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SIU Viewbook 2011


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SIU Viewbook 2011

  1. 1. Southern IllInoIS unIverSIty Ca r b o n da l e no bounds
  2. 2. What you’ll find: The SIU experience: 4 » Brock: Undergrad Research 6 » Emily: Student Support 8 » Our Backyard: Carbondale and the Region 10 » Marcus: Student Leadership and OrganizationsWe SHAPe THOSe WHO 16 » Alexis: Honors and Opportunities 20 » Student Life and Activities Important details: SHAPe THe FUTURe. 12 » Range of Majors We’ll give you access to everything 14 » The Colleges of SIU Overview you need to make your college experience 18 » Fast Facts challenging, exciting, and completely your own. Next steps: We’ll connect you with faculty mentors who will not only recognize your 22 » Admissions and Financial Aid strengths, but will connect you with opportunities that fit them. We’ll ramp up 24 » Visiting Campus your academic career with the Saluki First Year Program to ensure that your transition to college life is as smooth as possible. And all along the way, we’ll offer the active support you need to take your education as far as you want. This viewbook will begin to show you how SIU can help. You’ll research university. understand how the connections here on campus can shape your academic experience and your life beyond. You’ll see that SIU is a place where first-generation students quickly feel at home (page 6). Where belonging to groups really ensures academic success (page 16). We’ll help you get started with small college. the admissions and financial aid process on page 22. Because we believe our support should begin before you even enroll.
  3. 3. What you’ll find: The SIU experience: 4 » Brock: Undergrad Research 6 » Emily: Student Support 8 » Our Backyard: Carbondale and the Region 10 » Marcus: Student Leadership and Organizations 16 » Alexis: Honors and Opportunities 20 » Student Life and Activities Important details: 12 » Range of Majors 14 » The Colleges of SIU Overview 18 » Fast Facts Next steps: 22 » Admissions and Financial Aid 24 » Visiting Campus ALL ThE bRAINs Of A NATIONALLY RANKED REsEARch uNIvERsITY. ALL ThE hEART Of A smALL cOLLEgE. What does it mean to be a nationally ranked research university? It’s having the facilities, faculty, and commitment to invest in innovations that improve the quality of life. But we think it doesn’t mean much without mentorship that instills those values in the next generation. And we found the perfect balance of teaching and research—withoutNATIONALLY RANKED. compromising on either. You can see it in ourThe Carnegie Foundation faculty’s determination to pursue their passionsfor the Advancement and remain a transformative force in theirof Teaching ranks SIU students’ lives. So whether you know exactlyamong the top 5 percent what you want from a university or you’re stillof all U.S. higher looking for the right environment to uneartheducation institutions your potential, we invite you to experience anfor research. education where big things are always within reach. And where you will know no bounds.
  4. 4. We’ve made it our mission to dismantle anything that comes between people and discovery. Whether those barriers are physical, personal, or financial, we’ll do the hard work to break them down to ensure that each student has every opportunity. However big your plans, wherever your ambitions lie, we’ll help you realize them. This is not new. We were built on a foundation of access for the underserved, people with disabilities, veterans, and anyone who ever wondered how far their drive could take them. And it’s why whenever anyone asks a Saluki “What’s stopping you?” the answer will always be “Nothing.” TO mAKE suRE2 NOThINg Is IN YOuRs. 3
  5. 5. bROcK, sOphOmOREWALTONvILLE, ILpRE-mED sIu REsEARch ThE shARED ThRILL Of DIscOvERY. It’s not limited to any one college or depart- ment. It cuts across the entire university. It’s a shared value to expand knowledge and pursue passions wherever they lead. Some of our break- throughs: bIg scIENcE. SIU is home to the Consortium for Embedded Systems, the only National Science Foundation–funded national consortium of electron- Top Tier. Hands on. ics research. Embedded systems * use microprocessors small and light enough to attach to butter- flies to study their movements. cLEAN hEALTh. Engineering professor James W. BlackburnBrock was an Illinois is using a grant from the Bill andState Scholar and the vale­ Melinda Gates Foundation todictorian of his graduating design a potentially life-savingclass in Waltonville. He held We are a nationally ranked, top-tier research but we’re also defining the nationally ranked sanitation system for developing nations using only naturallyjust about every leadership positionavailable