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  1. 2. Three of the worst times to start planning your continuance
  2. 3. Then we are confronted with the fierce emergency of now
  3. 5. Act of replacing high priority items with low priority ones Working on small stuff rather than the big
  4. 6. Recognise that you are procrastinating
  5. 7. Putting off an unimportant task is not procrastination
  6. 8. Putting off an important task because you are not in the right mood is not procrastination
  7. 10. So much to do! You are overwhelmed !
  8. 12. When you are overconfident ! You know you can get the job done easily ! So you put it off.
  9. 13. Make your own rewards
  10. 14. Ask someone else to check on you
  11. 15. Identify the unpleasant consequences of not doing the task
  12. 16. Work on doing rather than thinking of doing