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Vet Practice News January 2017 - News Story


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Vet Practice News included a news story about the launch of Lipogems Equine in the January 2017 issue and how effective it has been in treating sports horse injuries. The story also included contact details and training information for vets wishing to accredit in the use of Lipogems

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Vet Practice News January 2017 - News Story

  1. 1. 14 PRODUCTS VP JANUARY 2017 Rapid surgical level hand disinfection VET Direct, in association with Ecolab, has introduced Skinman Soft Protect surgical hand rub, which is said to offer surgical level hand disinfection in 90 seconds. It has a vitamin E, glycerine and panthenol-based skin formulation specifically designed to protect, nourish and regenerate skin, says Leon Wright, the firm’s managing director. “It has a superior antimicrobial efficacy which provides an immediate and sustained effect.” For more information see Teeth cleaning gel for dogs – and a survey PETTURA UK, based in London’s Fleet Street, has introduced Pettura Oral Health, described as “a veterinarian formulated supplement for dogs which contains a patented plaque-inhibiting complex approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council of America”. It contains caprylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties and whey protein isolate, which is said to help to prevent chronic periodontal disease. This gel is applied directly to a dog’s teeth and gums to prevent “tartar build-up and freshen the dog’s breath”. The supplement is priced from £24.99. For details see www.pettura. com.  A survey of 2,000 dog owners, commissioned by Pettura, found that 53% of dog owners have never cleaned their dogs’ teeth although 88% recognised that oral hygiene is important to their dog’s health; the owners associated bad breath (76%), tooth loss (67%) and inflamed gums (65%) with poor oral hygiene; 11% identified heart disease as a potential cost of poor oral hygiene and 7% understood the liver could be affected. Mycobacterial diagnosis tackled by new company PBD Biotech Ltd, a company specialising in novel bacteriophage- based diagnostic technology, has been established. The firm uses proprietary technology developed at the University of Nottingham that can be used to detect the presence of mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium avium subsp. cparatuberculosis. Formerly applied to the diagnosis of tuberculosis in humans, the technology has been transformed for the veterinary sector such that results can be delivered within six hours of sample receipt. For details see Canine OA product back in stock ZOETIS reports that Trocoxil, its once-monthly treatment for canine osteoarthritis, is back in stock following a supply shortage. The chewable tablets are used for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease in dogs aged 12 months or over. Online videos on treating Addison’s disease DECHRA Veterinary Products has produced six video presentations to assist vets who are prescribing Zycortal “Regenerative” treatment for horses LIPOCAST Biotech UK Ltd, based in Cirencester, has introduced Lipogems Equine, which it describes as an innovative application of regenerative medicine. It works by micro-fragmenting adipose tissue obtained from lipoaspirates, through a non-enzymatic, mechanical process using the closed system and disposable device. Adipose tissue is harvested using a vacuum syringe from around the hind quarters, after the region has been anaesthetised by local infiltration with sterile saline and lidocaine. The harvested tissue is washed in saline and gently agitated so that the pericytes detach from small vessels and activate. These cells with the stromal vascular structure of adipose tissue act as a local scaffold to maintain regenerative activity for many months, says the firm. The whole procedure from harvesting to injection is completed in less than 30 minutes in a stable; it promotes healing as early as 10 days after treatment and involves very little requirement for drug usage other than sedation and lidocaine. Injuries and conditions successfully treated by the company’s accredited veterinary team, led by Dr Tim Watson, include: tendon injuries with core lesions, desmitis (including chronic cases), soft tissue injuries to the stifle joint, synovitis, early osteoarthritis, deep lacerations and​septicaemia. For details see (desoxycortone pivalate 25 mg/ml) for Addison’s disease. The videos range in length from 10 minutes to 37 minutes and can be viewed at zycortal-support. Treatment for surface pyoderma NORBROOK Laboratories has introduced Betafuse (5mg/g fusidic acid and 1mg/g betamethasone gel), a steroid-based antibiotic preparation indicated for the treatment of surface pyoderma, such as acute moist dermatitis (“hot spots”) and intertrigo (skin fold dermatitis) in the dog. It is available in 15g and 30g tubes. Support materials, designed to aid compliance, include an instruction guide for dog owners on how to apply the product, a waiting room presentation directed at pet owners and CPD for vets and nurses. Donations to Vetlife handed over at LVS GEOFF Little, president of Vetlife, received a donation of £2,500 at the London Vet Show from Mike Brampton, MD of Thames Medical, and Alasdair Hotston-Moore of Bath Vet Referrals. Together with Peter Dobromlskyj, they had raised the money on their recent Scottish Tour de Vet, a blood pressure coaching/CPD tour starting in Worthing and ending at the VetTrust Conference in Stirling three weeks and 1,300 miles later.  Vicky Gower of practice management consultancy Vet Dynamics is shown handing over £3,000, the proceeds of a drive to raise funds for Vetlife during its annual practice conference, to Graham Dick, the charity’s treasurer.