you with the OPTIMUM SUPPORT to help you Natural Wonder! lar to that of a pharmaceutical com- live a MORE ACTIVE & ENERGETIC LIFESTYLE because it pro- pany or a medical research institution. The Phase I Phase II vides your body with the ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for WELLNESS and Discovery Research Characterization / Formulation The Best NATURE has to provide, Investigating the essential Finding substances in The Best SCIENCE for testing quality and properties of these natural nature that hold promise substances and replicating for human wellness. them in product form. The Best PROVEN wellness support for people C ha l l e ng e just like you! Pharmaceutical & Medical Pharmaceutical & Medical Researching natural substances for Extensive chemical characterization clues to human wellness. by valid laboratory testing. This is VíaVienté: VíaVienté & Medical VíaVienté & Medical Searching for answers in the land 12 years of analysis by renowned A proprietary Whole Food Puree with a natural, of the Centenarians – Vilcabamba! nutrition scientists. deep purple color – the color of ROYALTY! VíaVienté brings the integrity of its Natural ingredients to you in every bottle! Phase IV Phase III VíaVienté is composed of the following Anti-Oxidant superfoods: Real Results Anti-Oxidant Testing Blueberry, Grape, Bilberry, Cranberry, Aloe Vera, Apple, Noni, Elderberry, Prune, Lycium Fruit, Chinese Skullcap, Gentain Root Testing with Real People to Applying world-renowned and Pomegranate Purees in a unique and satisfying blend. determining efficacy and tests to measure safety in human subjects. Anti-Oxidant power. Research indicates that these powerhouse Anti-Oxidants support a range of human functions such as Pharmaceutical & Medical Pharmaceutical & Medical cardiovascular, pulmonary, digestion, vision, urinary tract, and protect against oxidative stress. FDA-mandated clinical studies for Uses tests from Brunswick Labs on pharmaceutical drugs. large-scale wellness research project. VíaVienté VíaVienté • All natural & preservative free & Medical Innovative research to demonstrate & Medical Selected Brunswick Labs, the world’s • Aseptic sterilization process ensures that ViaViente wellness support. leading testing and verification labora- is pure with live enzymes, mineral & vitamins. tory on Anti-Oxidants, for industry- leading, routine product testing. page 2 • 11.19.08 Read on to find out more about VíaVienté’s Anti-Oxidant Power: Here are the DETAILS of what we found... READ ON! page 3 • 11.19.08
  2. 2. 6th Edition 6th Edition 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH The Doctors Speak The Doctors Speak In Vilcabamba, high in the Andes Mountains, a large percentage of people live well beyond 100 years of age. Remarkably, A dedicated 12-week program of consuming these villagers have minds and bodies that you’d expect this Natural, Whole Food Puree is a power- to see in people several decades younger. ful way to consume the complete array of essential amino acid chelated minerals and The scientists of the VíaVienté product develop- ment team, along with its scientific advisory board, Anti-Oxidants that have benefited the Cente- worked for 12 years to develop VíaVienté as an Anti- narians of Vilcabamba for centuries. Oxidant-Rich Whole Food Puree. The The Dr. Mark Pedersen Dr. Kathryn Wood Naturopathic Doctor OB / GYN Herbal Product Formulator Thriving North Dallas Practice “We combined the Vilcabamba Mineral Essence® with the finest “We are realizing that Oxidative Stress is involved in a wide range of fruits, roots and Aloe Vera to create a Natural Whole Food Puree that health issues. And because of that, Anti-Oxidants are important. As is rich in Anti-Oxidants as well as chelated minerals. a result, a natural product like VíaVienté makes a lot of sense. It is DoCTors DoCTors something we can recommend to patients that is completely safe and would deliver a lot of long-term benefit.” Dr. Morton Walker Dr. Glenn Thomas Podiatrist General Practice Medical Journalist On Staff at Loma Linda University “By committing to VíaVienté for 12 weeks, everyone can have access “I take VíaVienté myself and recommend it to patients. I began to the healthful properties of the Vilcabambans’ Anti-Oxidant rich, taking Vía for 12 weeks. Committing to Vía has resulted in higher fresh whole food diet and naturally chelated mineral drinking water. energy and feeling better than I have in years.” Dr. Bruce Ketel Dr. Richard Cutler Neurologist National Institute on Aging Thriving practice in Chicago, Illinois Anti-Oxidant Scientist “Now that I have seen distinct physiological benefits in my own life “Testing VíaVienté in the laboratory was an important step and in the lives of my patients, I am convinced that Vía adds in validating its Anti-Oxidant (ORAC) power. It is vital to Anti-Oxidant value that I never want to be without. VíaVienté has see how the product performs with real human subjects. proven itself to me to be one of the most powerful Anti-Oxidant and So VíaVienté conducts ongoing research to demonstrate wellness products ever to be found.” real and measurable support for health and wellness.” page 4 • 11.19.08 page 5 • 11.19.08
