Quality grant application lcif conclave, 2013


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Quality grant application lcif conclave, 2013

  1. 1. Preparing a Quality Grant Application ! - At LCIF Conclave, 2013 Kolkata, West Bengal.
  2. 2.  Helps Lions respond collectively and effectively to major global humanitarian concerns Enables Lions-to-help-needy…especially in times of calamity and disaster Funds projects too big for districts/clubs to do on their own
  3. 3.  Develops relevant grant-making initiatives to help Lions better serve the world community Leverages Lions’ financial support to raise funds from a growing number of governments, other foundations, and corporations
  4. 4. Standard Core 4 Int’l Assistance LCIF Grant Opportunities Division ManagerSightFirst Emergency Major Catastrophe
  5. 5. What are Standard Grants? Broadest category of LCIF funding Matching funds up to US$75,000 Supports larger-scale Lions projects Bottom Up: Lions identify/develop projects
  6. 6. Mobile Health UnitsHospitals, Nursing HomesStreet Children’s HomesMedical UnitsBlind and Disabled WelfareCentersEye Clinics and ResearchCentersSchools in DevelopingCountries
  7. 7. Funding parameters Primarily capital funding only (bricks and mortar) Funding is for specific projects (not generaloperating support) Must address important humanitarian need Serves a large population
  8. 8.  Cost must be beyond local fundraising capabilities Cost-effectiveness imp.< Must have at least 40% margin in Bank Account.Must have FCRA Registration or at least an made anapplication.For new entities of less than 3 years standing mayapply after sanction.
  9. 9.  Several clubs need to be involved (min 2-3) Local Lions must raise at least ½ of required localmatching fundsApplication must be endorsed by district cabinet Project must have a strong Lions identity and Lionsvolunteer involvement
  10. 10. Budget Parameters Must show income and expense Need balanced budget Lions funding should be itemized (# clubs?) Show status of each funding source
  11. 11.  Send proposal to Multiple LCIF Chairman to reach atleast 15 days before Multiple Council Meeting. Applications due 60 days before board meeting those received early have a faster review Staff pre-reviews applications; clarifications and changes may be requested LCIF Exec. Committee reviews applications that meet all preliminary requirements.
  12. 12.  Applications are either approved (sometimes with conditions), tabled (pending further information) or denied LCIF Grant money is not disbursed until local funds are collected
  13. 13.  Contact DG Team, LCIF District Coordinator or Multiple LCIF Chairman before applying.  Clearly lay out the project’s objectives, including number of beneficiaries  Fill out the application in its entirety and submit it ASAP  An income and expense budget is needed13
  14. 14.  Highlight Lions’ financial contributions and involvement There is no funding for completed projects Download form from LCIF website - www.lcif.org
  15. 15. Plan humanitarian service projects in support from LCIF“ Your single thought can serve millions”