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Better Work, Faster: Dennis Hahn Discusses Clients, Collaboration, & the Brand Team


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"We're very deeply committed to collaboration, not just with ourselves inside our walls, but in the way we work with a client. We believe our clients bring enormous value and knowledge about their brand, and our role is to help bring it to life." In this video, our EVP of Brand Experience shows how working with Liquid is very different from a typical agency relationship.

Collaboration is an art form. In Liquid Agency's engagement model, the client works hands-on with a true collaborative team that includes strategy, creative, and technology leads... rather than brokering the brand relationship through one individual in client services. Professionals from a wide swath of disciplines work together within Liquid on each project, bringing depth and richness to the brand team's work. Yet the teams work in what Dennis Hahn calls an "agile way that arrives at better work, faster."

Dennis is Liquid Agency's Executive Vice President of Brand Experience. Here he looks at how Silicon Valley Thinking led to Liquid's integrated, hands-on process.

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