BHL overview for GPO Interagency Seminar


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  • A free & open access digital library for biodiversity literature and primary source materials (field books)A consortium of 15 libraries working together to run a virtual library branchA collection of content from the 15 member BHL consortium and other Internet Archive contributorsAnyone is free to access & download BHL materials
  • SIL employees work to scan SIL contentSIL also hosts BHL Secretariat: BHL Program Director, BHL Program Manager, BHL Collections CoordinatorNancy Gwinn = BHL Executive ChairFederal support received for the past 2 years and ongoing!
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  • BHL overview for GPO Interagency Seminar

    1. 1. Biodiversity Heritage Library: Disseminating Content Beyond the Silo Bianca Crowley Collections Coordinator
    2. 2. Now online 61,401 titles 116,078 volumes 41.2 million pages
    3. 3. • New user interface launched in March • Search by title, author, article, subjects and scientific names • Various download options, even high resolution • Taxonomic name finding algorithm • Machine-to-machine services BHL Overview
    4. 4. • Open access • Open data • Deconstruct the silo and deliver content where users are already working – Via other biodiversity websites and taxonomic resources – Via social media platforms like our blog, flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, &etc. • Involve users in collection and technical development activities Core Principles
    5. 5. Core BHL Member Institutions Now online 6900+ titles 18,000 volumes 7 million+ pages
    6. 6. Global Partners
    7. 7. General feedback form Scan request form
    8. 8. Beyond the Silo: Open Data Amblyopsis Formica sanguinea Trifolium pratense On the Origin of Species By Charles Darwin (1859) Bibliographic data for 61,000+ titles Scientific name data for 150 million+taxa Dear , , , Free data. Come and get it! -BHL
    9. 9. Beyond the Silo: Open Data Open Data Policy APIs Application Programming Interfaces Stable URLs OAI-PMH Open Archive Initiative – Protocol for Metadata Harvesting Data Exports
    10. 10. Beyond the Silo: Open Data
    11. 11. Beyond the Silo: Social Media @BioDivLibrary m/BioDivLibrary
    12. 12. Impact • “BHL came to the rescue when a planned trip to work in the Mertz Library at The New York Botanical Garden had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to the online resources available through BHL I was able to source most of the key works I needed, with their supporting bibliographic information. Further use of BHL occurred when building work at the Linnean Society of London limited access to some of the book I had been able to use from that collection." • “I would like thank you all very much for invaluable work and support you do. I just got a pdf-file from more than century old (1893) journal paper (regional naturalist society paper, published in Finland), to get copy I should take 500 mile drive to our university library. Now I am got it fastly in high-quality pdf-copy. Cordial thanks and all success in continuing your highly valuable mission.” [conservation biologist from Estonia] • “You are a wonderful resource. I maintain a Website that describes the plant genus Opuntia (prickly pear cacti). There is no way I could maintain such a site without access to literature from 100-200 years ago. Most of the cactus species were discovered long ago; I find it invaluable to put up PDF files to document each species in the literature as I document them photographically. I am a botanist, but I work in the pharmaceutical field (not so many botanical jobs out there). Your library makes it possible for me to continue working with plants in a meaningful and scientific manner.”
    13. 13. Thank you Bianca Crowley,