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Introduction to Robot Framework (external)

A quick introduction I was giving in HiQ and ESAB.

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Introduction to Robot Framework (external)

  1. 1. Robot FrameworkAn Introduction
  2. 2. Agenda1. basic concepts in Robot Framework2. demo3. pros and cons
  3. 3. facts● keyword-driven test framework● built on Python○ runs on Jython and IronPython as well● open source○ released under apache 2.0 license
  4. 4. framework architectureTest CasesRFTest LibrarySUTparsing test data syntaxinteraction with SUTcalling functions
  5. 5. Simple tabular syntax
  6. 6. it can be in HTML
  7. 7. also in TSV and plain text● tip: text-based test case works better withversion-control system
  8. 8. Test LibrariesHow RF translate test cases into actions
  9. 9. Test LibrariesHow RF translate test cases into actions
  10. 10. Test LibrariesIt can be written in PythonBut you can use Jython or IronPython to beable to use Java or .Net APIs
  11. 11. Remote Librarieslibraries can be written in any languagescommunicate with RF using XML-RPCyou can have a "master" computer execute thetests by calling remote libraries running onother computers*(
  12. 12. Basic Element - KeywordsYou can define keywords in library...
  13. 13. Basic Element - Keywords...or test cases
  14. 14. Different Test StyleKeyword-driven
  15. 15. Different Test StyleData-driven
  16. 16. Different Test StyleBehavior-driven
  17. 17. Test Executiontag supportnice test result in HTML
  18. 18. Test Executionnice test result in HTMLfile:///C:/dev/rf/report.html
  19. 19. Crash course at it is also a test case(now run a demo on it to show the awesomeness)
  20. 20. To sum upProits very simple to be integrated into CI systemflexible test execution systemyou can extend the test system easilyConrelatively small community compares toFitnesse
  21. 21. Tack!