21st Century Hospitality Remuneration Survey


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21st Century Hospitality Remuneration Survey

  1. 1. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEYJULY 2012 We are delighted to announce the launch of our annual
  2. 2. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join a “no obligation” design meeting. The aim of this meeting is to offer you the opportunity to give feedback from last year’s report and to discuss the particular requirements you have for the survey, both in terms of roles and survey content. We want to partner with you in designing the content of this survey.
  3. 3. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY. 21st Century is one of the leadingremuneration consultancies in SouthernAfrica and is a Black Economic Empoweredconsultancy.
  4. 4. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY. We are remuneration specialists and consult to companies across the Southern African economy on job evaluation, job profiling, performance management, incentives, salary surveys and much more.
  5. 5. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY We conduct a number of remuneration surveys within niche industries.
  6. 6. WHAT IS THE AIM OF THE SURVEY? The aim is to provide you with a tool to assist you when making important remuneration decisions in 2012. Should you wish to participate in the survey, you will receive the results of the survey in the form of a report.
  7. 7. WHAT JOB FAMILIES WILL BE COVERED IN THE SURVEY?The survey includes 70 jobs from the followingjob families: Admin and General Food and Beverage: Banqueting Food and Beverage: Kitchen Rooms: Front Office Rooms: Housekeeping Rooms: Repairs and Maintenance
  8. 8. CAN I ADD ADDITIONAL JOBS THAT MAY NOT BE LISTED? You are more than welcome to add additional jobs. Please bring your new role descriptions with you to the meeting.
  9. 9. WHAT IS THE COST INVOLVED? The fee for participation depends on the size of your company: 1 Property = R4 900 excluding VAT 2 – 4 Properties = R9 900 excluding VAT 5 – 9 Properties = R14 500 excluding VAT Hotel Group = R19 900 excluding VAT
  10. 10. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYSURVEY 12 BoltomJHB Monday 9 9am – roadDESIGN July 2012 11am Rosebank MEETING KelvinCT Design Wednesday 13:30pm Grove Meeting 18 July 15:30pm Campgroun 2012 d Rd Newlands
  11. 11. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY. RSVP • email Shimon Davidowitz on sdavidowitz@21century.co.za or contact him on 011 447 0306
  12. 12. HOTEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY SURVEY We look forward to meeting with you and sharing this valuable information! Rosy Hollander Shimon Davidowitz ManaThe art of remuneration supported by thescience of research“ ger: Projects ClientExecutive