and received awards for institution. In every way, we’ve earned that distinction. research institution experience in a new way. We’ve occurring biochemical processestrigonometry, anatomy, physiology, Our faculty are published experts who are active in made huge investments and expanded our research and wind power to operate.and leadership. He always knewthat he’d do well in college. He just their fields. Our alums are accomplished entrepreneurs. focus—without losing our connection to mentorship INTO ThE WILD. Wildlife managers in India are relyingdidn’t know if he’d be able to find As a university, we’ve generated patents and offered and teaching. because we think that nothing should on the expertise of Clay Nielsen,a university that shared his drive. a professor in our Cooperative businesses the innovations they need to grow. come between people and discovery, and top-tier Wildlife Research Laboratory,“I’ve found a place that has the should also be hands-on. as they look for ways to protect local villagers from tigers.perfect combination of accessi­bility and opportunity,” says And vice versa.Brock. “I’ve travelled to Taiwanto represent the UniversityHonors Program. I’m workingclosely with my faculty mentor ongenetic research with far­reachingimpact. I’m also building myresume, gaining invaluable experi­ence, and getting a head start onan M.D. in oncology. And I get todo all of this as a sophomore.” *We were placed among Tier 1 National Universities by US News & World Report 2011.4 5
  6. 6. EmILY, sOphOmORELINcOLN, ILcRImINOLOgY & cRImINAL JusTIcE Welcome. It’s something our students feel almost immediately the first time they step on campus. It’s a connectedness fueled by the shared thrill of discovery and deep respect for community. It comes through in everyday interactions—from unsolicited help on move-in day to intense, collaborative research throughout the year. We’re sIu sTuDENT sERvIcEs WE’vE gOT POWereD BY bY YOuR bAcK.Emily knew that SIU Once you’re a Saluki,was a public research you join a supportiveinstitution. But the spirit of network. INTERACTIONS. INTERAcTIONs.collaboration was not something sheexpected. “I graduated from a class of sALuKI cAREs. Our faculty and200,” she recalls, “I thought ‘I’m just staff care about your welfare;going to be one little person on this no issue is too big or toohuge campus.’ Though I was uncer­ small—anything that’s a concerntain about the experience, I knew I to you is a concern to all of us.wanted to be active. So I enrolled just salukicares.siu.eduhoping for the best. And that’s exactlywhat I got. We support our students just as much uNIvERsITY cOLLEgE. With as we challenge them. Through our unmatched cross-departmental collaboration, this program—“Professors were so helpful—they really cared about me. They said saluki first Year program, you’ll come which includes Saluki First Year—connects you with ‘Here’s what’s out there and what in contact with the extensive support events, programs, and services you can do.’ I was encouraged to become a Research Rookie—a network on campus. Our faculty can to keep you fully engaged in your SIU experience. program designed to get first­year find your strengths and help develop students acquainted with research (—and, ultimately, them. And career services will help WRITINg cENTER. Papers will present my work. Which led you navigate your chosen field while need to be written. By you. But no worries, we help everyone to my research as a sophomore on ways to disrupt gang activity— you’re here and after you graduate. develop professor-pleasing and employer-grabbing communica- something that will help me It’s how we connect what’s in you with tion skills. pursue a career in the FBI. That’s how it is: one thing always leads to what’s in the world. cAREER sERvIcEs. Job fairs, another—every interaction builds mock interviews, and resume to something bigger and better.” critiques. Opportunities are literally everywhere on campus. Emily was a regular in the Rec Center when she mentioned that she’d like to be involved. The staff picked up on her request and sent her to get6 certified the following week. And soon she was a fitness instructor leading the Turbo Kick class. 7
  7. 7. humility has a place—just not here. We’re not ashamed to admit that our WE ARE hOmE 55% Of campus, carbondale, and the region are just TO INTERNATIONAL NEW fREshmEN absolutely gorgeous. Of course, these two sTuDENTs fROm ARE fROm ThE pages can’t do it justice. The only way OvER 90cOuNTRIEs. chIcAgOLAND AREA. to really experience it is to step into it. breathe the air. Tap into the natural energy that has inspired and recharged salukis for generations. schedule a visit (page 24) and see it yourself. mIssOuRI sENDs mORE so uth ern illin oi s sTuDENTs TO sIu ThAN ANY OThER sTATE IN ThE NATION EXcEpT ILLINOIs. WE’RE JusT TWO hOuRs fROm sT. LOuIs. c a r b o n d a l e sALuKI sTADIumEvery year Carbondale hosts theBig Muddy gARDEN Of ThE gODs. JusT ONE Of mANY sTuDYFilm bREAK EscApEs (LIKE gIANT cITY AND 14 OThER sTATE pARKs mINuTEs fROm cAmpus). 9
