English Grammar


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a simple presentation on english grammar in multiple choice format.

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English Grammar

  1. 1. English Grammar mnRAJU Youre doing wrong? No, your doing it wrong? No, you’r doing wrong! No, you are doing is wrong. Yes, you’re doing is wrong!
  2. 2. Idioms “Where one door shuts, another opens” means a. Time brings more opportunities b. Never lose an opportunity c. Doors should be shut properly d. Doors keep closing and opening mnRAJU
  3. 3. Word Meaning Even the smallest error cannot escape the attention of a meticulous teacher. The underlined word means: a. slow b. new c. intelligent d. careful mnRAJU
  4. 4. Gerunds My favorite pastime is _____ a. daydreams b. daydreaming c. daydreamer d. daydreamful mnRAJU
  5. 5. Spelling The plural of ‘lily’ is a. lilies b. lillies c. lilys d. lily mnRAJU
  6. 6. Pronunciation ‘Comb’ rhymes with a. home b. thumb c. bomb d. aplomb mnRAJU
  7. 7. Adjectives These are photocopies. The _____ paintings are in the cupboard. a. originally b. original c. origins d. originals mnRAJU
  8. 8. Number One is a wife, many are ……….. . a. wifes b. wives c. wife’s d. wifes’ mnRAJU
  9. 9. Pronouns Modi and Mohammed are Indians. _____ are from Gujarat. a. Those b. There c. They d. Their mnRAJU
  10. 10. Pronouns My boy friend and I are in a restaurant. _____ are hungry. a. Because b. We c. They d. Both mnRAJU
  11. 11. Contraction Are they really hungry? No, _____ not. a. they’re b. they c. there d. we are mnRAJU
  12. 12. Common Errors Which one of the following is correct? a. He has a headache. b. He is having a headache. c. He have a headache. d. He’s have a headache. mnRAJU
  13. 13. Possessive Pronouns He ended the letter with the customary ______ . a. Yours affectionately b. Your affectionately c. Your’s affectionately d. Yours’ affectionately mnRAJU
  14. 14. Reflexive Pronouns My husband cooked the dinner _____. a. by his self b. self c. himself d. by himself mnRAJU
  15. 15. Articles Martha is _____ European. a. an b. the c. a d. any mnRAJU
  16. 16. Expressions My new spectacles cost me _________ the last pair. a. two times b. double c. twice as much as d. as much as twice as mnRAJU
  17. 17. Degrees of Comparison Ambalika can’t swim __________ I can. a. so good that b. as fast as c. as fast d. like mnRAJU
  18. 18. Prepositions Irene has worked in the Andamans _____ many years. a. for b. since c. from d. till mnRAJU
  19. 19. Conjunctions She has returned home early _____ she has unexpected guests. a. why because b. because c. therefore d. though mnRAJU
  20. 20. Prepositions The minister died _____ stroke. a. in a b. with c. of d. of a mnRAJU
  21. 21. Prepositions Identify the incorrect sentence: a. My students are able to do it. b. My students can do it. c. My students can able to do it. d. My students are capable of doing it. mnRAJU
  22. 22. Short Responses Are you teachers? No, we _____. We are students. a. are b. isn’t c. aren’t d. don’t mnRAJU
  23. 23. Word Order in Questions Why _____ going home so late? a. you are b. you have been c. are you d. are mnRAJU
  24. 24. Present Simple Tense What time _____ you usually get up in the mornings? a. are b. do c. will d. can mnRAJU
  25. 25. Tense Consistency What will you _____ next weekend? I _____ my family. a. do, will visit b. go, will go c. do, visit d. go, visit mnRAJU
  26. 26. Present Simple Tense People in Mizoram _____ English. a. are speaking b. speak c. speaks d. did speak mnRAJU
  27. 27. Collocation Which one of the following is not correct? a. I made a mistake b. I committed a mistake. c. I did a mistake. d. I rectified a mistake. mnRAJU
  28. 28. Demonstrative Adverbs _____ is the umbrella? It’s on the floor. a. That b. What c. Where d. How much mnRAJU
  29. 29. Reduced Clauses _____ I get to know her, the more I like her. a. As much as b. The more c. For more d. Far more mnRAJU
  30. 30. Interrogative Adjectives _____ time is breakfast? It’s at 9 o’ clock. a. What b. When c. Morning d. This mnRAJU
  31. 31. Tense Consistency What _____ you doing in the library? I was _____ a magazine. a. were, reading b. did, reading c. are, reading d. were, to read mnRAJU
  32. 32. Idioms To drop someone a line is to _____ him. a. throw a ball at b. queue in front of c. mislead d. write to mnRAJU
  33. 33. Tense This letter _____ at once. a. should be sent b. should have been send c. ought to sent d. send mnRAJU
  34. 34. Parts of Speech Thanks for the good advice. The underlined word is a. a noun b. an adjective c. a verb d. a subject mnRAJU
  35. 35. Irregular Verbs Aishwarya _____ the glass at Salman. a. thorough b. through c. throw d. threw mnRAJU
  36. 36. Past Perfect Tense If Sai Baba _____ with us, we would have had a good time. a. had come b. came c. would be d. will come mnRAJU
  37. 37. Phrasal Verbs Mary asked me to call _____ exactly at midnight. a. up her b. she up c. her up d. upon her mnRAJU
  38. 38. Word Order Never _____ seen her so worried. a. have I b. I have c. did I d. have I been mnRAJU
  39. 39. Words Often Confused Please _____ for the national anthem. a. raise b. rose c. rise d. risen mnRAJU
  40. 40. Parallel Construction Mr Narayana Murthy will leave soon, and so _____ Ms Murthy. a. is b. would c. will d. will be mnRAJU
  41. 41. Past Tense Was it _____ when you came home last night? No, it _____. a. rained, didn’t b. raining, didn’t c. raining, wasn’t d. rained, wasn’t mnRAJU
  42. 42. Present Simple Tense Everyday, the college buses _____________. a. will leave at 5. b. will be leaving at 5. c. will have left at 5. d. leave at 5. mnRAJU
  43. 43. Past Perfect Tense Before the team visited the college, the civil work _____ completed. a. had been b. was c. has been d. was being mnRAJU
  44. 44. Prepositions She took the risk _____ my warning. a. despite b. in despite c. in spite d. despite of mnRAJU
  45. 45. Short Responses Is she from Delhi? No, _____. She is from Goa. a. she is. b. she isn’t. c. is she? d. isn’t she? mnRAJU
  46. 46. Voice I know her. (Change into passive) a. I am known to her. b. I don’t know her. c. She is known to me. d. She is known by me. mnRAJU
  47. 47. Transitive Verbs My trainer _____ me that her last name was Angela. a. said b. asked c. told d. announced mnRAJU
  48. 48. Transitive Verbs I avoided _____ her. a. meeting b. to meet c. meet d. meeting with mnRAJU
  49. 49. Antonyms The antonym of legal is _____ a. elegal b. ilegal c. unlegal d. illegal mnRAJU
  50. 50. Words Often Confused Yesterday, Sonali _____ in the sun all day. a. lay b. laid c. lie d. lied mnRAJU
  51. 51. Stative Verbs Identify the correct sentence: a. I smell it burning. b. I am smelling it burning. c. I am smelled it burning. d. I smell it is burning. mnRAJU
  52. 52. mnRAJU Send your comments to lionnagaraju@gmail.com This slideshow is available at www.authorstream.com/tag/lionnagaraju www.slideshare.net/lionnagaraju