cyberbullying/social networks conversation


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cyberbullying/social networks conversation

  1. 1. +CyberbullyingNicole Lippert Andonegui 6ºB L.N.13Converstion
  2. 2. +What is cyberbullying??Cyberbullying is a situation in which a personis verbally abused or threatened viaelectronic media, such as social websites,email or text messaging. The text can includeinsults, threats or harmful rumors.
  3. 3. +Origins:Cyberbullying emerged as onlinetechnology became moreaccesible to teens. According tothe Christian Sciencemonitor, After the school shootingat Columbine High Scool in1999, many schools began lookingat bullying as a seriousproblem, and some instituted zero-bullying policies. But cyberspace isa new territory, and schools aren`tsure how far to extend theirjurisdiction.
  4. 4. +Causes:The teen years can be cruel.Nearly everyone has been part ofsome form of bullying during hislife time.Today, cyberbullying, has becomethe newest form of adolescenthostility. But what causes a teento become a cyber-bully?Results revealed that the teenwith the least amount of parentalsupervision engaged in the mostcyberbullying. Also depression,drug and alchohol use, hostility,etc.
  5. 5. +Children in Risk of being BulliedGenerally, children who are bullied have one oremore of the following risk factors:·Are perceived as different from their peers, such asbeing overweight, underweight, wearing glasses ordifferent clothing, being new to school, or beingunable to afford what kids consider “cool.”·Are perceived as weak or unable to defendthemselves.·Are depressed, anxious, or have low self esteem.·Are less popular than others and have few friends.However, even if a child has these risk factors, itdoesn´t mean that the will be bullied.
  6. 6. +Consequences:There can be someconsequences like:·depression.·victims become cyberbullies.·Thoughts of suicide and suicideattempts.·school performance can beaffected.·Reputation can be damaged.
  7. 7. Preventing Actions:Parents and kids can prevent cyberbullying. Together, they canexplore safe ways to use technology.Beware of what your kids are doing online- have sense of what theydo online and in texts. Learn about the sites they like. Try out thedevices they use. Encourage your kids to tell you immediately ifthey, or someone they know, is being cyberbullied.Establish rules about technology use- Establish rules aboutappropiate use of computers, cell phones, and other technology. Forexample, be clear about what sites they can visit and what they arepemitted to do when they´re online.
  8. 8. +Social NetworksConversation
  9. 9. +It´s well known that facebook does not permit usersunder 13 years old and many kids find a way to usesocial networking site anyway. All that could change,though, now facebook is developing technology thatwould allow kids under 13 to use the site under parentalsupervision, they would connect children´s accounts totheir parents´, allowing mom and dad to decide whomtheir kids can “friend” and what applications they canuse.Many kids lie about their ages to get accounts. Lastyear, Consumer Reports said 7.5 million children underthe age of 13 were using the site, including more than 5million under the age of 10. And last fall, a studysponsored by Microsoft Research found 36 percent ofparents were aware that their children joined facebookbefore age 13, and many even helped their kids to doso.
  10. 10. How can social networks be harmful or useful?HarmfulSocial networking is really making us less social. Being social and connected hasbecome dangerous for both mind and body, because people are becoming less andless likely to go out to create social situations where they would interact with peopleface to face. There is so much that people can learn from their brief interactionswith one another. People are choosing to stay in and stay online versus going outand being social and doing anything physical.UsefulIn a social networking community, it is easy to share information continously and thisis of huge importance when running an online bussiness. If you have a companyyou want to be successful, you have to let others know about it and get theminterested in what you do. When participating in a social networking community, youcan let others know a massive amount of information about your company to attractattention and develop their interest further.
  11. 11. +Pros ConsSocial networking sites spreadinformation faster than any othermedia.Social media enables spread ofunreliable and false information.Social networking sites allowpeople to improve theirrelationships and make newfriends.Students who are heavy socialmedia users tend to have lowergrades.Social media sites help employersfind employees and job-seekersfind work.Social networking sites can leadstress and offline relationshipproblems.Colleges and universities usesocial media to recruit and retainstudents.Using social media can harm jobstability and employmentprospects.Faster communication. Social media causes people tospend less time interaction face-to-face.Social networking sites facilatecyberbullying.
  12. 12. +References from from social
  13. 13. +END!