  8. 8. mARcus, sENIORWhEATON, ILJOuRNALIsm: ADvERTIsINg/INTEgRATED mARKETINg cOmmuNIcATIONs rewarded.Marcus is a people person.And as former student body presi­dent, he represented 16,000 ofthem. “I’m in the College ofJournalism studying marketing andcommunications with a focus on initiativePR and advertising,” says Marcus. sIu sTuDENT“But it’s my time outside the class­ ORgANIzATIONsroom that has really given me added being involved has a huge impact on academic success.perspective and appreciation for And sIu has over 400 student-led organizations to make that ENhANcE YOuRdifferent points of view. happen. It’s easy to find a club or start one. It’s almost inevitable. AcADEmIc“I’ve been involved with almost You’ll begin to make connections and eventually, those EXpERIENcE.every student event on some Everyone knows thatlevel. And that experience sIu students want more from a university than life connections build to big things—like everything else at sIu. when you get involvedhas been invaluable. I was able tosee student life in ways that no in a classroom. They want experiences that can you boost your GPA take them as far as they want to go. We know that and your chances ofone else can. It’s a collection graduating on time.of cultures. I’ve actually learnedsome Farsi. It’s a network of more employers are looking at what students have From academic organiza-future business leaders. It’s an done outside the classroom as much as what they’ve tions to interest- and identity-based clubs,army of advocates who mobilizeto do the good work that needs accomplished inside. They want to see who is SIU has one of theto be done. It’s also the perfect challenging themselves and who is pursuing their most inclusive, eclectic campuses in the state.preparation for my career—student life has taught me how passion as well as a degree. siu.orgsync.comto bring people together.”10 11
  9. 9. mAJORs Metalsmithing Cinema & Photography Economics Foreign Language & Health Care Management Marketing Radio-Television Zoology Classical Civilization Painting Cinema Financial Economics International Trade Health Education* Mathematics* Digital Communication Animal Biology Coaching Accounting Printmaking Photography General Economics Chinese Community Health Education Media Industries Environmental Biology Africana Studies Mechanical Engineering East Asian Civilization Sculpture Digital Communication International Economics French School Health Education Electronic Journalism Fisheries Biology Agribusiness Economics German Microbiology Environmental Studies Automotive Technology Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Production-Radio/Audio, TV/Video Pre-Veterinary Medicine Japanese History* Mining Engineering Equine Studies Agricultural Systems Wildlife Biology Aviation Flight** Environmental Engineering Electronic Systems Technologies Hospitality & Tourism Geological Engineering Radiologic Sciences Agricultural Education Spanish Forensic Science Electronics Management Administration Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Agricultural Systems Technology Aviation Management Classics Forestry Mortuary Science & Magnetic Resonance Imaging/ pRE-pROfEssIONAL Global Studies Food Service Management Agriculture Communication Aviation Technologies Communication Disorders & Elementary Education* Forest Hydrology Funeral Services Computed Tomography pROgRAm, Greek Hospitality and Tourism Agriculture Production Aircraft Maintenance Sciences* Engineering Technology Forest Recreation & Park Lodging Management Music* Radiation Therapy Technology NON-DEgREE pROgRAms Japanese General Agriculture Aviation Electronics Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Technology Management Music Business Pre-Chiropractic Helicopter Maintenance Tourism Management Recreation Kinesiology Animal Science Computer and Electrical Forest Resources Management Music Education Pre-Dentistry English* Event Planning and Management Leisure Service Management Latin Biological Sciences* Engineering (dual degree) Urban Forest Management Music Theory-Composition Equine Science Creative Writing Therapeutic Recreation Pre-Law Computer Science Human Nutrition & Dietetics Open Studies Latino and Latin American Studies Production Biology Education General French* Industrial Technology Performance-Guitar Rehabilitation Services Pre-Medicine Science & Pre-Veterinary Biomedical Science Criminology and Criminal Justice Pre-Professional International Public Service Museum Studies Ecology Manufacturing Technology