  3. 3. 6th Edition 6th Edition 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH The Foundation Scientific Testing Created by Nature ... Scientific Testing … A Dual Approach: VíaVienté is a Natural Whole Fruit Puree that delivers the natural goodness VíaVienté’s consistent and recurring Anti-Oxidant testing program and efficacy research sCienTiFiC of Vilcabamba to all who commit to it for 12 weeks. Vía’s color, taste were designed and implemented to investigate and validate the relationship between the and texture are evidence of the rich and complex Anti-Oxidant power contained in it. In fact, research shows that preserving the integrity phytochemical properties of VíaVienté and its support for human wellness. The of whole fruits – including skins, stems, seeds and pulp – is the best way to deliver the full spectrum of Anti-Oxidants contained in them, and that fruits of a deep red/purple color are highest in Anti-Oxidant ORAC Tests – ORAC tests are the best science available today for measuring the Anti-Oxidant capacity. power of natural products. Conceived by Dr. Richard Cutler, ORAC tests now measure the product against 4 important free radicals found in human beings – peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxynitrite and superoxide. These tests have been developed for commercial use by Brunswick Laboratories, the recognized leader in Anti-Oxidant testing. In fact, the US Department of F o u n DaT i o n Tested by Science ... Agriculture uses ORAC to measure the Anti-Oxidant capacity of many important consumer foods. And now, VíaVienté was the very first product to receive the Brunswick Labs ORAC Seal of certification. In 2003, VíaVienté began a program of scientific testing to vali- date the Anti-Oxidant power of this Natural Whole Food Puree Efficacy Research – Research that shows actual health benefits of taking a product like VíaVienté. and its wellness support. In 2007, VíaVienté becomes the first A new generation of informed consumers wants to see scientific evidence that the product to place the Brunswick Labs Certified ORAC Seal on products they purchase are good for them. That is why VíaVienté continues its every bottle and conduct research that shows real Anti-Oxidant industry leadership and innovation by pursuing research that demonstrates benefits in humans. how VíaVienté works in the body. Total ORAC Complex TesTing TM Created By Nature... Tested By Science... Proven By You... Proven by You! 2,500 TM Total ORAC Complex For those of you who have tried VíaVienté, this information is MonaVie ® 1,142 nothing new. People taking VíaVienté at its optimal dosage for 12 Xango ® 1,031 weeks experience more energy and feel better because of the Tahitian Noni 569 components contained in its formulation. Vía’s Puree forms a ® bridge between the Natural Goodness of Vilcabamba and your Goji ® 457 health. Bridging Science And Nature; For You! page 6 • 11.19.08 page 7 • 11.19.08
  4. 4. 6th Edition 6th Edition 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH 12 WEEKS TO OPTIMUM HEALTH Proven By You Resource Material Real World Product Frequently Asked Questions: Proven By You … Experiences Anti-Oxidants, ORAC, & Health Benefits The Next Step is Yours! resourCe “After taking Vía for 2 days, my energy went Q: What are Anti-Oxidants? Q: Is there more than one ORAC test? The combined results of VíaVienté’s ORAC testing and in vivo testing up. After taking Vía for A: Anti-Oxidants are substances in our bodies and A: Yes, there are 4 ORAC tests to measure Anti- confirm common sense: 2 weeks, my back began in nature that work to counterbalance oxidation. Oxidant capacity against different “free radicals”- to feel better. After 2 Excessive oxidation leads to “oxidative stress” ORAC (peroxyl), HORAC (hydroxyl), NORAC which causes harm to our bodies and our (peroxynitrite), SORAC (superoxide). proven A complex Whole Food Puree with broad-based Anti-Oxidant pro- months, I sleep well and tection will have real and measurable