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English Profil

  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCES Technology: Flow cytometry , Microscopy, Electrophoresis Oct. 2009 - Jan. 2012 System optimisation: Applications, Fluidics, Software, Ergonomics, Optics, Image analysis, Project coordinator, R&D, Reagents (colorations stains, Antibodies), process automation Applications specialist International projects with industrial and university partners: Germany, England, Scotland, Poland, France Partec GmbH International customer support and training: Otto-Hahn-Straße 32, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Asia D-48161 Münster, Germany Advertising, documentations: catalogues conception (interactive Tel: +49 (0) 253 4800 80 and print), user manuals, application notes Quotation, invoice, quality controls: instruments, reagents Projects supervision and teaching: Nov. 2005 - Oct. 2009 Training, material resources management, organisation Projects supervised: Under- and Post-graduate Protein extraction and quantification (HSP70) from algae, algae and mentoring, marine biology shellfish coverage using image analyse, analysis by flow cytometry Heriot-Watt University and microscopy of haemocytes apoptosis in crabs, impact of anaerobia on Mytilus edulis, analysis of haemocytes fluctuation by School of Life Sciences flow cytometry and microscopy in Mytilus edulis. Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK Field course activities organisation: Tel: +44 (0) 131 45180 32 Laboratory, coastal and shore environments, on research boat Exam marking: first yearsEUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES Scientific communications: International congress: South Carolina Flow cytometry congress: Newcastle, Dublin Research institutions: Edinburgh, Newcastle Communication Marketing communication: International medical congress: Medica - Düsseldorf, Lille Flow cytometry congress: Dublin, York, Liverpool Research institutions: Vilnius, Edinburgh, Newcastle Workshops: blood, yeast, bacterial analysis by flow cytometry Formations: Research (cell sorting, human and camel Blood, Professional Spermatozoa, Bacteria (cell sorting, marine biology, microbiology, genetically modified E. coli)), British Army (platelets), Students, Industry (Paper, Whisky) French-German summer University: Castle restoration, fruits harvest, German course, philosophy, dance, painting, natural pigments. Association Theatre (co-author & comedian): biology theme (Title: ‚Le défilé des microbes„) to explain the general public the world of microorganisms, ethics theme (Title: ‚Epidémia„) focussed on the societal consequences of diseases (HIV, plague) 1|Page
  3. 3. SKILLS Co-founder of „café philosophique‟, Lons-Le-Saunier (1999). Themes: free will, work, ethics and moral. Social skills and Co-founder of „café scientifique‟, Lyon (2001). competences Theme: genetically modified organisms. Many years student representative in Secondary School. 5 years in club INSERM jeunesse High school scientific society 1994 - 1999, President of the society 1997 – 1999: Divers media used (theatre, video and TV, radio, exhibitions), Organisational skills and Meetings with scientists and philosophers, popular science. competences Organisation of field courses and projects for under- and post- graduate Students in marine biology Activities organisation, transport of students and equipment, individual help, instrumentation and reagent management. Student representative at ethic and genetically modified Technical skills and organisms commissions (2007-2009) competences Research in psychology, sport science, bacteria and yeast research. First aid course (1998, Croix Rouge). Advanced knowledge of: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PoweerPoint, Publisher) and OpenOffice, Computer skills and Flow cytometry software (FSCExpress, WinMDI, Flomax, CyView), competences Image analysis software (ImageJ). General knowledge in statistical (Primer 5.0, MVSP) and GIS (ArcGIS) applications. Painting (acrylic, oil), wood sculpture (knife, Dremel), Artistic skills and Photography (Collaborations with Edinburgh‟ artists). competences Theatre (co-author & comedian): France, Columbia (Bogota), Germany (Dresden) 1997. Driving licence Driving license Category B since 1996 Tractor, small trucks, car with trailer, Motorbike up to 125cm3.PERSONAL INTERESTS Literature Fiction (science-fiction, crime, historical...), social sciences, philosophy Art Painting, wood sculpture, photography Social Life Museums, gastronomy 2|Page
  4. 4. EDUCATION Thesis Title: “Mytilus edulis haemocyt es variabilit y : technique, individual, and environment.” Supervisors: Dr. S. Liz Dyrynda, Dr. Valerie Smith July 2010 Dr. D. Jamieson Jury: Prof. Dr. Matt Bentley (University of Newcastle) PhD Dr. Peter Morris (Heriot-Watt University) in Marine Biology, Investigation techniques and acquired skills: Eco-immunology Flow cytometry, image analysis, collaborations in applied Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK) physics (microfluidics) and ecology projects (In-vivo feeding behaviour), ethology, histology, field based work (field sampling, transects, ecological survey), teaching for under- and post-graduate students. Project Title: “A vertical approach of the toxicity of Low Toxicity Drilling Mud on Corophium volutator, from the population to the gene “ Sept. 2005 Supervisors: Dr. S. Griegson, Dr. D. Jamieson Investigation techniques and acquired skills: M.Sc. Subtractive cDNA library, histology, behaviour alteration, field Marine Resources sampling. Development and Main modules: Oceanography, Marine Biology and Protection Ecology, Marine Environmental Policy, Users of the Marine Environment, Applied Coastal/Estuarine Science, Coastal and Estuarine/Island Management, Environmental Monitoring and Control, Marine Oil Pollution, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Toxicology. June 2003 Project title: “Fucus and bacteria, an intimate relationship?” Novel germ-free procedure for macro-algae B.Sc. Honours Supervisor: Prof. Dr. J. G. Burgess Applied Marine Biology Main modules: Aquatic Toxicology, Fish Physiology, mention 2.1 Multivariate Data Analysis and Marine Environmental Monitoring, Management and Legislation. July 2002 DUETI Project: Expression of recombinant Taq Polymerase. Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France) Applied Marine Biology Main modules: Aquatic Toxicology, Fish Physiology, International University Multivariate Data Analysis and Marine Environmental Diploma of Technological Monitoring, Management and Legislation. Studies IUT University Institute of Technology Projects: 2001 - Research project on lady birds behaviour (data analysis, prey/predator models). June 2001 2001 - Research project on germ-free mice (microbiology, DUT animal handling) Bioengineering, 2000 & 1998 - Research assistant in molecular biology Agronomy (RT-PCR, ELISA). University Diploma of Main modules: Microsoft Office package, Accountancy, Technology Plant Biology, Animal Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Histology, Animal Experimentation, Agronomy, Microbiology, Statistics, Physics, Enzymology, Animal Welfare Legislation, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). 3|Page
  5. 5. PUBLICATIONS ”Zellsortierung mit einer geschlossenen, piezobasierten Sortiertechnologie” „Cell sorting using a closed piezo-based sorting technology “ Ines Nasdala, Danny Köhler, Lionel Jouvet, Matthias Steinberg, Burkhard Greve, Wolfgang Göhde; Journal: BIOspektrum, March 2011, 194-196. “Blood flow separation in microfluidic channels”; Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Resham Dhariwal, Lionel Jouvet, Marc Papers Desmulliez; Journal: Microfluid Nanofluid, Volume 8, Number 1, May 2009, 105-114. “Clearance of bacteria and differential involvement of mussel hyalinocytes, small and large granulocytes in antibacterial immunity”; Hui Li, Maria-Giovanna Parisi, Lionel Jouvet, Elisabeth A. Dyrynda, Nicolo Parrinello, Matteo Cammarata, Philippe Roch; Journal: Fish Shellfish Immunology„, Volume 25, Issue 6, December 2008, 834-840. “Differente ruolo delle subpopolazioni degli emociti di Mytilus galloprovincialis nella clearance batterica ”; Maria-Giovanna Parisi, Hui Li, Lionel B. P. Jouvet, Elisabeth A. Dyrynda, Nicolo Parrinello, Matteo Cammarata, et al. (2008); Poster presented at 69°Congresso UZI, Senigallia (AN, Italien). Posters “Effect of low toxicity Drilling mud on the mud shrimp Corophium volutator ”; Lionel B. P. Jouvet, Sarah B. Arfa, Stephen J. W. Grigson and Derek J. Jamieson (2006); Poster presented at 10. ISDCI Congress, Charleston (USA). “Correlations between immunity and reproduction in field specimens of the marine mussel Mytilus edulis ”; Lionel B.P. Jouvet and Elisabeth A. Dyrynda (2006); Poster presented at 10. ISDCI Congress, Charleston (USA). “Mytilus edulis haemocytes variability: technique, individual, and environment?” 2009, PhD research project, directeurs: Dr. S. Liz Dyrynda, Dr. Valerie Smith, Dr. D. Jamieson “A vertical approach of the toxicity of Low Toxicity Drilling Mud on Corophium volutator, from the population to the gene “ 2005, Master research project, supervisors: Dr. S. Griegson, Dr. D. Jamieson “Fucus and bacteria, an intimate relationship?” Academic 2003, Honours research project, superviseur: Prof. J. G. Burgess productions "Description du monde des algues marines et présentation d‟une pollution biologique par Caulerpa Taxifolia" 2002 Mémoire de DUETI "Approche de la modélisation de la dispersion de la coccinelle Harmonia axyridis Pallas en présence du puceron Aphis gossypii Glover en serre de concombre" 2001 Mémoire de DUT, Supervisor: Dr. A. Ferran, INRA "Colonisation des intestins de souris axéniques par des bactéries de la flore commensale" 2000 mémoire de 1ere année de DUT "Clonage et expression de la protéine prion PrP humain et murine" 2000 rapports de stage, Supervisor: Dr. J. P. Fuchs, INSERM, unite338 4|Page
  6. 6. STUDENT JOBS Date Date Name and Address Brief Description started ended of Employer Mar. 2008 Aug. 2009 Private gardens Gardner assistant Edinburgh, UK Jan. 2008 Sept. 2008 Creative Catering Ltd Kitchen porter manager Edinburgh, UK Jan. 2007 Mar. 2007 Edinburgh PediCab Tricycle taxi driver Edinburgh, UK Family Circle Ltd Home care / Crisis care Oct. 2004 Sept. 2005 22 Tower Street Elderly and disable people Edinburgh, EH6 7BY, UK Team work, time management Quality Link Recruitment Kitchen porter, Manager Nov. 2001 Sept. 2004 133 - 135 Morrison Street Team and workload management, Edinburgh EH3 8AJ, UK Team work, time management Brochot June 2000 July 2000 ZI La Léchère Chemist assistant 39130 Patornay, France Fromagerie Bel, La vache qui rit June 1999 July 1999 Production-line worker, packaging 120 Boulevard Jules Ferry Shift work (morning/afternoon/night) 39000 Lons-le-Saunier, France Farm work Durand farm Castration of hybrid corn, harvest 1990 2001 Quartier le Pavon (tomatoes, lavender, garlics, 26740 Sauzet, Drôme, France cherries), chickens (building care, animals care, handling) Boilley Vineyard Work on the vineyard 1985 2005 Rue de la faye Grape harvest, bottle labelling, vine 39230 Mantry, Jura, France trimming 5|Page