Linovision Hybrid PC DVR (Brief)


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Linovision Hybrid PC DVR (Brief)

  1. 1.  Hybrid DVR Record Server  Hybrid DVR Viewer  Hybrid DVR Playback  WEB IE Client  Mobile Streaming Server  Hybrid DVR Client / CMS Windows Hybrid PC DVR System - Powered by H.264 and Megapixels Hybrid PC DVR is the next generation PC based DVR to record audio and video from both analog and IP cameras. Hybrid DVR Client 1 Mobile / PDA ViewWEB Browser Access Mobile Network Hybrid DVR Client 2 Network Playback Video Hybrid DVR Server Preview Playback Megapixels IP Camera IP Speed Dome IP Dome Analog Camera Live Video  Up to 64 cameras (Analog + IP) in one PC  H.264 hardware compression  Multiple monitors display (new)  Intuitive GUI operation  Flexible schedule recording  Instantly playback  Playback multiple cameras from multiple sites simultaneously (new)  Instant response on alarm events  Support dual-stream video transmission  Mobile live view  Website video integration  Face recognition (new)  Powerful NVR+ Client/CMS management Fully Modularized Design Supported DVR Cards  Hikvision DS-4000HCI/HIS/HFI series;  Hikvision DS-4200HCI/HFVI series;  Dahua VEC-FB series;  Dahua VEC-LC series;  Hanbang DVR cards; Outstanding Features Supported IP Cameras China Hangzhou Linovision Technologies Co., Ltd. Email: Website: Phone: +86 (571) 8670 8175
  2. 2. Multiple Monitors Display - Display preview/playback/e-map windows in multiple VGA monitors; - Display different cameras in multiple preview monitors; - Drag-and-drop video between monitors. Flexible Preview/Playback Combinations - Flexible combinations of Preview / Instant Playback/ Advanced Playback directly in main screen; - Simultaneously playback multiple video from multiple remote servers. POS/ATM Data Integration - POS connection through TCP/IP network, or directly RS-232 cable connection; - Intuitive POS/ATM event search/playback operations; - Built-in tens of popular POS protocols already. Access from Anywhere - Access video from any web browsers and most of mobile phones, without extra software installation; - Control PTZ from mobile phone (Optional); - Video integration to website. More Features  Adapt to different screen resolutions automatically;  Customize screen layout by user;  Powerful storage strategies, can allocate customized storage space / recording days to any channel (s), and the important cameras can be stored in dedicated disk arrays;  Disk group management;  Multi-zone motion detection recording with pre-event recording;  Max 33ch simultaneously playback in time-line bar;  Multiple backup modes, USB stick, USB HDD, DVD/CD- RW, etc.  Running as standard windows service (optional feature);  Flexible registration: • license file registration; • USB Dongle key.  Supported languages: • English, Russian, French, Italian, Danish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc. • And it is quite easy to add new languages, since all the menus is in language script file.  OS Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, both 32bit/64 bit OS. Specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Outstanding Features China Hangzhou Linovision Technologies Co., Ltd. Email: Website: Phone: +86 (571) 8670 8175