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  • ID Jensen Hello district 208 – It is so great to be here at your district convention. (add additional comments as appropriate). Today we will be talking to you about How to Energize Your Club With the Club Excellence Process. PID Fiandt, how about you go over what we will cover in this presentation.
  • PID Fiandt: Briefly read each topic that will cover
  • ID Jensen Ask audience – (Call on 1-2 people in audience to provide us what they think CEP is.) (Tamara/Drs Soeters – can go into audience with wireless mics for responses) So who can tell me briefly what CEP is?
  • ID Jensen CEP is about Assessing your club (elaborate) Creating Goals (elaborate) Developing Action Plans (elaborate) Let’s talk more about assessing your club.
  • PID Fiandt To do an appropriate assessment of your club, you should look inside your club and outside of your club. For an internal assessment, CEP uses the How Are Your Ratings? Survey. How many of you are familiar with How Are Your Ratings? Comment on responses. How Are Your Ratings is a 12 question survey lets you see your club through your member’s eyes – what is going well and what needs some attention. For an external assessment, CEP uses the Community Needs Assessment. By show of hands, how many of you are familiar with or have used the Community Needs Assessment? Comment on responses Community Needs Assessments Tell clubs what kinds of volunteer services your community needs. Which Projects and programs are important to the people in your area. Whether your club’s current service projects are still needed by the community If other organizations in your area are providing similar service. So when you add these two assessments together, your club will find opportunities for club improvement
  • ID Jensen So, why is CEP Important? I would like to hear from of a few of you on your opinions as to why it is important for a club to go through CEP. (Call on 2-3 people in audience) (Tamara/Drs Soeters – can go into audience with wireless mics for responses) CEP will tell your club how it can improve. So now lets talk about who should do CEP….
  • ID Jensen So who should do CEP? Raise your hand if you think weak or struggling clubs should do CEP Raise your hand if you think clubs who don’t meet regularly should do CEP Raise your hand if you think that strong clubs should do CEP Raise your hand if you think that everyone I just mentioned should do CEP (Maybe we can say stand up if you think…. To engage and get a little exercise?) Very good – CEP is for All Clubs. Every club can benefit from CEP.
  • PID Fiandt So what will a club learn while going through CEP? Do a short overview of each step. Each Step can be done at one time, or split up into separate sessions. The program is very flexible to meet the needs of the clubs. Your club may wish to do a retreat to complete the workshop. So now that you know what is covered, let’s go over the different versions you can choose from.
  • PID Fiandt As some of you may have heard, LCI will now have two versions of CEP clubs can choose from. CEP Pro and CEP Lite Let’s go over the differences of both
  • PID Fiandt CEP Pro is a facilitator-led workshop. It is designed for clubs that would like to have a trained Lion facilitator come in and guide members through the workshop. CEP Lite is a self-guided workshops. It is designed for clubs that would prefer to have a member of their club lead the workshop as the Club CEP Coordinator. So if you were going to do CEP – by show of hands, which would you prefer to do? Pro? Or Lite?
  • ID Jensen So now you have heard all about CEP, why your club should do CEP, what you will learn, and what versions you can choose from… Now we will talk about how to register for CEP. If you go to lionsclubs.org/cep you can complete an online form to complete. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. If you choose Pro – LCI will notify your district team to assign a facilitator to contact your club.
  • ID Jensen When you register, you will have the option to download the materials for free. Or you can purchase materials at LCI at the prices displayed on the screen. If your club does plan to purchase materials, a club officer must submit the registration so LCI can bill the club. Some suggestions on downloading materials is to email your club members and have everyone print out their participant workbook, as well as the How Are Your Ratings? Survey and Community Needs Assessment. You can also save it to a flash drive and go to an office supply story to have them print out. Materials are currently available in all languages for CEP Pro. Materials for CEP Lite are available in English and will be available in all languages by September.
  • PID Fiandt Once you have completed the workshop, your club should complete the Final Report and Banner Patch Request Form. Click – Once LCI receives this form, your club will receive a banner patch to proudly display as a reminder of the process and to serve as a remember to the five characters of excellence that you see listed on the patch.
  • PID Fiandt Don’t forget to share your successes with going through CEP with Lions around the world. You can do this by visiting the LCI Website and searching “Membership Success Stories.”
  • ID Jensen We would now like to open it up for questions from the audience. If you have question, please raise your hand. Stop questions at 3:40. Sorry we couldn’t get to all of your questions, but if you have additional questions, you can visit the Membership booth in the exhibit hall here at convention, or email cep@lionsclubs.org or visit the webpage lionsclubs.org/cep ID Jensen and PID Fiandt – to provide closing comments (remember we are pretending we are at district 208 convention). Encourage them to register for CEP when they get home. Turn it back to moderator PID Drs. Ton Soeters. PID Drs. Ton Soeters Let’s look back at our Lion and see what s/he thought about their presentation. Script – Scene 2
  • Energize Club Excellence Process

    1. 1. Energize your club with the
    2. 2. 2 What we will cover 1. What is CEP? 2. Why is CEP important? 3. Who can do CEP? 4. What will our club learn? 5. CEP Pro vs. CEP Lite, what’s the difference? 6. How to register for CEP? 7. What materials are used? How much do they cost? 8. How will LCI know we have completed the workshop? 9. How to share your successes? 10. Who to contact for information/questions?
    3. 3. 3 What is
    4. 4. 4 is… • Assessing your club • Creating Goals • Developing Action Plans
    5. 5. 5 Clubs should look inside and outside How Are Your Ratings? Internal Assessment External Assessment Opportunities for club improvement
    6. 6. 6 Why is CEP Important CEP will tell your club how it can improve.
    7. 7. 7 Who should do CEP? All Clubs
    8. 8. 8 What will a club learn? Step 1: Why Are We Here? (45-60 minutes) •Recognize what your Lions have accomplished •Discuss what your club could accomplish in the future •Identify unmet needs in the community •Plan to conduct a Community Needs Assessment Step 2: What Makes an Excellent Club? (75-90 minutes) •Complete the How Are Your Ratings? survey •Determine the characteristics of an excellent club •Identify obstacles to achieving club excellence •Analyze ways to improve club effectiveness Step 3: How Can We Determine Our Needs? (45-60 minutes) •Review the Community Needs Assessment •Review the How Are Your Ratings? survey results •Identify club and LCI resources for achieving excellence Step 4: What Can We Do Next? (45-60 minutes) •Set goals for the future •Create action plans to achieve your goals
    9. 9. 9 Pro Lite What’s the difference?
    10. 10. 10 CEP Pro Facilitator-led workshop Designed for clubs that would like to have a trained Lion facilitator come in and guide members through the workshop. CEP Lite Self-guided workshop Designed for clubs that would prefer to have a member of their club lead the workshop.
    11. 11. 11 How to Register for CEP Visit www.lionsclubs.org/cep Complete online form
    12. 12. 12 CEP Materials 1.Downloadable after online registration is submitted (no cost) 2.Purchase hard copy materials from LCI • CEP Pro Facilitator Guide with CD (US$5.99/book) • CEP Pro Participant Workbook (US$3.99/book) • CEP Lite Coordinator Guide (US$2.99/book) • CEP Lite Participant Workbook (US$2.49/book)
    13. 13. 13 Once the Workshop is Complete • Submit the Final report and Banner Patch Request Form • LCI will send a Banner Patch to your club
    14. 14. 14 Once the Workshop is Complete Share Your Successes Home > Member Center > Membership and New Clubs > Membership Communication
    15. 15. 15 CEP@lionsclubs.org lionsclubs.org/cep