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Partnering with help age india

  1. Scope of Partnership................. Ms. Sharmila Majumder, Territory Head (WB, NE & Andamans) Dr. Dibyendu Ghosh Dy. Director-Programmes
  2. DID YOU KNOW? There are an estimated 10 crore elderly in India.
  3. 5.5 crore sleep on an empty stomach every night. Just about the population of UK
  4. An estimated 50 lakh live alone More than all of Australia
  5. 1 out 8 elderly feel no one cares they exist
  6. 1.2 crore are blind … Only because they cannot afford the cure.
  7. 90 % have to continue to work If they have to live.
  8. In less than 20 years, the grey population … will Double!
  9. THEIR NEED IS IMMENSE the Time to Act is NOW!!
  10. Ageing Scenario • There are 100 million elderly in India (2011) • 55 million go to sleep on an empty stomach every night • 12 million are blind • In 2040, within 30 years… the grey population in India will double again. (200 million)
  11. A happy old age ? Over 90% from unorganized sector have: • No Pension • No Provident Fund • No Gratuity • No Medical Scheme • 73% are illiterate and earn their livelihood through Manual Labour
  12. Health Status •Under 3% of GDP spent on health •Public Health Centers are inadequate in numbers •There is no Geriatric Training
  13. MISSION To work nationwide for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life.
  14. About HelpAge India  A leading nationwide organization working with and for the elderly in India for over 30 years.  It voices the concerns of the elderly.  It protects their rights, focusing on issues such as pensions, health care, social inclusion etc.  It advocates strongly for their cause  It runs age care programmes throughout the country.  It also advises & facilitates the government in policy formation. Log onto: • Registered in 1978 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. • Donations to HelpAge India’s approved projects are 100% Tax Exempt under Section 35 AC & 80 GGA of the Income Tax Act.
  15. HelpAge India runs and implements various Programmes & Projects across the country, to help elderly live a life of dignity and independence
  16. MOBILE MEDICARE UNITS (MMUs)  Is a mobile healthcare clinic  It brings healthcare to the door steps of the elderly  Each MMU vehicle is manned with a qualified doctor, pharmacist and a social worker.  Medicines & treatment are dispensed virtually free of cost. PHYSIOCARE  A little care and caution can prevent or delay many disabilities.  HelpAge delves into Physio care services for the elderly across the country through its Agecare centres.
  17. PALLIATIVE CARE  Is the care of patients and their families, by a team of trained professionals when the patient’s disease is no longer responsive to curative treatment and life expectancy is relatively short.  HelpAge runs Community Managed Palliative Care programmes in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  For those older people with no family and no financial or social support, HelpAge takes care of their basic needs.  The destitute elderly are provided basic ration, daily use articles, clothing and some money to sustain themselves through the year, so they can live with dignity & independence. For more info, log onto: SUPPORT - A - GRAN
  18. HELPLINES  HelpAge Helplines address problems of elders such as isolation abuse & neglect.  They facilitate emergency responses  Provide information on access to various elderly schemes  Provide linkages with the government, police, referral rescue & relief services.  Counsel elders LIVELIHOOD SUPPORT  HelpAge's income generation & micro-credit schemes enable the elderly to look after themselves and their family.  Restores their self confidence and dignity.
  19. SELF HELP GROUPS HelpAge helps destitute elderly form Self-Help groups so they can lead a life of self sustenance and not be dependent on anyone for their basic needs. OLD AGE HOMES/ DAY CARE CENTRES  HelpAge-supported Old Age Homes & Day Care Centres serve as a home away from home.  These are safe havens for those who fall through the family net or have no one to call their own.  HelpAge Day Care Centres serve as a common place to share each other’s concerns.  HelpAge envisions residential complexes for elders offering a broader range of services and comfort, such as those provided in HelpAge – NDTV supported Tamaraikulam Elders village, in Cuddalore (TN) and Kalyan Ashram in Kolkata (WB).
