How To Start An Internet Business


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Do you want to know how to start an internet business? Find out why starting an internet business can be breeze if you use the right techniques and tools. Go ahead and start making money on the internet now.

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How To Start An Internet Business

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  2. 2. If you are thinking of how to start an internet business or if you arealready an online retailer who is looking to supercharge your business, thenyou have come to the right place! A few years ago, eBay was the very bestplace to sell your items for big profits. The fees were a fraction of whatthey cost now and there was less competition and life was sweet for theaverage eBay retailer.Nowadays, the landscape of eBay has changed dramatically. Every day,thousands of auctions end with no sales, or end with a valuable item beingsold for 1 cent. Millions of buyers clog the site, fighting for the attention ofa smaller number of buyers. Worse still, eBay and PayPal’s swing towardsbuyer protection leaves good honest sellers with unexplained accountclosures or fund freezing. So if you are thinking of starting an internetbusiness, you have to seriously think of alternatives to eBay. Page 2 of 15
  3. 3. Outside of eBay, however, eCommerce and online sales continues to boom.As everyday folks become more and more comfortable buying online, thenumber of goods bought and sold on the internet rises each day.The “buy online” frenzy is still in full swing, but instead of it occurring oneBay and other online marketplaces, it now takes place on privately ownedwebsites. Websites that are owned by people who are just like you but whoare making more money than you!Ready to join them? Find out how to start an internet business by checkingout my quick-start guide to getting your very own website up and runningand building your own profit-generating empire.Here’s what this guide coversSection 1: Why you need your own website… NOW!Section 2: Your 3 options for owning and selling on your own websiteSection 3: Case Study: SaleHoo StoresSection 4: Search engine optimization – Get your website ranking in Google(and found by thousands of buyers!)Section 1: Why you need your own website when you arestarting an internet business! Page 3 of 15
  4. 4. You are probably already aware of some of the advantages of owning andselling on your own website when you go about starting an internetbusiness, but just in case you need a refresher, here are some of the topbenefits:You can wave goodbye to marketplace fees.Most marketplaces charge you fees to list items on their site, but they alsotake a cut of the sale price of the item as well. Amazon takes as much as25% of the final sale price of items you sell on their marketplace.When you sell on your own website, all your profits are yours to keep!There is no sharing your profits with the fat cats in the plush eBay/Amazonoffices.You can increase your prices and earn bigger profits.When you sell on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, you are selling onthe most competitive marketplaces in the world. You are also competingwith some of the most well equipped sellers who have huge budgets and anabundance of resources behind them.This makes it really difficult for smaller-scale sellers to make sales.However, when you sell on your own website, you aren’t exposed to thatlevel of competition. This provides you with an opportunity to bump upyour prices by a few dollars on every listing without losing sales like youwould on a marketplace. Ka-ching!Earn trust from your buyers.Anyone, even scammers, can join eBay and start selling items. This makesbuyers sceptical about purchasing from there. When you start your ownonline business and sell on your own website, you establish yourself as areputable and trustworthy seller who takes their business seriously. Thisinstils a lot of trust in buyers and makes the decision to purchase from youa lot easier!Section 2: Your 3 options for owning and selling on your ownwebsiteAs we have covered, by knowing how to start an internet business andselling on your own website means you can break free from yourcompetitors; quit paying marketplace fees and really market yourself and Page 4 of 15
  5. 5. your business. There are a few options for setting a website, and some aremuch easier than others.Let’s take a look at some of the options you have (I’ll also reveal myfavorite option for setting up an easy-to-use website that is getting onlineretailers some VERY promising results):Doing it yourselfUnless you are familiar with HTML and CSS, I dont recommend the DIYoption especially when you are just starting an online business. Whilst itgives you complete control; the flip side is that if you are not well versed inweb coding and graphic design, then you are unlikely to be able to make ahalf decent site. eCommerce websites (that you can sell products on) areamong the more complicated types of websites. So make sure you knowwhat you are getting yourself into before you dive right in!Hiring a web designerIf you insist on a 100% customized site, your best option is to pay an expertto make a site for you. However this is by far the most expensive option,and you should be prepared to pay anywhere from US$2,000 for a fullyfunctional site. This is not a very feasible option for many whom I spoke towho are finding out how to start an online business.If you go down this track, contact a web design agency in your local area.Being able to speak to someone face to face will make a huge difference ingetting what you want, and getting it developed in a timely manner.Doing it the easy wayYour best option is using some of the easy-to-use store building sites outthere such as my favorite, SaleHoo Stores. These store-builders and “onlineshop in the box” option s are great for everyone because they are cheap torun and no programming is required.Most of these options offer some technical support in case you run intoproblems, so you wont be left in the lurch if you have a technical glitch.Meanwhile, others do not offer technical support (such as the really cutprice options).The drawbacks of selling on your own websiteSo what are the drawbacks of owning your own store? There aren’t many,but this guide would be a little bias if I didn’t cover the down-sides to Page 5 of 15
