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Electronic Top-Ups Case Study


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Networks providing the infrastructure for electronic top-ups of pre-pay mobile phones have been very successful. 2/3 of mobile phone users in the UK now are on pre-pay plans, creating a large market opportunity for the companies providing these networks. But with the mobile phone market reaching saturation in the UK, where next to look for growth opportunities?

Braden Kelley worked with a couple of firms in this industry to identify new revenue opportunities and to set a growth strategy for continued success. You will see in the slides the Industry Re-Think we arrived at and the new theme for the future to guide the business.

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Electronic Top-Ups Case Study

  1. 1. Electronic Top-Ups Case StudyCash is King !
  2. 2. We propose partnering with keyvendors to take ePay beyondMobile Phone TopUps and intogrowing digital marketplaces:•expand revenue substantially•minimal investment
  3. 3. Make an online business like a brick and mortar shop,where people can walk in and pay cash
  4. 4. Eliminate the barriers to onlineshopping posed by the fears of:• Stolen credit card information Identity theft Invasion of privacy
  5. 5. What markets are we after?• Those who may never join the cashless society – i.e. teenagers, seniors, cash earners, credit risks, the paranoid (in 2000, 4 million 12-16 yr olds spent £3 billion)• Those who want to shop online but can’t – 40% of the population doesn’t have a credit card (UK online shopping up 23% this Christmas)• Growing digital market (music, gaming, etc.) – online music sales overtook CD sales in December
  6. 6. Electronic Top-Ups Case Study2/3 of mobile phones are on PrePay
  7. 7. Why target these online markets?• Online Gambling a £40 billion market in 2005• UK Online Shopping £10+ billion market in 2004• eBay was a £1.5 billion market in 2004• Online Gaming was a £400 million market in 2004• Digital music is expected to be a £350 million market in 2005 (£175 million - 2004)
  8. 8. 40% don’t have a Credit Card, yet80% of online purchases pay with one
  9. 9. Where can we add extra value? By creating partnerships with key vendors that currently under-serve customers who would like to pay cash
  10. 10. For example: Music Downloads Online Payment SystemsOnline Shopping, Gambling, Gaming
  11. 11. When should we proceed? Before and other competitors do
  12. 12. How should we move forward?Pilot new partnerships in the UK before launching globally
  13. 13. Electronic Top-Ups Case Study Questions ?Braden KelleyBusiness Strategy Innovation1344 Alki Ave SW, Suite 301Seattle, WA 98116(206)
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