Lions Workshop for RCs and ZCs


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a simple presentation for region chairpersons and zone chairpersons. includes suggested activities.

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Lions Workshop for RCs and ZCs

  1. 1. m n RAJU
  2. 2. m n RAJUFront Line Manager
  3. 3. mnRAJU
  4. 4. mnRAJU Head DG’s Advisory Committee Lead Zone Clubs Manage Zone Clubs Represent Zone
  5. 5. mnRAJU Hold three Advisory Meetings(September, November, February/March) Organize a Zone Social(November/December) Attend all District Meetings Report Findings Support & Guide Clubs
  6. 6. mnRAJU Highlight club officer duties Review club goals Develop leadership potential Promote growth & retention Help manage club finances Emphasize prompt reporting Encourage regular meetings Coordinate official visits
  7. 7. mnRAJU Review club goals mid-course Plan growth Ensure 5 I’s Review club finance Promote service activities Region conference
  8. 8. mnRAJU Review club goals Club nominations/election PU – 101 Dues clearance Pending reports, if any District/Multiple/InternationalConventions
  9. 9. m n RAJU(DG’s Representative)
  10. 10. mnRAJUWho?Why?Describe one past RC and one quality you liked.
  11. 11. mnRAJU Loyal to DG in word and deed Dedicated to objects of lionism Supports ZCs/DCs Supports Clubs Motivator, Counselor, Communicator
  12. 12. You need to do – Head your Region Assist the DG Support the ZCs Submit RegionReports Organize PST Meets Organize Region MeetYou did – Headed your Zone Assisted the RC Supported PSTs Submitted ZoneReports Organized Zone Meets Organized Zone SocialmnRAJU
  13. 13. Sample Region Report as on October 14, 2013Zone Club NameLastMMR1stJuly30thSeptNetGrowthDistDirDiffDistDuesIntlDuesDG OffVisitZC I Club 1 04.10 44 44 0 46 -2   4325 12972 19/12Club 2 NR 20 16 -4 20 0 12000 21540 -Club 3 NEW 0 23 23 - - 0 0 -Club 4 01.10ZC IIClub 5 02.10Club 6 NR 08/03Club 7 NRClub 8 01.10ZC IIIClub 9 30.09Club 10 05.10 11/02Club 11 03.10Club 12 05.10   Total 9 311 497 186 502 5 3   5 5 mnRAJU
  14. 14.  Self Introduction Vote of Thanks Calling Workshop to Order Mementoes Role & Responsibilities -Secretaries Code of Ethics Flag Invocation Opening Remarks Fellowship (Breakfast/High Tea) Game Tea Break Role & Responsibilities -Treasurers Role & Responsibilities –Presidents Inviting Dignitaries to Dais Tea Break DG’s Programme National Anthem Quiz Summing Up/Open Forum Awards to Best Participants Skills Feedback Effective Communication Address by Chief Guest Lunch/DinnermnRAJU
  15. 15. mnRAJU
  16. 16.  Group 1 – Prepare anAgenda for your PSTTraining Workshop Group 2 – Prepare aChecklist for your PSTTraining WorkshopmnRAJU
  17. 17.  Group 3 – Prepare anAgenda for your RegionConference Group 4 – Prepare aChecklist for your RegionConferencemnRAJU
  18. 18. Agenda forPST TrainingWorkshopmnRAJU
  19. 19.  Fellowship (Breakfast/High Tea) Inviting Dignitaries to Dais Calling Workshop to Order –Region Chairperson Flag Invocation Code of Ethics Opening Remarks – RegionChairperson Self Introduction Inauguration & Address – ChiefGuest Leadership Skills Effective Communication Game Tea Break Role & Responsibilities –Presidents Role & Responsibilities -Secretaries Role & Responsibilities -Treasurers Tea Break DG’s Programme Quiz Summing Up/Open Forum Awards to Best Participants Mementoes Feedback Vote of Thanks National Anthem Lunch/DinnermnRAJU
  20. 20. Checklist forPST TrainingWorkshopmnRAJU
  21. 21. 1. Fix up Date, Venue & Caterer2. Fix up Speakers President’s Role Secretary’s Role Treasurer’s Role Inauguration Officer Leadership Skills District Governor’s Programme Quiz Games3. Mail Invitation Detailed Programme Sheet4. Assign Responsibilities Seating & Venue Arrangements Flag Invocation Code of Ethics Vote of Thanks Introductions5. Prepare/Procure Pres & Sec Kits Stationery Handouts/Literature Attendance Register Attendance Certificates Mementoes Bouquets 6. Bring to Venue Programme Banner Photographer/Camera Gong & Gavel Flag7. Equipment LCD Projector Black/White Board Markers8. Letter of Thanks to Participants &Speakers 9. Report to District Governor/DCS10. Report to District Bulletin/PROmnRAJU
  22. 22. Agenda for yourRegionConferencemnRAJU
  23. 23. mnRAJUSpot Registration, Kits/Coupons Issue, Breakfast/High Tea00.00 Seminar/Talk/Slide Show/Entertainment/Cultural Events01.00 Banner Presentation(Zone Wise/Alphabetical/As Available/Random Order)01.45 Calling Dignitaries to Dais + BouquetsCalling the Conference to OrderNational Flag PresentationFlag InvocationCode of Ethics & ObjectsWelcome Address – Meet ChairmanIntroduction of Region ChairmanKeynote AddressReports by Presidents & Zone ChairmenIntroduction of Guest of HonorMessage of Guest of HonorIntroduction of Chief GuestService ProjectsMessage of Chief GuestResponse to MessageMemento to Chief Guest03.00 Honoring Past Region ChairmenMeet AwardsMeet MementoesRegion AwardsVote of ThanksNational Flag RetreatNational AnthemMeet Adjourns04.00 Lunch/Dinner/EntertainmentBROWN – ESSENTIALBLUE - OPTIONAL
  24. 24. Checklist forRegionConferencemnRAJU
  25. 25. mnRAJU Finalize Host Club Venue Chief guest Guest of Honor Caterer Mementoes Awards Paper Advertisement Photography Entertainment Competitions Service Activities Kit Items Banner• Appoint– Chairman– Committees– Registration– Reception– Venue– Kits– Entertainment– Hospitality– Photography– Stalls & Displays– Competitions– Souvenir– MOC’s– Banner Presentation• Prepare– Budget– Agenda• Print– Registration Form– First Circular– Second Circular– Receipt Book– Programme Sheet– Invitation– Souvenir
  26. 26. m n