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  • Pioneering efforts of quality gurus like W Edwards Deming in the 1950s.
  • Individuals – being more efficient and effective Call centres – reduce answering time Airlines – eliminate baggage loss Hospitals – reduce avoidable errors Products – better quality and lower costs Processes – faster and more accurate
  • What you are born with is nature’s gift to you. What you leave behind is your gift to the world.
  • Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
  • Constant kaizen

    1. 1. mnRAJU
    2. 2. Your ROLE MODEL Employee Recollect & make notes How did he/she inspire you? Share mnRAJU
    3. 3. What are you good at? Think & make notes Share mnRAJU
    4. 4. My Dream Game Think of a quality you wish to improve in you. Introduce yourself to others using that adjective. (e.g., I am Raju. I would like to be more resourceful.) Remember the adjectives others use to describe themselves. Introduce two colleagues to others. mnRAJU
    5. 5. Are Good EmployeesBorn or Made? mnRAJU
    6. 6. Can Good EmployeesBecome Better? mnRAJU
    7. 7. The good you do today can make better All your tomorrows. mnRAJU
    8. 8. Do You Want toBecome Better? What? Why? How? When? mnRAJU
    9. 9. Being good isan ability.Becoming better isa passion. Becoming better needs constant kaizen Perpetual improvement, re-learning and retraining. mnRAJU
    10. 10. What is Becoming Better? Becoming physically more energetic Becoming mentally more alert Becoming intellectually more inspired Becoming emotionally more balanced Becoming morally more upright Becoming socially more responsible Becoming spiritually more awakened mnRAJU
    11. 11. Becoming Better than What/Whom? Better than others Better than yourself Better than yesterday Better than the best mnRAJU
    12. 12. What can Become Better?  Individuals  Institutions  Processes  Products mnRAJU
    13. 13. Why Become Better? Survival of the Fittest.Be a part of the evolution. Make the world better.Your gift to the universe. mnRAJU
    14. 14. How to Become Better?Where am I?Where do I want to be?How do I get there?What do I need to get there? mnRAJU
    15. 15. How to Become Better? mnRAJU
    16. 16. How to Become Better?If you fail to plan,you plan to fail. mnRAJU
    17. 17. How to Become Better? Sow a Seed Feed Do a Deed Pluck a Weed Meet a Need Make a Lead mnRAJU
    18. 18. How to Become Better? Dream (PDCA) Decide Plan Do Do Develop Check Deserve Act
    19. 19. How to Become Better? Diagnose pain points Analyze & understand Delegate & empower Enthuse & celebrate Review and repair Establish systems
    20. 20. When to Become Better?Past is History.Future is Mystery.The Present is a present.It’s Never better than Now! mnRAJU
    21. 21. When to Become Better? You are your own raw material and your own sculptor. The moment you discover your potential, you begin becoming better. mnRAJU
    22. 22. When to Become Better? When you discover your potential , you  Modify Beliefs  Enhance Expectations  Adapt Attitude  Reform Behavior  Improve Performance and begin becoming better. mnRAJU
    23. 23. Steps to Become Better mnRAJU
    24. 24. Steps to Become Better• Better goals• Better expectations• Better knowledge/skills• Better enthusiasm• Better character• Better self-discipline• Better attitude• Better management• Better leadership mnRAJU
    25. 25. Life is Time & Time is Life er ett eB ec om B to ity rt un po Op Time Time/Life between Birth & Death Life Death Death Birth Birth mnRAJU
    26. 26. Learn to Become Better  Goal setting skills  Soft skills  Learning skills  Communication skills  Analytical skills  Decision making skills  Questioning skills  Creative skills  Leadership skills mnRAJU
    27. 27. Tips to Become BetterDo all the good you can.By all the means you can.In all the ways you can.At all the times you can.To all the people you can.As long ever as you can. mnRAJU
    28. 28. Tips to Become Better?1. Aim B IG2. Success comes if you a. Desire to be better b. Decide to be better c. Determine to be better3. Challenge yourself4. Try and try and try mnRAJU
    29. 29. Tips to Become Better? Passion to improve Urge to learn Right attitude Expect the best mnRAJU
    30. 30. Tips to Become Better Be Positive"They can,because they think they can." -- Virgil"Man iswhat he believes." -- Anton Chekhov mnRAJU
    31. 31. Tips to Become Better Be PositiveWalk with the dreamers, the believers,the courageous, the cheerful, the doers.The successful people, with their headsin the clouds and their feet on theground. Let their spirit ignite a fire withinyou to leave this world better than whenyou found it.We become who we spend time with. mnRAJU
    32. 32. Tips to Become Better Be Cheerful1. Smiling2. Hygienic3. Optimistic4. Well mannered mnRAJU
    33. 33. Tips to Become Better Be Pleasant  Support  Mingle  Interact  Listen  Empathize mnRAJU
    34. 34. Tips to Become Better Be Humorous social lubricant enhances communication helps you appear human helps you see the joy in life no sarcasm, please It is hard for people to disagree with you when you are smiling mnRAJU
    35. 35. Tips to Become Better Be Communicative Speak clearly Mind your words and tone Maintain eye contact Be courteous Praise generously Decline politely Accept individual differences mnRAJU
    36. 36. Tips to Become Better Be Resourceful 1. Intelligent 2. Creative 3. Curious 4. Imaginative 5. PracticalIf you don’t know how to use your resources, they will never be enough. mnRAJU
    37. 37. Find Five Speak to as many as you can Discover things in common  Not obvious things  Include one common achievement  Include one common like/dislike  Include one common goal A few presentationsmnRAJU
    38. 38. Tips to Become Better Use Commonsense Suit the need (reactive/pro-active) (reactive/ Establish rapport and assess quick Judge and distinguish Keep cool and know what to ignore mnRAJU
    39. 39. Tips to Become Better The Power of OneOne tree can start a forest,One smile can begin a friendship,One hand can lift a soul,One word can frame the goal,One candle can wipe out darkness,One laugh can conquer gloom,One hope can raise our spirits, decision can better your life. mnRAJU
    40. 40. Tips to Become Better Become your BestThere is a world for each one of you, where you shall reign asking/queen by just being yourself. Find that world... In fact, that worldwill find You.What water can do, gasoline cannot and what copper can, goldcannot.  The fragility of the ant enables it to move and the rigidity ofthe tree enables it to stay rooted. Everything has been designed toserve a purpose.When a Krishna or a Jesus or a Mahatma was required, he was sent.There came a time when you were required on this planet and henceyou were sent. You are here to be you, just YOU. BE THE BEST YOUCAN BE.In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you and tothe infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you. You areoriginal. You are unique. You are a miracle. YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE.Celebrate your Uniqueness. mnRAJU
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