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Situational Awareness


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This program is designed to make people more aware of the situation that they place themselves in from a personal safety stand point. Currently this program is bein implemented into school district in and around Lee's Summit, MO. Along with a 1 hour instructional block there is a second 1 hour block of instruction that covers Evasive Tactics.

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Situational Awareness

  1. 2. Situational Awareness Presented by Missouri Army National Guard
  2. 3. What is Situational Awareness? Being knowledgeable of your surroundings at all times and in all places
  3. 6. Don’t be a victim! The Golden rule “The more the merrier” Reaction rule: “Action is faster than reaction” Look confident!
  4. 7. Malls and Shopping Centers What are some Preventive measures you should always take? Always Park in well lit areas Golden Rule: “The more the merrier!” Don’t talk on cell phone while walking to your car Examples Always keep one hand free
  5. 8. Restaurants and Convenience Stores Avoid sitting in front where you can see the front door Never stand up and give a gunman a moving target Remember the back door is always through the kitchen
  6. 9. Schools, Sporting events and other public places What are some preventive measures you should take? Examples Don’t wear clothing that will cause you to stand out Avoid poor lit areas Know where exits are Golden Rule!
  7. 10. Home and Activities When walking or jogging never wear headphones Always walk or run facing the flow of of traffic Never leave garage door open When at home make sure ground floor doors and windows are locked
  8. 11. Driving Always look in your mirrors when stopping at a stop sign or traffic light Keep all doors locked If someone is following you, don’t go home. Go to a police station or Other well lit public place When stopped, leave enough room to get around the car In front of you. Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in!
  9. 14. Questions ?
  10. 15. SSG Brian Link Missouri Army National Guard 1168 NE Douglas Lees Summit, MO 64086 Office:816-554-9068