  6. 6. choosing to sell on your own website over selling on a marketplace so hereis the low-down:The main down side is the initial lack of web “traffic”, or buyers coming toyour store. Listing your products on your own website is pointless if thereare no buyers coming to the site. Getting regular traffic to the site is anongoing task of any website owner. This is more so especially when youare new and is just finding out how to start an online business. However,the good news is that’s it’s not difficult to get a consistent and steady flowof buyers to your site.The very best methods do not require you to have to pay for expensivemarketing. I’ll cover some solid tips on search engine optimization andgetting buyers to your website in Section 4.Section 3: Introducing SaleHoo StoresI realize that it would be rude of me to tell you all these wonderful thingsabout selling on your own website if I didn’t take the time to research anaffordable and trusted option for you to get your website up and runningpronto.So I’ve done just that I have tried and tested a number of options out therefor my own personal use, and for your own benefit, and after diggingthrough a number of below-average options, I found a winner.Introducing SaleHoo Stores!SaleHoo Stores is the perfect option to start an internet business and getyour website up and running as quickly as possible and without theheadaches (or the big price tag!).The 7 crucial reasonsThere are 7 crucial reasons why I have concluded that SaleHoo Stores is Page 6 of 15
  7. 7. the best option for you to set up your own website when starting an onlinebusiness. I will share these reasons with you below. Take a look anddiscover top seller secrets to a profit-pulling website.1. Fast, no fuss setupWhile some websites take hours of frustration to set up, with SaleHooStores, you can have your website up and running within 20 minutes andready for you to add your listings. Worried that you aren’t a techno-whizz?Don’t! With SaleHoo Stores there is no mucking around with “HTML” or“CSS”. If you can send an email or update your Facebook status, you havewhat it takes to get your Store setup!I know 20 minutes sounds far-fetched, but that’s actually an over-estimate!It only takes around 3 minutes to enable your store, get it live on theinternet and ready to add products to it. When you do add products, thatpart is fast and easy too. I actually tested listing an item on eBay versuslisting an item on my SaleHoo Store and it took a fraction of the time.There were no complicated options like there are on eBay either, whichmakes for a nice change! This is what many new eCommerce owners arelooking for when they are trying to find out how to start an online business.2. SaleHoo Stores allow to you to sell your products to a far-reachinginternational audienceA great deal of eBay and online retail-related applications and software arevery US-centric, but SaleHoo Stores caters to sellers all over the world andalso makes it really easy for international buyers around the globe to findand purchase your items.So whether you are a US seller looking for a way to expand internationallyand increase your sales, or a seller outside of the US looking for a simplewebsite option, SaleHoo Stores is just what you are looking for!3. Modern, clean website designs that buyers just love!With SaleHoo Stores, there is no need to be, or to hire, an expensive websitedesigner to get striking, up-to-the-minute web design that it easy on theeye, and easy for your buyers to navigate.SaleHoo Store designs really make your store a beautiful place to be whichmeans buyers are never in a hurry to leave! Page 7 of 15
  8. 8. Want to see what SaleHoo Stores look like? Here’s an insider’s sneak peakat just some of the designs that you can choose from: Page 8 of 15
  9. 9. and here is a close up of one of the theme’s homepages:Each of the themes has a unique look, while adhering to timeless designprinciples. Changing up the look of your Store is very easy. With just threeclicks of a mouse, you can completely transform the look and color-schemeof your Store (without losing any of your product listings or descriptions,of course!).4. Import direct from eBay.If you are an eBay Turbo Lister user, you can easily import your eBaylistings within minutes. This obviously significantly reduces the time ittakes to setup your Store and get it ready for customers which is a big plusfor me.If you don’t use eBay Turbo Lister, don’t fret! s I mentioned earlier, listingitems on SaleHoo Stores is very easy and takes a lot less time and fuss thanlisting items on eBay.5. A variety of payment options – no more PayPal fees!Are you tired of PayPal fees? Are you just like other sellers who worryabout having your account frozen by PayPal? If so, SaleHoo Stores will Page 9 of 15
  10. 10. revolutionize how you accept payments! You can offer Google Checkout,bank transfer, check or money order, cash on delivery, PayPal or PayPalDirect Checkout.I’ve heard a lot of complaints over the past few months about PayPalpayment holds and account freezing. It seems to be getting worse andPayPal appears to clamp down on anyone even if there is no reasoningbehind it! Therefore, I know that some variety in payment processingoptions will be welcomed by a lot of sellers.6. Superior support – you’re never along with Sal eHoo Stores!When you get a SaleHoo Store, you will always have help at hand to answeryour questions about how to use your store, or how to make your listingsappealing to buyers. And their support is fast too.Your questions will be answered within 12 hours (and usually MUCHsooner). They also offer a toll-free number you can use to get instantanswers for any Stores -related issues.The support for SaleHoo Stores was far superior to any other store-buildersI sampled. SaleHoo Stores also comes with a library of how-to videos thatmake it super-simple to use your website.7. The low, low cost!SaleHoo Stores is by far the best value for money option for setting up yourown website to start an online business. The support, the beautifullydesigned themes, and most importantly, the potential that SaleHoo Storesoffers you to make BIG profits means that SaleHoo Stores is worth everycent you pay for it.Wondering how much it costs to get your own website with SaleHooStores? You’ll be pleasantly surprised! First of all, here’s what you DON’Thave to pay for:  Hidden costs  Extra hosting fees (sometimes these are $50-$100 per MONTH!)  Fancy web consultants or designers fees  An “SSL certificate” to make your checkout secure (it’s already included)Instead, you just pay a small monthly fee to keep your SaleHoo Store up Page 10 of 15
