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Liora chazon cv final v


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Liora chazon cv final v

  1. 1. MeetLiora Chazon
  2. 2. Let me introduce myself… Army Serv i c e:Liora Chazon Israeli Air F orce Age: 32Nationality:Degree:B.A. in Political Scienceand International Relations,Magna Cum Laude.
  3. 3. My Skills are: Lead io n Generat Engage & conv e rt Potenti al Partner et sIntern hResearc Research Analysis Project Partner planning & Promotions management
  4. 4. And so it begins 2002-2005 2001-2002 Back to SchoolWorked at Coordinating seniorwhich is now management and Board schedules and meetings 2005-2006 Organizing and implementing the Worked at administrations/ 2006-2011 groups annual scheduleAdmin Assistant which& Executive Interacting on a daily Used to beAssistant basis with various company units and external companies 2011 Scheduling agendas for guests from Executive abroad and assisting Assistant them during their stay in Israel
  5. 5. Lead generation forthe EMEA market,focus on UK,Germany & ItalyResearch and analyzepotential leads /future partnersGenerate mailers /directcommunications to 2012engage leadsDatabase creation &Marketingincluding all relevantparameters Sales OperationsAnalyze potentialleads in each marketand focus activities
  6. 6. It’s all about who I am… hat It’s fun to discover w I really appreciate r the world has to offe cultural differences I am a people s person I love extreme sport Who doesn’t like the ?rain My frie I am a tru extreme nds and family ly impo a e music b uff rtant pa re an rt o f m y life
  7. 7. Take Initiative nted Customer Orie Team Player Excellent tionInterperson al & & Creative soluCommunica tion ilities So lving capab Skills Multi Tasking Think out of t h e b ox
  8. 8. A few recommendations…. “ nd tive ted a ffec va y e ice ,“ oti s ver d he off visit , d , m e i s an and t ons ad my nts ft“ ate . Sh ed es ut i he to ail of intme it roso dic idual e ne utiv e sol ill at Mic the de iv i ts sa h c g t exe g th ful alu f e vis det po and a oup y gr ssistan t to d a i ve in ndin the visin and ing v nt very ry ap alls, had a e e n m al a rLio erti rsta hat de uct ill br n qu ia c e r d o son y fre aged ers, d s and ly. Sh s eve way orke er roup on m ass unde ges t nd in cond ra w in a ther m y n t t ent oth wa as t Liora w le of p r and g Based (I was a in llen ce a aily t Lio ther ny o On ra ma ite le em mo ing me ing a e ro age ant. nce sk a nt ra io inv rang ery s noth ruck s do in th s man e assist rforma ed in ta ch m fa age d k tha , whe r in a me Lio L m r v t a p v e v grou nistrati f her p ly invol Liora ble, a an in ny te m o lop with ve ly fro ner a ent , and ays s he w th a le 2 de in ys w tude alw le s mi ad rvatio n o direct nt), d relia er. to ks. I omp ive ro 201 ness irect d a ti a o 2 ot gem e an rk c tas any strat 22, Busi ked d alw at at . Lior the r , 201 ces cs s obse orker, n r mana anized ard wo e lem for ch 8 ervi do doc o rg h i to min ar t s. ch ter, wor gr b rt ar S Am m co-w nment well o and a h her ad e.” M m Po doc pro sma .” M es, VP ent, y at A g s assi d me a ork wit ork wi h t o me ark gem ctl ike t to w y to w rol t Noa er, Am to ti P na ire str an the t Jon r Ma a ind s app 1s nag ocs s e r plea ld be h ram ma Amd , 1 t om d L i o u Prog at us age C an I wo ytime 2 Se nior Cente t r m .” an 8, 201 erstein, ael R&D icrosof ch eu Isr M Mar orina F crosoft Liora at C i Liora 1st ager, M tly with adm is highl M an direc i y ked pers nistrato experie wor on a r an com li d sh nced ex m ty. H e ec to th unicat er open has a gr utive“ e su i on s ness e activ cces s kills c and at i a ne ties. Lio ful exec ontribu w re ra is utio te st any s n r issue ponsibi always r of all r ongly Liora s. I w litie eady elev sa an part in any n ould be nd help to acce t i 1st cipate. ew pro happy to re pt M ” j t so Man ichael March ect she o work lve ager Sere 24, 2 will with Am d , Am br ocs docs yany, C 012 . ma u nage stomer d Lio De ra in livery dire ctly at
  9. 9. What am I looking for in the future…… A dynamic position that requires: t i ndirec direct & tions – C ommunica ls Partner rt fo r Chan ne Suppo Or Marcom ement ly t Manag Projec ib Poss at ion Analys is and maybe Lead Gener also Marke t
  10. 10. I would be happy to hear from you…