Achieving excellence in a charitable hospital


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Achieving excellence in a charitable hospital

  1. 1. Achieving Excellence in a Charitable Hospital Dr. R.C.Paul Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre “Centre of Excellence” in Eye Care
  2. 2. Journey A group of social worker under the leadership Dr. S. C. Bagchi Founded Susrut in 1998
  3. 3. 2nd Phase Setup its 2nd Phase 9-Storied infrastructure, in 2001
  4. 4. Susrut’s strength - Human resources Self driven team of passionate Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and nurses
  5. 5. Declared as ‘Centre of Excellence in Eye Care’ for the state by Dept. of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal It is first of its kind in Eastern India for private eye care organization as ‘Centre of Excellence in Eye Care’.
  6. 6. Finance Cross subsidy
  7. 7. Quality & Delivery  QMS  Corporate
  8. 8. City /Place Head of office, designation Kolkata Tertiary eye Hospital and Head office Berhampore Secondary Eye Hospital Purulia Community eye care centre Falakata Community eye care centre Kishanganj, Bihar PPP venture community eye care centre
  9. 9. Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre is working with following Government Organizations.       Govt. of West Bengal – Community eye care service delivery in rural & urban areas and also jointly working to develop first “Centre of Excellence in Eye Care ” in West Bengal. Tele-ophthalmology programme in remote centres with NPCB. Sarva Shiksha Mission, West Bengal - Low Vision Rehabilitation Training Programmes for Special Educators and School teachers. Comprehensive Eye Camps for school children in 10 districts of West Bengal including corrective surgeries. Govt. of Bihar– PPP with NPCB and Sightsavers in Kishanganj District to eliminate cataract backlog and capacity building programmes for eye care personnel. Govt. of Tripura – Cataract surgery under DBCS and capacity building programmes for eye care personnel. Govt. of Mizoram – Eye care service provider for referrals.
  10. 10. Most advanced Clinical, Diagnostic and Surgical facilities in Vitreo -Retinal eye problems. Equipped with constellation with wide angle viewing System for 23 G sutureless VR Sx to deal all complicated VR diseases    • • All Laser facilities including LIO delivery system. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) Advanced Diagnostic Procedures -   DFA (ICG) USG & OCT.
  11. 11. Advanced Clinical, Diagnostic and Surgical Glaucoma Services Specialised Diagnostic facilities Specialised Diagnostic facilities ••ApplanationTonometry Applanation Tonometry ••Gonioscopy Gonioscopy ••HumpheryAutomated Perimetry Humphery Automated Perimetry ••Ultrasonicpachymetry Ultrasonic pachymetry ••Opticalcoherence tomography Optical coherence tomography Corrective Laser Treatments Corrective Laser Treatments ••Yag Laser Peripheral Iridectomy. Yag Laser Peripheral Iridectomy. ••TransScleral Cyclo Photo Cougulation Trans Scleral Cyclo Photo Cougulation Corrective Surgical Treatments Corrective Surgical Treatments ••Trabeculectomy. Trabeculectomy. ••Glaucomavalve surgery, Ex-press shunt Glaucoma valve surgery, Ex-press shunt ••CombinedPhaco --Trabeculectomy. Combined Phaco Trabeculectomy.
  12. 12. Neuro Ophthalmology & Electrophysiology   • • • • • Neuro-ophthalmology is an ophthalmic subspecialty that addresses the relationship between the eye and the brain, specifically disorders of the optic nerve, orbit, and brain, associated with visual symptoms. Diagnostic Procedures. Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Electroretinogram (ERG) Electro-oculography (EOG) Optical coherence tomography Humphery Automated Perimetry
  13. 13. Cataract Clinic Dept. is well equipped with state of art equipments with torsional and longitudinal u/s (phaco) delivery system with lumera to basic models of microscope with AV facilities to deal with all sorts of advanced and complicated cataract cases. Femtosecond Laser assisted cataract surgery system is going to launch.
  14. 14. Lasik – Precise Vision Lasik dept. is equipped with MEL 80 excimer laser with intelligent vision tracking to correct near and farsightedness and astigmatism.
  15. 15. Early Intervention Clinic
  16. 16. Other EyeCare Services       Eye Bank Pediatric Ophthalmology Squint Service Uveitis & Ocular Immunology Service Oculoplasty, Orbit & Oncology Low Vision and Rehabilitation
  17. 17. Teaching & Training   Linking Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic Nurse & Paramedical personnel in recent advancements. Knowledge partners for Govt. and NPCB, NGO, INGO and other medical institutions.
  18. 18. Current Training Programme Course Name: Recognition DNB -- Ophthalmology National Board of Examination –New Delhi D-OPT (optometry) : (State Medical Faculty in West Bengal) Optical Retail Management : Under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. Certificate Course on Technique of Direct/Indirect Ophthalmoscope. Computer Vision Syndrome : Under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education. Under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Fellowship in Optometry : Under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education B.SC. in optometry Under West Bengal State Council of Technical Education B. SC. In optometry with ophthalmic technique Under IGNOU
  19. 19. Fellowship Programmes Course Name: Duration Fellow in Retina 3 to 6 months Fellow in Glaucoma 3 to 6 months Fellow in Oculoplasty 3 to 6 months Fellow in Squint 3 to 6 months Fellow in Cataract (SICS/Phaco) 3 to 6 months Fellow in Anterior Segment 3 to 6 months Fellow in Posterior Segment 3 to 6 months Fellow in Contact Lens 1 month Fellow in Low Vision 1 month
  20. 20. Community Ophthalmology Free Cataract Surgery Helpage India, Sight Saver International, DBCS,. Rotary International Free Glaucoma Treatment Sight Saver International, Free Diabetic Retinopathy treatment Sight Saver International, Free Spectacle distribution for school Children Sight Saver International, Sarva Shiksha Mission Free low vision devices distribution for low vision children, Corrective Surgery Sight Saver International, Vision Aid, Sarva Shiksha Mission. Research on Advance Eye Care Software Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  21. 21. 2011-2012 2011-2012 Surgery --26904 Patients Surgery 26904 Patients
  22. 22. Centre of excellence in Eye Care For the State of West Bengal Join Venture with Govt. of WB Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre Member of VISION 2020 INDIA Forum