  11. 11. and running. Plans start from just US$27 per month for the Basic plan thatallows up to 200 products to be listed. That’s a lot of products especially ifyou are just starting an online business.But do you want to know the best part…?Best of all, SaleHoo Stores are fully back by their 60 day money backguarantee. Sign up today and take 60 days (that’s an entire two months) totry out your SaleHoo Store. In this way, you don’t have to worry aboutwasting your hard earned money especially when you are just starting anonline business.If you decide that you are not 100% thrilled with how easy it is or you arenot fully convinced that SaleHoo Stores isn’t going to help you boost yoursales, you can get a full refund.That’s how confident they are that you will love your SaleHoo Store. It’salso why I’m so confident to recommend this product to you.Want to learn more about SaleHoo Stores and get your own website theeasy way? Click here for more information.Section 4: Essential SEO tips that every new web store ownershould knowWe have already talked about the fact that when you sell on your ownstore, you need to work hard to attract buyers to it and it shouldn’t come asnews that one of the most effective way to attract buyers is by capturingthem in search engines. Page 11 of 15
  12. 12. Achieving good search engine rankings can take time, but it’s not difficultor costly. To help you get ranking ASAP and pull thousands of keen buyersto your website, here are my top tips:Write content-rich product descriptionsDid you know that Google and other search engines determine which sitesto rank by looking at the text content on the site? Therefore, it’s crucial thatyour product descriptions include keywords that your customers will typeinto Google when they search for products you sell. Therefore, it pays tohave a think about the keywords you would search for if you were buyingthe item you are listing.Make sure your item descriptions are at least 250 words long. You shouldalso include the keywords that are relevant to the product. However, I willcaution here that you should NOT stuff your description with too manykeywords. If you do this, search engines might consider your website as“spammy” which won’t help your rankings at all!If you struggle with which keywords to use, try the Google Keyword Tool.It’s free to use and it makes it simple for you to spot precisely whichkeywords your prospective customers are searching for.Here’s an example If you are selling power tools, enter ‘power tools’ into Page 12 of 15
  13. 13. the keyword tool to see a list of related keywords that people are searchingfor. This will give you some ideas on keywords to use (it can also give yousome solid ideas on what products to sell!).Write a killer meta descriptionYour meta description is the text that displays in search results.In the image above you can see an example of a meta-description. Themeta description is the black text below the green and blue text.This company, Bosch Power Tools, appears on the first page of Google forthe keywords “power tools” Their meta-description contains thesekeywords but, more importantly, it provides information to the personsearching which encourages them to click-through and visit the website.With this in mind, meta-descriptions serve an important purpose:They give you a chance to lure buyers into the store. Make use of yourmeta-description by stating, as Bosch has, what makes your productsdifferent from other options. Page 13 of 15
  14. 14. How you can alter your meta-description depends on how your store wasbuilt or which store builder you use but, if you know HTML code, the metadescription appears in the header code of your website.Add new content often!Search engines love when you add new content to your website. This isbecause when you freshen up your website, the search engines know that itis not just a static website that is never updated. This is something thatGoogle likes in a website so it helps you improve your rankings.There are several ways that you can quickly and simply update your webcontent to keep it fresh. One is by simply re-writing your listingdescriptions every couple of weeks. You can still say the same things aboutthe products; just freshen up the order of the wording.You can also write quick and informal blog posts about your products or tobroadcast sales or promotions that you run on your website.SaleHoo Stores, which as you know is my pick of the bunch when it comesto website-builder options, makes light work of search engine optimization.SaleHoo Stores were built by developers who understand how important itis to rank in Google and other search engines and that’s why when theybuilt SaleHoo Stores, they built it with search engines in mind: Everysingle page is optimized for the search engines so the hard part has beendone for you! Page 14 of 15
  15. 15. For the SEO that you need to do yourself, they have made that easy tooThere are no complicated codes and no programming knowledge required.All you have to do is write some text that tells Google what you want torank for.It’s that easy!Have I got you convinced that owning and selling on your own website isyour best move? I thought so!As I mentioned, SaleHoo Stores really is the best option for you if you areplanning on how to start an internet business. Here’s a quick recap of justsome of the benefits that SaleHoo Stores offers:  Fast, fuss-free setup. No HTML, CSS or programming knowledge required  Build a real business and earn buyer trust instantly!  Earn bigger profits than when you sell on eBay/other marketplaces  Turn every visitor into a buyer with buyer-enhanced website designs  Save on marketplace fees – keep all the profits to yourself!Are you ready to get your own SaleHoo Store and take your business to thenext level? Joining is easy and risk-free with their 60 day money backguarantee.Check out SaleHoo Stores now. Page 15 of 15