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Remote working effectively


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Tales of a remote worker. Tips from experience.

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Remote working effectively

  1. 1. Remote working effectively Tales of a remote-worker by @liopic
  2. 2. Avoid the beach myth ● Google for “remote working” shows unrealistic cases ● It’s not holidays, it’s working! ● And usually you will work more (psychological push)
  3. 3. Who am I? ● Julio Martinez, @liopic ○ Web developer since 2001 ● Remote worker during 2009-2014 ○ Barcelona, Seoul & México DF ● Since 2015 working at Ulabox ○ Barcelona office
  4. 4. Typical cases of remote worker ● Freelancer ○ Find your own customers/money ● Pure remote company ○ Rare case, but becoming popular ● Normal company with some remote workers ○ Difficult to balance; friction among workers ○ Don’t just move processes to videoconference!
  5. 5. Self-discipline ● It’s the most difficult skill to achieve! ● Know yourself ○ When, how, where do I work better? ○ Make working routines easy to follow ○ Learn to switch on, but also to switch off! ● You will need to track your working time ○ An easy way to “control” yourself
  6. 6. Track your time ● Use a time tracking program ○ Linux, Hamster: easy and simple ○ Linux, Task Coach: allows sub-tasks ○ Web/app, Rescue Time: overview time ● Avoid procrastination ○ Firefox plug-in: Leechblock ○ Or just edit /etc/hosts
  7. 7. Track your time accurately ● Stop the clock when you are not focused ○ And when you go to the toilet ● Discovering your pattern: ○ I keep focus during 1~1.5 hours ○ I work focused around 5 hours per day ○ One day per week will not be productive ● Then plan your days and avoid regrets
  8. 8. Report to your boss or customer ● Use git commits ○ Or if your boss is not tech: send weekly summary ○ Or mail action in post-commit hook ● Work for objectives, instead of time ○ Jira, trac, redmine, basecamp, trello... ● But if your customer buys 10-hours pack ○ Task Coach and Hamster can make reports
  9. 9. Enhance communication ● Don’t move all office processes to on-line ● But embrace conversations ○ Slack, Hipchat, even Skype chat ● Show your face ○ Meet the team (company retreats) ○ Skype, (via webRTC) ○ sqwiggle, pukateam (“presence” 10 sec picture)
  10. 10. Choose your working place ● Home ○ Set an office (ideally a separated room) ○ Family should understand you are working ● Cofffeeshop ○ Limited time, but sometimes it’s quiet ○ Bring your earphones ● Coworking space ○ Good for networking
  11. 11. Travelling? Nomad style is complex! ● Your are your own travel agency ○ Prepare destination: hotel, workplace, flight tickets, visa, insurance, SIM card, etc ● It’s only 4 weekends of tourism per month ● Lots of resources online ○ Places:, ○ Jobs:,
  12. 12. Summing up ● Pros ○ Work from anywhere ○ Free schedule ○ Avoid distraction from coworkers ● Cons ○ Loneliness ○ Lack of tech chat with coworkers