benefits in human health. have great energy all of health. Q: Why is it important to use all 4 ORAC tests? the time.” A: Different radicals are implicated in different By undertaking both components of testing – inputs (VíaVienté’s su- Q: Where do we find Anti-Oxidants? health problems. It is important to measure Anti- perior Natural Whole Food Puree) and outcomes (Wellness Support) Dennis H. A: Plants are a major source of natural Anti- Oxidant protection against as many free radicals – VíaVienté is establishing a vital scientific foundation that links Oxidants. Botanical sources include leaves, found in human beings as possible. The ORAC South Bend, IN product quality to actual human health benefits. This constitutes berries, roots, seeds, bark and flowers. Fruits suite of tests proves that VíaVienté is a powerful, both good science and responsible industry leadership. are rich in natural chemical compounds called broad-spectrum Anti-Oxidant product. “After taking Vía for 4 phytochemicals. The most important groups weeks, my allergies of phytochemicals are flavonoids and carote- Q: What other research and testing is VíaVienté It also demonstrates VíaVienté’s commitment to excellence. And it is improved. It is a pleasure just the beginning. The ORAC tests will continue on a regular basis noids. Some of the best known Anti-Oxidant doing? knowing that Vía is help- compounds are in these phytochemical groups. A: It is very important to keep setting standards so that everyone dedicated to the VíaVienté cause can be confident ing me feel better and get Anthocyanins, quercetin, EGCG, OPCs and res- of testing excellence. The Brunswick Labs Certi- that the natural goodness of Vilcabamba and broad-spectrum Anti- more from my life.” veratrol are all flavonoids. Beta carotene, lyco- fied ORAC program is the Platinum Standard of Oxidant protection will be found in each and every bottle of VíaVi- pene and astaxanthin are carotenoids. Anti-Oxidant quality assurance, but we go even enté. LeChonne W. further. We are also exploring how VíaVienté La Mesa, CA Q: What Anti-Oxidants are in VíaVienté? works in your body (in vivo). By incorporating the best science has to offer, this important pro- m aT e r i a l A: VíaVienté’s Anti-Oxidant power comes most- by gram of testing confirms what personal experience has verified to ly from flavonoids such as anthocyanins and Q: Will VíaVienté conduct additional research? thousands – that in as little as 12 weeks, regular daily use of VíaVi- “I feel better than I have in years after drinking 2 resveratrol. This is evident from the rich, deep A: VíaVienté is committed to providing enté can put you on the road to optimum health! purple color of VíaVienté. the highest standards of research in the in- oz. of Vía every day.” dustry. To date, this has included a leader- “Make the commitment to achieve your optimum health. Q: A lot has been reported about the Anti-Oxi- ship position in Anti-Oxidant testing. We Take 1-2 ounces of VíaVienté every day in the morning and again in the Kris C. dant power of resveratrol in red wine and grape continue to investigate innovative ways to Dallas, TX you evening for 12 weeks. I believe you will experience the health benefits products. How much resveratrol is in VíaVien- demonstrate VíaVienté’s excellence and its that thousands around the world are talking about.” té? support for your health. VíaVienté’s A: VíaVienté is a concentrated source of whole Craig Keeland, CEO and Founder, VíaVienté 12-Week Challenge grape puree. A single 2-ounce serving of VíaVi- enté contains an amount of resveratrol similar Take 1-2 ounces of to that in a serving of red wine or Concord grape VíaVienté Truly is… VíaVienté in the morn- juice. ing and again in the Created by Nature, evening every day for Q: What is ORAC? 12 weeks to experience A: ORAC is a test that measures the Anti-Oxidant Tested by Science, capacity of substances, like fruits and VíaVienté. the increased energy It is a patented test performed exclusively by Proven by You!™ and support for well- Brunswick Labs. It is the recognized standard ness that thousands for measuring Anti-Oxidants and is used by the worldwide are talking USDA. about. page 8 • 11.19.08 page 9 • 11.19.08
