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זיהוי סיכונים


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זיהוי סיכונים

  1. 1. by Liora Shapiro August 2008 Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  2. 2. Agenda > Overview > Identify Risks by PreMortem > Summary Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  3. 3.  Risk - An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project’s objectives Source: PMBOK Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  4. 4.  Risk Management - identify potential problems before they occur, so that risk- handling activities may be planned and invoked as needed … to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving objectives Source: CMMI Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  5. 5.  While a PostMortem helps us learn why a patient has died, a PreMortem explores why a project might die in the future The PreMortem technique helps anticipate a plan's weaknesses Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  6. 6.  Preparation  Team members should already be familiar with the plan, or else have the plan described to them so they can understand what is supposed to be happening.  Team members take out sheets of paper and get relaxed in their chairs. Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  7. 7.  Imagine a fiasco  Imagine the project has totally failed.  Then ask, “What could have caused this?” Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  8. 8.  Generate reasons for failure  Spend the next three minutes writing down all the reasons they think the project failed.  Each person has a different set of experiences, a different set of scars, and a different mental model.  You get what the collective knowledge in the room can produce. Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  9. 9.  Consolidate the lists  Ask each person to state one item from the list.  Each item is recorded on a whiteboard.  This process continues until every member of the group has revealed every item on their list. Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  10. 10.  Revisit the plan  The team can address the two or three items of greatest concern, and then schedule another meeting to discuss ideas for avoiding or minimizing other problems Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  11. 11.  Periodically review the list  Monitor preventive plan  re-sensitise the team to the problems that may be emerging Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  12. 12.  Use your imagination to identify risks  Preparation  Imagine a fiasco  Generate reasons for failure  Consolidate the lists  Revisit the plan  Periodically review the list Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244
  13. 13. Thank you Liora Shapiro PMP 052-6194244