Performance-Instrumental Social Science Pre-Nursing Dental Hygiene Native American Studies Anthropology Exercise Science Geography & Environmental Information Systems Technologies Performance-Keyboard Social Work Pre-Optometry Business and Administration Design Resources Peace Studies Architectural Studies Fashion Design & Merchandising Performance-Voice General Design Climate and Water Resources Interior Design Sociology Pre-Pharmacy Business Economics Fashion Design Photography Art* Piano Pedagogy Environmental Management International Studies Spanish* Pre-Physical Therapy Art Education Chemistry* Early Childhood* Fashion Merchandising Studio Jazz Performance Russian Geographic Information Science Africa and the Middle East International Public Service Pre-Physician Assistant Art History Biochemistry Child and Family Services Fashion Stylist Women’s Studies Asia and the South Pacific Musical Theater Pre-Podiatry Ceramics Business Preschool/Primary Geology Special Education* Television Studies Finance Europe Paralegal Studies Communication Design Environmental Environmental Geology Special Education/ Pre-Veterinary Medicine Financial Institutions Latin America and the Carribean Pre-Law Drawing Forensic Geophysics Elementary Education Pre-Major (for students Financial Management Key General Studio American Chemical Society Resource Geology Journalism Philosophy Speech Communication deciding on a major) Investments * = Teacher certification Glass Certification Advertising/Integrated Marketing Pre-Law Intercultural Communication German Studies* program available Industrial Design Fire Service Management*** International Public Service Communications Physical Education* Interpersonal Communication ROTc New Media News Production ** = Associate’s degree Organizational Communication Aerospace Studies program; can lead toward Digital Communication Physical Therapist Assistant** Performance Studies Army Military Science a Bachelor’s degree or News-Editorial Physics third year specialization Persuasive Communication beyond Associate’s Photojournalism Computational Physics Biomedical Physics Public Relations mINORs *** = Offered off-campus only Linguistics (Most majors are also available Materials and Nanophysics Sport Administration as a minor) English as a New Language Physiology Technical Resource Management Aerospace Studies (Air Force Management Health & Safety Management ROTC) Entrepreneurship Plant & Soil Science Professional Construction Air Traffic Control Global E-Business Business Management Health Care Enterprises Environmental Studies Airport Management and Planning Landscape Horticulture Theater Personnel Management Aircraft Product Support Turf Grass Management University Studies Supply Chain Management American Studies Plant Biology Workforce Education & Development Aquatics Ecology Army Military Science Business, Marketing, Molecular & Biochemical Computer Education* (Army ROTC) Physiology Family & Consumer Sciences* Asian Studies Systematics & Biodiversity Health Careers* Child and Family Services Political Science Technology Education* Chinese International Affairs Career & Technical Education* Pre-Law Education, Training & Public Service Development Psychology RANgE Of mAJORs sOuThERN ILLINOIs uNIvERsITY12 13
  10. 10. fOR EvERY JOuRNEYThE cOLLEgEs Of sOuThERN ILLINOIs uNIvERsITYcOLLEgE Of cOLLEgE Of AppLIED cOLLEgE Of busINEss cOLLEgE Of mAss cOLLEgE Of EDucATION cOLLEgE Of ENgINEERINg cOLLEgE Of LIbERAL ARTs cOLLEgE Of scIENcE schOOL Of mEDIcINE schOOL Of LAWAgRIcuLTuRAL scIENcEs scIENcEs AND ARTs We believe that the best cOmmuNIcATION AND AND humAN sERvIcEs Of the top 10 income-generating It’s hard to encapsulate We are literally building We offer the perfect springboard A legal education at SouthernThe agricultural heart of the We’ve helped elevate the businesses have both ingenuity mEDIA ARTs We’re meeting the demand for careers in the country, seven this college into one tidy the future. Since 2000, over into any health career. The Illinois University School of LawMidwest is our classroom. Our university to a major Carnegie I and integrity. And the new We are recognized and collaborative problem-solvers, contain the word “engineering.” paragraph. Every story and 40 new faculty have been Medical/Dental Education is shaped by what we value:programs prepare students to research institution by model is built from equal parts respected across all media. more effective communicators, And we prepare our graduates experience is as individual as added, bringing with them Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) students, teaching, scholarship,work in agribusiness, public answering the demand for individualistic entrepreneurs and WSIU Public Broadcasting and champions of culture and to be the very best in their