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Branding Slideshow

  1. What is branding?
  2. About the book Today more than ever we are surrounded As the market for everything from mobile by brands of all sorts, yet most of us take phones to widgets becomes more and them for granted. It’s not uncommon to find more competitive, creating a strong brand business people with a great idea but no and brand story around your product clear notion of what ‘branding’ is and how or service is vital in today’s business a strong, well developed brand can help landscape. In this book I have harnessed grow their great idea into the size and type my 25 years of experience in the design of business they want. and branding industry to break down the concept of branding into its most basic Despite volumes written on branding and forms and through the use of simple graphic brand strategy there is still a gap in the illustrations capture and share the essence general understanding of what a brand is, of branding with you. what it means and how it can create real value. This book evolved after identifying Never underestimate the power of branding the need for a simple tool that will help to create better value in your business, to close that gap. inspire loyalty in current customers and consistently attract new ones. I hope this little book helps you to better understand branding and the potential of your own brand to help your business be everything you want it to be, and more.
  3. A brand is like your personality, it’s the core of who you are brand
  4. It’s how you think and express yourself
  5. It’s the messages you’re sending out
  6. These messages form opinions in seconds love it hate it brand
  7. These brand messages are very powerful, they attract loyal customers love it love it brand love it love it
  8. By creating an emotional connection with each and every one brand
  9. How do we create this strong bond?
  10. It all starts with your brand message brand
  11. Your message is the core of everything you do logo al er cu t lla ltu co re media website brand message nt ad ver nme tisi viro ng en prod staf f uct
  12. Your message will connect with certain types of people love it l oo w yc an r ve ti t my loo k brand message no interest no ck fun yu my sty it hate le
  13. They are connecting with your brand personality brand
  14. To help further explain branding, lets take an ordinary pen
  15. Lets add some individual brand messages around the pen Timeless design Tradition Quality Fine craftsmanship Sense of eternity
  16. This is the brand personality for Mont Blanc pens Timeless design Tradition Quality Fine craftsmanship Sense of eternity
  17. Their core message helps customers choose this brand over another Statement of style
  18. Their message attracts a like minded customer I like: style detail quality tradition elegance
  19. The customer and brand connect brand
  20. The brand then creates... trust loyalty value recognition
  21. Watch your brand grow as it increases... market share competitiveness followers turnover profits
  22. And you’ll have a loyal customer for life brand
  23. Ask us how
  24. About the author Sue Palmer is the founder and director of Sue is passionate about helping businesses the boutique design and branding company, connect, bond and build lasting relationships Liquid Creativity. Sue works as a branding with their customers through branding. consultant and has extensive experience Her style as a consultant is practical, working with teams and guiding them insightful and creative. She can be contacted through the process of building an emotive by email at and engaging brand.
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