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Blended Learning & the teaching profession


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La infografía muestra cómo el blended learning no trata de sustituir los maestros con las nuevas tecnologías, sino que faculta con nuevas capacidades, es decir: empodera y crea nuevas oportunidades. Vía Digital learning now.

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Blended Learning & the teaching profession

  1. 1. Report TwitterImproving Conditions & Careers: How BlendedLearning Will Improve the Teaching Profession Learning Now! (@DigLearningNow)Foundation for Excellence in Education (@ExcelinEd)Getting Smart (@Getting_Smart)Public Impact (@PublicImpact)DLN Smart Series #smartseriesRand theTEACHING PROFESSIONBLENDED LEARNINGBlended learning can create new career opportunities andimproved conditions for teachers. As student rolesevolve within a more personalized, tech-rich learningenvironment, teacher roles should evolve accordingly.Solution: Shiftto PersonalizedDigital LearningResults: Redefined Teacher Rolesand Improved OpportunitiesChallenge: Rising Demands on Teacherstechnologycommunityscheduleparentsextratimesportsbalancesuppliespoliticsfinancialaccountabilityprofessionaldevelopmentbeforeschoolplanningafterschoolstandardssciencemathartteam-teachingbetterinformationindividualizedprofessionaldevelopmentplansmy plannew options toteach at homemoreearningpowerfocus ondeeperlearningmoreleadershiproles247eagerstudents10 Benefits of BlendedLearning for TeachersBlended Learning can tear downthe walls of the traditionalclassroom, improvingconditions such as:REDUCED ISOLATIONMORE OPPORTUNITIESFOR COLLABORATIONMEANINGFULPROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENTBETTER STUDENT DATAIMPROVED TIMEEFFICIENCYROLE-DIFFERENTIATIONImproved ConditionsImproved Career OpportunitiesThe Teaching Profession is in TransitionNEW OPTIONSreach morestudents in-personreach morestudents anywherelead otherteachersspecializein strengthsshare lessonswith millionsSustainableHigher Paydesign digitalcontentdeveloppeers onlineBlended learning is not about replacingteachers with technology. Blended learningcan be a powerful enabler for reimaginingthe teaching profession and empoweringeducators to pursue new career pathwaysunder improved conditions.extendedtime withstudentsmotivatehard toreach kids