the students pursuing degrees. new energy and enthusiasm. is a department of the Southern service, and community. Wepolicy, and environmental an educated workforce in the collaborative team players. So operates Public Broadcasting knowledge. We prepare the fields. We are comprised With academic departments We’ve introduced several new Illinois University School of provide a rigorous, high-valueagencies. We use a 2,000-acre, southern Illinois region and we give our students access to Service (PBS) television stations next generation of leadership of five departments: Civil and offering majors and minors in patents and patent applications Medicine. It was founded in legal education that prepareson-campus farm to offer the beyond. By maintaining strong the latest technology including and National Public Radio (NPR) in every sector—public, private, Environmental Engineering, the fine arts, humanities, and to give the next generation 1972 to provide broader access our students for the challengesbest in traditional agricultural ties with business and industry. The Burnell D. Kraft Trading radio stations. The annual non-profit. And the result is not Computer and Electrical social sciences, the College of alternative fuels and nano- to health professions schools for of a 21st-century legaleducation. But we don’t stop And by connecting enthusiastic Floor, which provides real-time Big Muddy Film Festival is an only in better outcomes for our Engineering, Engineering Liberal Arts offers disciplinary materials. Every year, we educationally and economically career. Our curriculum equipsthere. We’ve expanded our students with expert faculty and simulation of commodities international event. The Daily alums but a better society for Technology, Mechanical and interdisciplinary studies appear in over three hundred disadvantaged students. Every students for a career in anyprograms to include nutrition research opportunities as early and financial trading. We Egyptian, one of the premiere everyone. Engineering and Energy that foster learning, effective peer-reviewed publications year we enroll highly motivated environment—from a legal aidand health, the production of as their first semester. connect them with faculty who daily college newspapers in Processes, and Mining and communication, career success, in respected journals. And students into this intensive, office to a large urban law firm,specialty crops, tourism, and the are world-class researchers the country, began in 1916. The Six of our programs Mineral Resources Engineering. and a broadly informed and we’ve demonstrated a five-fold supportive program. And we from a corporate board room toprotection and enhancement of Though our graduates succeed and leaders. And when they Global Media Research Center have been ranked in the Each department offers a level critically thoughtful citizenry. increase in external grant watch dreams come into focus. a government agency—and ourthe environment. across the board, 100% of graduate, they tap into an alumni fosters ongoing interaction Top 100 in the country, of access to the best minds from awards from $2M/yr in 2002 low tuition rates free them to 2009 Dental Hygienist graduates network of 20,000 who actively between academic research and including Rehabilitation around the world as well as 33% of all PhDs up to $11M/yr in 2008. For our The journal Annuals of Internal go wherever their dreams mightPhilanthropist Howard Buffett is passed the national board exam improve their communities and both creative and professional Counseling (ranked 6th). the best facilities in the state. awarded from SIU come from new students this means a Medicine named the School take them.investing $7 million in our on the first attempt. their boardrooms. media practice. the College of Liberal Arts. greater experience, eye contact of Medicine one ofresearchers to find efficient and Engineering students don’t with respected experts, and the top 15 medical Graduates taking the Februarysustainable ways to feed the We are accredited by the For a third time in the past just build Formula-style academics with momentum. schools in the nation for 2011 bar exam for the firstworld, help growers, and protect Association to Advance four years, the all-student crew racecars, moonbuggies, and social mission. time had a significantlythe environment. Collegiate Schools of Business of “ 26:46” has earned robots, they compete— In the last two years, three of our higher pass rate International—which means a national Emmy as the and win—in national science majors were named to the Illinois average. we are in the top 10% of best collegiate competitions. USA Today’s All-USA business schools nationwide. television magazine College Academic Team. show in the nation. mcma.siu.edu14 ONE DEsTINATION.
