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Lindsay music decades project


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Lindsay music decades project

  1. 1. VideoThis video has all of the decades in it. Start it around 1:25 andpause in between each decade
  2. 2. 1900s “Im a Yankee Doodle Classical Dandy” - by George M Patriotic Cohen “Take Me Out To The Ball Ragtime Game - by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer “The Entertainer” - by Scott Joplin “Flight of the Bumble Bee” - by N. Rimsky-Racial Tensions Korsakov
  3. 3. 1910sCaucasian- “Scott Joplins New Rag”Ballroom music - by Scott JoplinAfrican-American- “The Darktown StruttersBlues, Ragtime, Jazz Ball” - by Shelton Brooks “Syncopated Walk” - by Irving Berlin “The Bells Of St Marys” - by Douglas Furber & A. Emmett Adams
  4. 4. 1920sHarlem “Charleston” - by Arthur Gibbs /PaulJazz Whiteman “Rhapsody In Blue” – by Paul WhitemanBallads featuring George GershwinWaltzes “East St. Louis Toodle-oo” – by Duke Ellington “Aint Misbehavin‘” - Fats Waller / Louis Armstrong Duke Ellington Bessie Smith Louis Armstrong
  5. 5. 1930s 1931- “Star Spangled Banner” is national anthem “It Dont Mean A Thing (If It Aint Got That Swing)” – by Duke Ellington (IvieBillie Holiday Anderson) / MillsDuke Ellington Brothers Louis “Strange Fruit” – by Billie Armstrong Holiday Bing Crosby “Silent Night, Holy Night” – by Bing Crosby
  6. 6. 1940sWestern 1941 - Les Paul made the Jazz first solid body electric Swing guitar Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra Benny Goodman White Christmas - Bing Crosby Glenn Miller The Christmas Song - Nat "King" Ella Fitzgerald Cole Billie Holiday God Bless The Child - Billie Nat King Cole Holiday Louis Armstrong Take The "A" Train - Duke Roy Rogers Ellington
  7. 7. 1950s Johnnie RayRock ‘n’ Roll Frank Sinatra Pop Patti Page Swing “Dont Be Dean Martin R&B Blues Bing Crosby Cruel/Hound Dog” Les Paul Country - Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Rockabilly “Whole Lot Of Fats Domino Doo Wop Bebop Pat Boone Shakin Going On” Chuck Berry Hard Bop - Jerry Lee Lewis Bill Monroe Cool Jazz “Maybellene” - Dizzy Gillespie Ray Charles Chuck Berry
  8. 8. 1960s 1969- 1st Woodstock Rock This era was known Folk Rock The Beatles as ‘The BritishPsychedelic Rock The Rolling Stones Invasion’ Surf Rock The Animals Garage Rock Bob Dylan Blues Rock The Beach Boys “Twist and Shout” - Roots Rock Janis Joplin Isley Brothers (orProgressive Rock The Jackson 5 Beatles) Pop The Supremes “Devil With a Blue R&B and Soul The Temptations Dress/Good Golly Motown James Brown Miss Molly” - Mitch Funk Jim Reeves Ryder & Detroit Soul Chubby Checker Wheels Country Steppenwolf “Born To Be Wild” - Pink Floyd Steppenwolf
  9. 9. 1970s 1st Rap Song- “Rapper’s Delight” Sugarhill Gang- 1979 Disco Rock Bee Gees Hard Rock Lipps Inc. Arena Rock Blondie Heavy Metal Devo “Us and Them” - Pink Country Rock AC/DC FloydProgressive rock Led Zeppelin “Y.M.C.A” - Village New Wave Kiss Power Pop Black Sabbath People Punk Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd “Dont Stop Til You Blues Rock Styx Get Enough” - Soft Rock The Jackson 5R&B and Urban Cher Michael Jackson Country Stevie Wonder Willie Nelson Pink Floyd
  10. 10. 1980s 1989- Michael Jackson is Billboard artist of the year Pop Michael Jackson Rock Madonna Hard Rock Tina TurnerHeavy / Glam Metal Lionel Richie “Dont Stop Believing” – Alternative Rock Whitney Houston Journey Soft Rock Queen “Living On A Prayer” - BonContemporary R&B Bon Jovi Jovi Hip Hop Ozzy Osborne “I Love Rock and Roll” - Electronic Gary Numan Joan Jett & The Country Jimi Hendrix Blackhearts Prince “Come On Eileen” - Dexys Janet Jackson Midnight Runners Beastie Boys “Cars” - Gary Numan
  11. 11. 1990s Nirvana Rock Hootie and The Alternative Rock Blowfish “Wannabe” - Spice Alternative Metal Green Day Girls Grunge No Doubt “... Baby One More Pop Punk Linkin Park Time” - Britney Nu Metal *NSYNC Heavy Metal Spears Britney Spears “Vogue” – Madonna Pop Rock Jennifer Lopez Hard Rock “U Cant Touch This” - The Backstreet Pop Boys MC HammerContemporary R&B The Spice Girls “Quit Playing Games Hip Hop Mariah Carey (With My Heart)” - Electronic Usher Backstreet Boys Country Paula Abdul Shania Twain
  12. 12. 2000s Hip Hop Eminem Rock The Black Eyed “Who Let The Post-Grunge Peas Dogs Out” - Baha Nelly Hard Rock Jay-Z Men Metal The White Stripes “Bye Bye Bye” - Pop Punk Hannah Montana N*SYNC Avril Lavigne Emo Owl City “Say My Name” -Alternative Rock Beyonce Destinys Child Garage Rock Rihanna “Its My Life” - Coldplay Indie Rock Daughtry Bon Jovi Taylor Swift