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Content Marketing 101


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A brief visual guide to the basic aspects of content marketing, answering questions like what is content marketing, how content marketing works and how it fits into marketing campaigns

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Content Marketing 101

  1. 1. 1st in Our 3-Part Series Content Marketing 101
  2. 2. Content Marketing: What is it? —Dayna Rothman, from Marketo The process of creating valuable, Relevant content to attract, acquire and engage your audience.
  3. 3. It’s not New: In the ‘20s and ‘30s Sears Roebuck operated their own radio show to inform and entertain farmers. 1895John Deere farm machinery launches their customer magazine – ‘The Furrow’ – still going strong - 1.5 M circulation in 40 countries.
  4. 4. Because the internet is a huge collection of 2-Way communication channels. Things like blog posts, eBooks, video, guides, reports, checklists, email. { And of course, your web pages. } Why NOW?
  5. 5. So we’re all publishersnow. Or can be. (This isn’t going to change anytime soon). Why NOW?
  6. 6. 71% of buyers trust solutions that provide useful information – without trying to sell something. And Because: —Marketo
  7. 7. Thought Leadership Sales Content Educates Sells Pulls Pushes Best Practices Product Details Thought leadership … …builds trust ? What’s The Difference? YOU  
  8. 8. Content Marketing It’s not just splashing around. It’s about Goalslike: Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership, Relationship-building, Building Trust and Generating Leads
  9. 9. 4 educational assets, to 1 “soft promotion” (like promoting a webinar) 1 “hard promotion” (like promoting your product) How do we ‘do’ content marketing? We get the ratiobetween useful content (educational assets) And promotion right. Or try to. By following… —The Content Marketing institute
  10. 10. Because most of us would like to be a bit more in tune with our prospects than this guy.   Love that color
  11. 11. To learn a lot more, check out the Content Marketing Institute, especially their really cool documentary, here: This wouldn’t be complete without a word about us: M Source Ideas helps services. marketingB2Bandstrategythroughchannelsgrowthnew accessbrandsconsumerandfood   .com