Mukti dham, crematorium kalunga


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Mukti dham, crematorium kalunga

  1. 1. Lions Club of Kalunga Presents A Journey AccomplishedDetails of An unconventional Service Project Helping Society to think Positive about the Life
  2. 2. Lions Club of Kalunga Presents
  3. 3. Lions Club of Kalunga Members of Lion Club of Kalunga were pained to notice that people used to throw un- burnt fire wood, highlycontaminated wearing apparel, half burnt bodiesin to the Brahmani River during the process of disposal of mortal remains and thereby causing immense pollution to the river. This prompted Lions Club of Kalunga to venture for the construction of „MUKTI DHAM‟ Traditional Crematorium A Journey Accomplished
  4. 4. Lions Club of Kalunga Club Statistics• Club Charted on 15th. March 1990• Chartered Members : Initial 44, Present 09• Club members as on date: 128• Permanent Projects of the club: • Swarg Vahan (Dead Body Carrier) • Ambulance • Drinking water Services • Mukti Dham (Crematorium) • Air Conditioned Mobile Mourgue• Sponsored Clubs • Lions Club of Paradeep Gold• Leo Club formed on 30th June 2012• Members on role; 20• Cabinet post being held: 4• Distinctions: First and Unique Crematorium in Multiple 322 First Air Conditioned Morgue &Swarg Vahan in District A Journey Accomplished
  5. 5. Lions Club of Kalunga With a record time collection And competition of the project Of Swarg Vahan and an Ambulance put into operation in 1992.The office and the garage for the vehicle :With the appreciation of local administration who had recognized the integrity ofthe Club and Club Members, who joined hands to construct this moderatebuilding as a safe abode for two Project vehicles and drinking water facility atCivil Town ship. A Journey Accomplished Lions Club of Kalunga
  6. 6. Lions Club of KalungaImprovement in service is the theme of this cluband a new service added Air conditioned morguefor the safe preservation of Body waiting for thelast rites A Journey Accomplished
  7. 7. Lions Club of KalungaThe concept of the establishment of Muti-Dham was adopted from thealready existing such facilities at Jamnagar and Rajkot in Gujrat.Initially it was thought to establish Electronic Crematorium but the studyrevealed that it‟s establishment is not economically viable at this stage.Hence, a modest beginning was made for the establishment of improvisedTraditional Crematorium by installing two nos. of Cast Iron Pyres and thisfacility was dedicated to the people on 16th Oct‟2001.This was the beginning to save river water of Brahmani from pollution as wellas to minimize exploitation of Virgin Forest. A Journey Accomplished
  8. 8. Lions Club of KalungaThe notable features of improvised Traditional Crematorium are:1. The location of the crematorium has been so selected that in course of disposal of mortal remains, river water is not polluted.2. The improved pyres have been so designed to save at least 40% of firewood required to put the mortal remains into ashes. This comes to around 2 quintals (statistics show that about 5 quintals of wood on an average is consumed for total disposal of mortal remains). Statistics further show that on a average, at Rourkela, 6 bodies are put to flame daily, leading to a saving of 4380 quintals of wood per annum. This comes from 22 nos. of trees (A 50 year old tree yields about 200 quintals of wood on an average). Thus 22 trees per annum are saved from being cut. The process is very quick. This ultimately helps to conserve forest and maintain ecological balance.3. To provide comfort and soothing atmosphere during cremation to the mourners in the hour of their grief.4. To gift a greener earth to our future generations.5. To maintain clean and hygienic atmosphere at the cremation site.6. To make the whole process of cremation simpler & faster. A Journey Accomplished
  9. 9. Lions Club of KalungaWork in Progress A Journey Accomplished A Journey Accomplished
  10. 10. Lions Club of Kalunga The work started with the limited funds from the club members and the MP LAD funds. A new shed with two pyres was developed and put into the service of the mankind which was inaugurated by Sri Juel Oram, Union Minister on 16th October 2001.A Journey Accomplished
  11. 11. Lions Club of KalungaBenefits derived from a single 50 Yearold tree: Oxygen worth Rs.2.5 Lakhs. Pure air worth Rs.5.0 Lakhs. Improved soil quality and conservation worth Rs.3.0 Lakhs. Monitoring water cycle and maintenance of humidity worth Rs.3.0 Lakhs. Bio-diversity conservation and offering shelter for animals Rs.2.5 Lakhs. Production of Proteins for consumer worth Rs.0.3 Lakhs. Besides, It provides fuel, fodder and fruits as the case may be throughout its life which just can‟t be computed in values. A Journey Accomplished
  12. 12. Lions Club of Kalunga One of the Prayer buildings esthetically made with all amenities required for accompanyi ng well- wishers of the departed soul A Journey Accomplished
  13. 13. Lions Club of KalungaA cast iron frame was developed with the collection tray for each pyre. Thissystem helped to save the wood to the extent of 40% because of betterdesign. This helped on containing pollution because of the reduced use ofwood & collection of ashes and “ashthi” in a systematic manner. A Cast steel pier Ash Collection Tray A Journey Accomplished
  14. 14. Lions Club of KalungaGradually with Mega fund raising efforts inNov,2005 and Oct,2009, a full-fledgedCrematorium with all required amenitieshave been created and put to public use: A welcome Gate Two Old Cast Iron Pyres Shed was renovated with slight modification Two newly established Buildings with Cast-Iron Pyres Two Prayer Halls for mourners Four nos. of kiosks for shelter Shiva Temple Renovation of existing pyres shed Water supply for drinking/ general utility/ gardening Paved internal Roads, Toilets, lighting etc. Well maintained Garden/ landscape. Dash Karma Pooja Sthal Office Buildings A Journey Accomplished
  15. 15. Lions Club of Kalunga A Journey Accomplished
  16. 16. Lions Club of Kalunga Flowery Tribute to Departed Soul A Journey Accomplished
  17. 17. Lions Club of Kalunga With this briefintroduction, let us take a journey to this unique place, an essential part of every one‟s life giving us the peace and solitude. A Journey Accomplished
  18. 18. Lions Club of Kalunga Looking Around Meticulously thought Asthi Management A Journey Accomplished
  19. 19. Lions Club of Kalunga Inauguration 13th January 2010 A Journey Accomplished
  20. 20. Lions Club of Kalunga A Journey Accomplished
  21. 21. Lions Club of Kalunga A Journey Accomplished
  22. 22. Lions Club of KalungaCost of Pyre : Rs 1.00 LacsCost of Shed Conventional: Rs 3.00 LacsCost of Shed Ornamental : Rs 6.00 LacsCost of enviro. development; Rs 1.00 Lacs and above A Journey Accomplished
  23. 23. Lions Club of KalungaThey say it is thefamous place of Rourkela & we came here to visit Young Visitors to Mukti Dham A Journey Accomplished
  24. 24. Lions Club of Kalunga A Journey Accomplished
  25. 25. Lions Club of KalungaFor further information & help Contact : Lion C. S. Golchha Project Chairman Lions Club of Kalunga W-11, Civil Township, Rourkela-769004. Mob : 9437047232 Email: And the journey of Lions Service goes on Thank You A Journey Accomplished