  11. 11. ALEXIs, sOphOmOREQuINcY, ILzOOLOgY sIu bEYOND ThE cLAssROOmAlexis just had to be inthe world—in order tosave it. “I grew up outdoors,” EXcEL EvERYWhERE.recalls Alexis. “Before I knew it as As much as you’ll love it,a complex web of ecosystems, it at some point you willwas just nature to me. And I loved leave SIU. We want toit. But it wasn’t until I went scuba be sure you have all thediving in Mexico and saw the tools you’ll need whenmost beautiful coral reefs littered you do. If you’re part ofwith plastic cups that I knew I had We offer research opportunities as early as freshman year—students our honors program, getting those opportuni-to take a stronger role to give ita fighting chance. So I enrolled at often present at national conferences and are published alongside ties to go deeper intoSIU and prepared for research. faculty experts in respected journals. We keep the doors open to some your field will be almost automatic. You’ll have a“I thought research meant being of the best facilities in the country so that when students burn the faculty advisor to helplocked in a lab. But I was offered midnight oil, they’re fueling their careers. We’ve designed the academic you make the bestan opportunity through the hon­ choices for your careerors program to participate in experience around the idea that there’s no such thing as too ambitious. goals. You’ll be invited We create possibilities. And students seize them.research my freshman year. It was to participate in specialincredible. I was able to dive in research projects orand study small mammals where travel opportunities. Butthey live. It also opened a lot of even if you’re not in thedoors for me and highlighted the Our honors community is overflowing with students who bring honors program, thereimportance of research in conser­ equal amounts of accomplishment and ambition. being part of are still plenty of waysvation. Right now I’m helping to to find experiencesexpand the aquaculture industry that community means that you will work closely with mentors beyond the classroom.before I go off to my internshipat the Whale Center and then on in intense, small class settings. You can take advantage of REACH undergrad research grants:to my master’s in marine biology. opportunities to represent sIu at universities around the world. Study Abroad: has offered me possibilitiesthat I never thought possible.” You’ll be able to build on your momentum—and have a level of Internships: access you won’t find anywhere else.16 17
  12. 12. fAcuLTY: Published in nearly 10,000 journal articles, 700 books, and 2,000 book chapters since 2003. RANKINgs: 88% have the terminal degree in their field. Carnegie-rated Research University/High Research Activity institution. Number of patents awarded: 43 Top 4% of higher ed institutions, by the National Science Foundation. 96% of our faculty are full-time teaching and research professionals. Tier one of “Top Public Universities: National Universities” in US News & World Report’s “Best Colleges 2011.” Best in the nation for the number of African American students earning a bachelor’s degree in education according to Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. College of Business was ranked in top 5% of business schools around the world. schOLARshIps: Named in The Princeton Review’s Guide to 311 Green Colleges: 2011 Edition as an Nearly 85% of students receive some form of financial aid. institution that demonstrates a notable commitment to sustainability. $10.4 million in scholarships awarded each year. SIU at a glance cOsTs: Tuition and fees: $11,038 sTuDENTs: 15,137 undergrads from all 50 states and 92 countries. 29% of undergrads are minority students. 4,223 graduate students are working toward their master’s, PhD, law, or medical degrees. sIzE: Housing + meals: $8,648 Over 80% of classes have fewer than 30 students. Books and supplies: $1,100 53% of classes have 19 students or fewer. Other living expenses: $2,675 Student to faculty ratio: 16:1 Total: $23,461 AcADEmIcs: 200+ majors, minors, and specializations 8 colleges 2 professional schools: Law and Medicine 173 of SIU’s 454 registered student organizations are academics-focused. ALumNI: 212,065 strong. 80% employed full time within 12 months after graduation. fAcILITIEs: The Student Recreation Center is the energized hub on campus. 95% were “very satisfied” with their SIU experience, based on the SIUC Survey of Graduates after Graduation. 15,000 seat Saluki Stadium is the centerpiece of Saluki Way. 92% of students are satisfied with their degrees. Morris Library was completely renovated and updated in 2009. The New Media Center (NMC) keeps SIU at the forefront of digital media and animation. Our Aviation program will grow with a 200,000-square-foot-plus Transportation Education Center to be completed Fall 2012. There are over 280,000 square feet of arts facilities, including a glass-blowing studio, a theater, and practice rooms.18 19
