Goal Setting for Engineers


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a presentation on goal setting for the newly recruited engineers at andhra pradesh academy for rural development.

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  • Goals are the seeds of success.
  • Goals are the seeds of success. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu
  • Goals are the seeds of success.
  • Goal Setting for Engineers

    1. 1. m n RAJU
    2. 2. mnRAJU Group 1 Just Do It Group 2 Stand up and walk around the room. Stand up, walk clockwise along the walls of the hall once, and return to your seat. Finish this task in 2 minutes.
    3. 3. mnRAJU  What does success mean to you?  Recall a situation when you felt successful.  How did you realize that you were successful?
    4. 4. An observable and measurable outcome to be achieved within a fixed timeframe – the end result toward which your efforts are directed. What is a Goal?
    5. 5. mnRAJU  for this session?  for your career?  for your life?
    6. 6. mnRAJU What is Success? Success is living up to YOUR POTENTIAL
    7. 7.  What do you want to achieve for yourself?What do you want to achieve for yourself?  What do you want to achieve for the nation?What do you want to achieve for the nation?  What are your SMART goals?What are your SMART goals? mnRAJU How Big Are Your Goals?
    8. 8. mnRAJU Are Your Goals Effective? Specific (clear & concise) Measurable (how much, how many, how long) Actionable (can be actually reached) Relevant (matching my needs) Time bound (has a deadline)
    9. 9. mnRAJU • Personal Development Goals • Family Goals • Education Goals • Career Goals • Productivity Goals • Efficiency Goals • Financial Goals • Spiritual Goals Kinds of Goals
    10. 10. mnRAJU How to Achieve Goals? What is your Action Plan (the sequence of activities that you should perform) to achieve your goals?
    11. 11. mnRAJU Steps to Succeed • WHAT? Goal • HOW? Action plan • WHEN? Deadline for completion • WHO? Persons responsible for action • HOW WILL WE KNOW? Indicator that the step/goal has been accomplished
    12. 12. mnRAJU Sample Action Plan What? (action steps) Who? (persons responsible) Resources? (what is needed) When? (what is the deadline) Results? (how do we know it is complete) To earn a PG degree To earn two promotions To improve my performanc e To leave an imprint with my My colleagues & my family My colleagues & my superiors All the people with whom I work My mentors • Books • Time • Money • Training • Updating • Passion • SWOT • Competitio n • Training March, 2020 February 28, 2025 When I acquire the degree When I get the promotion Losers make excuses. Winners make explanations.
    13. 13. mnRAJU How does my success help?
    14. 14. mnRAJU lionnagaraju@gmail.com www.authorstream.com/tab/lionnagaraju www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju All the Best