Checking a startup idea


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spme pattern analysis of academic startup ideas before going in search of funding

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Checking a startup idea

  1. 1. Le componenti di uno spin off accademico Checking a newChecking a new ssttaarrttuupp ideaidea
  2. 2. Technology transfer strategist from 2005 Lino GiustiLino Giusti Supported the business modeling /launch of 11 academic spin off/start up projects Supporting patenting and licensing of unitn inventions Managing Intellectual property /software Fundraising for applied research and spinoff/startups Research and Technology transfer support DivisionResearch and Technology transfer support Division Trento UniversityTrento University Staff member of the Research and Technology transfer support Division
  3. 3. DefinitionDefinition
  4. 4. 1.082 active spin offs in 2012 ItalyItaly ≈ 100 newborn every year patronized by university regulations linked with research project and public funding researchers and universities may be shareholders low enterprise mortality mostly based in Northern Italy Source: Rapporto Netval 2013
  5. 5. Regions Start ups LOMBARDIA 207 EMILIA-ROMAGNA 120 VENETO 106 PIEMONTE 104 LAZIO 102 TOSCANA 86 MARCHE 51 TRENTINO-ALTO ADIGE 51 FRIULI-VENEZIA GIULIA 47 CAMPANIA 43 SARDEGNA 30 SICILIA 27 PUGLIA 25 LIGURIA 23 CALABRIA 16 ABRUZZO 13 UMBRIA 9 BASILICATA 7 MOLISE 7 VALLE D'AOSTA 4 ITALIA 1078 43 in Trentino43 in Trentino 18 in Trento18 in Trento 10 in Rovereto10 in Rovereto August 2013 Start up innovativeStart up innovative
  6. 6. 407 enterprises 3° place in EU after DE and UK 1°area oncology Source: Rapporto Ernst Young sulle biotecnologie in Italia Biotech enterprises in Italy, 2012Biotech enterprises in Italy, 2012
  7. 7. Technological innovationTechnological innovation Research results Phd theses Theses Prototypes Software Inventions
  8. 8. PatentPatent University patent regulations New materials, medicine, mechanics, physics, chemistry… Involvement of enterprises as customers/competitors Long term perspective: 10-20 years Novelty, inventive step and industriality Useful in negotiating with VC
  9. 9. CopyrightCopyright Proprietary software licenses Open source software licences Copyleft software licences (GPL) Appliable to software Protect the form Compatible with patenting Compatible with trade secret
  10. 10. Trade secretTrade secret Linked to people Can be paired with patenting Makes the separation between researchers and enterprise difficult Enforced through confidentiality agreements
  11. 11. TeamTeam Personnel devoted entirely to the enterprise Entrepreneurial experience/education Technical experience/education People who can focus on enterprise’s bootstrap for 1-2 years Network in the market sector
  12. 12. ResearchersResearchers The enterprise’s bootstrap slows the academic career Less publications Less research projects Potential conflict of interest
  13. 13. Youngs with specialistic competencesYoungs with specialistic competences Availability to change job Risk seeking attitude Similar work ethic Team spirit Possibility to skip salary temporarely
  14. 14. Business planningBusiness planning "a startup is a company that is confused"a startup is a company that is confused about:about: •what its product iswhat its product is •who its customers arewho its customers are •how to make to make money. As soon as it figures out all 3 things, itAs soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases to be a startup and thenceases to be a startup and then becomes a real business. Except mostbecomes a real business. Except most times, that doesn’t happen".times, that doesn’t happen". Dave McClureDave McClure
  15. 15. MarketMarket How much people spend for a similar service/product? Is the market growing? There’s space for a new product? Blu or red ocean strategy?
  16. 16. Products and servicesProducts and services IP Company Open source platform & services Proprietary hardware and software technology Social innovation
  17. 17. CompetitorsCompetitors Benchmark for product development No competitors no market Patent database search
  18. 18. CustomersCustomers Customers are more important then products Speak with customers as soon as possible Developing a product without having already a client is a very risky investment If possible involve customers in product definition through an MVP
  19. 19. Thanks for your attention Lino Giusti