  13. 13. We are salukis. That’s not just a name. It’s a belief that we’re all capable of big things, and we’re all in this saluki You can feel the saluki spirit all throughout campus. It lives on in the passionate performances of our theatre productions. It energizes students in our rec center pride together. It’s a shared set of high and in intramural sports. It inspires art, sparks expectations—what we expect debate, and reverberates in carbondale and from ourselves as well as each other. beyond. We have countless ways to It’s a network of support on and off the experience it. And 400 ways sTuDENT field. It’s an answer to a challenge. It’s to stir up some of your own. REcREATION cENTER. kicking down barriers while building a for all the fuels us. stronger world. ways to sweat: reccenter.siu.edusALuKI AThLETIcs.We compete inDivision I in thefollowing sports andour student-athletesare among the bestin the nation:Men’s: Women’s: ALL IN.Baseball Basketball Whether you play Saluki Pride unites You’re here to become aBasketball Cross Country Division I, cheer every club and fully developed individual. from the organizationCross CountryFootball Golf Softball stands, or find your own ONE uNIvERsITY. on campus— from Disc To explore every dimension of your personalityGolf SwimmingSwimming Tennis way to express it Golf to So Ill and interests. And weTennis Track off the field, Improv Comedy. have everything. EvenTrack Volleyball a Dairy Club. 21
  14. 14. Our support starts here. The college decision is a big FINANCIAL AID: one—but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Affordability. Our commitment to access extends to our We’ve broken down the process into a few easy steps. financial aid office. We want to be sure that there are no financial barriers keeping you from earning your degree ADmIssIONs AND fINANcIAL AID and when you graduate, you’ll begin your life with as little debt as possible. That’s why: hOW TO AppLY fOR ADMISSIONS: • Nearly 80 percent of our students receive financial aid fINANcIAL AID: • If you’re from Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, or 1. Fill out the FAFSA at Apply online. Go to, fill out the form Tennessee, you’ll pay only what an Illinois resident pays. AppLIcATION chEcKLIsT and include a payment of $30. Then send in your high • Truth in tuition locks in your tuition rate for four 2. Enter our Federal School Code 1. Complete an application: 001758 on the FAFSA school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, as well as your official consecutive years. 2. Include a $30 application fee transcripts from any colleges you’ve attended. (nonrefundable) 3. Send official high school transcripts contact us. 1-618-536-4405 or email us: fINANcIAL AID OpTIONs We’ll get back to you in no time with answers, clarifications, Your financial aid options include 4. Include a copy of ACT scholarships, grants, loans, and or SAT scores and pointers. When we say we welcome your questions— work-study programs. 5. Send official transcripts from we mean it. Personal attention is sort of our thing. any colleges attended fill out the fAfsA. It’s free. It’s online (at And it opens up all of your college financing options. TRANsfER sTuDENT? Then simply submit it when you apply. fINANcIAL AID DEADLINE We’ll work with you to complete the fAfsA after transfer your credit hours. January 1st but before march 1st to receive priority consideration. AppLIcATION DEADLINE Our priority application date for freshman applications Apply early for the best chance of admissions, scholarships, and is December 1st. The final financial aid. application deadline is may 1st. mORE suppORT: Freshman application checklist: Admissions requirements: Earn SIU credit while still in high school: LIvE hERE. Most of our undergrads live on campus their first year in residence halls, including our Living Learning Communities, reserved for students in similar majors or with similar interests. See all of our housing options. housing.siu.edu22 23