  5. 5. The Development of VíaVienté 7th Edition 18 Years in The Making! 1991 - Craig Keeland, the Founder and C.E.O. of sis and revealed that the minerals in the Vilcabamba min- VíaVienté, decided that he wanted to Live Younger Longer eral water were in a unique balance necessary to support in a state of youthfulness. He quickly discovered that ev- optimum human health. eryone else he spoke with also wanted to live in a state of optimum health and wellness. To achieve this goal, Craig 1993 - Craig challenged his “Dream Team” to formulate assembled a team of world-class scientists to create a good a product that would energize the body, slow the aging tasting product that would be high in Anti-Oxidants and would process, and allow you to feel younger longer. Craig support wellness. Craig and his team of scientists envisioned demanded that the product: formulating an Anti-Oxidant-rich product using whole • Taste good. fruits in a base of mineral water and putting it all together • Incorporate the unique profile of minerals from utilizing the expertise of a pharmaceutical lab. Craig’s “Su- Vilcabamba’s water. per Bowl Team” of scientists were led by Dr. Mark Peder- • Be high in Anti-Oxidants. sen, a world-renowned herbalist and nutritional formulator. • Use herbs that add a higher degree of value to the Dr. Pedersen was one of a handful of scientists who un- formula. derstood how to combine vitamins, minerals and herbs to • Be manufactured in a pharmaceutical laboratory for release a synergistic effect. Craig’s team also included: the highest degree of purity and potency. Dr. Harvey Ashmead, founder of Albion Labs and an Because of the limitations of the scientific technology of expert in mineral chelation, a process that im- the time, the scientific team could only formulate proves mineral absorption in the body, and Dr. the mineral profile from Vilcabamba’s water in Richard Cutler, groundbreaking specialist in Your a capsule form. Anti-Oxidant research at the National 12 Weeks to Institute on Aging. Optimum Health July 1, 2003 Formula 1.0 Released Craig and Dr. Pedersen set out to 1973 - In their quest to create a whole create a product that reflected the good- food puree, Craig and Dr. Pedersen Lab testing shows that ness of Vilcabamba and contained a had been inspired by the January VíaVienté provides real and combination of high Anti-Oxidant 1973 cover story in National Geo- fruits. As a result, the whole food graphic authored by Dr. Alexander measurable health benefits. The puree found in VíaVienté is among Leaf of Harvard Medical School. VíaVienté Nutritional Advisory the highest in ORAC value. By add- Dr. Leaf had been commissioned Board recommends taking 1-2 oz. ing fruits, roots and Aloe Vera in a by National Geographic to travel to base of the Vilcabamba Mineral Vilcabamba Valley, high in the An- of VíaVienté twice a day to begin Essence®, Craig’s dream of a good des Mountains in Ecuador, to study achieving your optimum health. tasting whole food puree became a the people there. In Vilcabamba, 1 Take the Challenge NOW. Once reality. In July 2003 Formula 1.0, in 64 people had been reported to the first bottle of VíaVienté was re- live to 100 years of age or more and you begin your Vía program and leased to the public. in excellent health. Dr. Leaf’s work start to experience its powerful in Vilcabamba confirmed that a large benefits, you’ll want to July 1, 2007 Formula 2.0 Released portion of the people living there did in Nov. 1, 2008 Formula 3.0 Released fact live well beyond 100 years. continue taking VíaVienté Since his quest began in 1991, Craig for a lifetime. Keeland’s energizing, Anti-Oxidant, whole 1981 - Medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker food puree is changing lives worldwide. Vía’s traveled to Vilcabamba to study the Centenar- wellness support transcends all ages, national- ians living in the valley. By analyzing the Cente- ities and both genders. Thousands have made the narians’ hair and drinking water samples from the area, Vía Commitment by consuming 2 ounces consistent- Dr. Walker confirmed Dr. Leaf’s findings and further ly for 12 weeks to achieve their optimum health. You can determined that the mineral-rich drinking water in the area join them and experience the wellness support provided by was key to the villagers’ long lives and health. Dr. Walker VíaVienté. For More Information published his findings in “The Secret to a Youthful Long Life.” 1992 - Craig Keeland traveled to Vilcabamba to see the Centenarians for himself. He brought back mineral water samples and had them analyzed at Albion Labs. The lab analysis of the water was identical to Dr. Walker’s analy- Copyright © 2007 VíaVienté ® VíaVienté, Alive With Youth, Restoring Health & Hope Around The World, & Vilcabamba Mineral Essence are registered trademarks of VíaVienté. Created By Nature... Proven By You!, PhytoTonic, Phytonectar & Vilcabamba are trademarks of VíaVienté. page 10 • 11.19.08