  20. AGECARE SERVICE HUBS (ASH) Agecare Service Hubs are a composite response to senior citizens needs across urban areas. They provide customized services such as:  A helpline facility  Physiocare  Recreation activities  A tea/coffee corner  Assistive devices  Healthcare  A library  Computer literacy  Discounted services  Servicing homes for the aged  Opportunities for active ageing and  Volunteering and working with Senior Citizens’ Associations RELIEF & REHABILITATION  During disasters the worst affected are the elderly.  HelpAge works at rehabilitating these elderly.  It provides them with relief material.  And long term sustainability options.  HelpAge has actively run projects during the Kashmir & Gujarat earthquakes, Orissa cyclone & floods, the 2004 Tsunami, Bihar floods in 2008 among others.
  21. WORKING WITH SENIOR CITIZEN ASSOCIATIONS HelpAge works in conjunction with Senior Citizens Associations (SCAs) across the country for better advocacy of their rights and entitlements. HelpAge advocates at the grass root Level 9 projects have been undertaken under the Poorest Area Civil Society (PACS) in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. This project benefited more than 22 thousand older persons to claim their entitlements. ADVOCACY
  22. HERITAGE TOURS Special Tours for the elderly are organized to historical & religious places, with the aim to fulfill their dreams and reward them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The tours give an opportunity to the elders to explore places they always wanted visit but never could during busy lives. These tours help tackle the problem of isolation, boredom and neglect.
  23. EYE CARE
  24. • Advancing age is susceptible to numerous diseases especially the degenerative disorders. The frequency of eye diseases has been suggested to start increasing around 40 years of age, with an even steeper increase beginning around 60 years of age. • Vision loss among the elderly is a major health care problem. Approximately one person in three has some form of vision-reducing eye disease by the age of 65. The most common causes of vision loss among the elderly are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. • Population based cross-sectional surveys depicting the magnitude of ocular diseases among the elderly population in India are scanty. A proper understanding of the magnitude of ocular diseases and the factors associated with their occurrence in the community would help in planning for geriatric eye care services. • More than 80% of the 12 million blind people in India, can’t see due to cataract. C&P/ Sonali Sharma/ 27.10.11 IDOP Media Coverage The Problems………
  25. Current Scenario & Modus Operandi……….. • HelpAge India restores the vision of thousands of elderly each year through free cataract C&P/ Sonali Sharma/ 27.10.11 IDOP Media Coverage surgeries. • HelpAge India funds 35000 to 40000 cataract (Intra – Ocular Lens ) surgeries every year for senior citizens belonging to economically weaker section of the society through a network of partner eye care institutions • HelpAge India subsidises the surgery cost to an amount of Rs.1200/- per surgery • HelpAge India follows the following process of empanelling a partner and during implementation • The Institution visit • Partner registration in HelpAge India portal with registration certificate, MOA , FCRA registration, 12A & 80G registration certificates uploaded along with 3 years audited statements , annual report . • Partner submitting proposals with budget break-up and partner contribution • Signing of MOU with approved budget break-up, activity reporting format, financial reporting format and case study formats • 90% funds in advance • Tentative screening and surgery dates to be provided by partner in advance • HelpAge India representative visit during implementation • Report submission and reimbursement of the balance amount
  26. The Challenges……… • Uniform Practice & protocol – varying requirement by donors resulting in different types of implementing procedures by eye care institutions • Uniform & standardized reporting – different reporting pattern and formats followed by donors and implementing organisations • Uniform fund allocation – variation in fund allotment by donor and fund requirement by eye care organisation • Standard Infrastructure – Different institutions having different types of software & hardware for implementation • Un-concentrated drive to eradicate loss of vision resulting out of cataract & other C&P/ Sonali Sharma/ 27.10.11 IDOP Media Coverage eye diseases • Inadequate and sporadic use of IEC materials and inappropriate awareness generation specially in rural India • Unavailability of data and statistics due to unavailability of a common data uploading and downloading platform
  27. Future Scope of Partnership……… • Developing treatment packages for • Glucoma • Diabetic Retinopathy C&P/ Sonali Sharma/ 27.10.11 IDOP Media Coverage
  28. Lot of Effort is put in …………………. All it needs is a concentrated push………………… Together WE CAN…………………. C&P/ Sonali Sharma/ 27.10.11 IDOP Media Coverage
  29. Help us Bridge this GAP