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20090621 porting open_suse_to_mips_cp2


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Published in: Technology
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20090621 porting open_suse_to_mips_cp2

  1. 1. My GSoC 2009:Porting OpenSuSE to MIPSChapter Two:    On the Way    2009-6-21
  2. 2. Agenda1. What I Have Done2. New Problems3. Current Status4. The Next Goal5. Community
  3. 3. What I Have Done1. Try to run Gdium2. Continue cross-compiling3. Compile Perl in qemu4. Install opensuse5. Re-cross-compile6. Build RPM packages
  4. 4. New Problems    ● make test failed (automake libzio sed libtoolperl-libintl-perl tcl)  ● Running on Gdium
  5. 5. Current Status   An RPM-build environment
  6. 6. The Next Goal  ● Running on Gdium  ● Build RPM packages
  7. 7. CommunityGdium mailling list
  8. 8. Q&AThe EndThanks