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Lean startup cust dev intro start up academy

A few quick slides for the intro before the cust dev presentation.

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Lean startup cust dev intro start up academy

  1. 1. Lean Startup andCustomer DevStartUP Academy
  2. 2. The old businessplan model
  3. 3. TimeCashFlowII III IVIThe Entrepreneur’s ChallengeVisioning the Future into the Present
  4. 4. Lean Start Up 101
  5. 5. Lean Start up
  6. 6. The Problem:Management was Focused on PlanningDesign• Processes• Positions• PathwaysLearning• Sensing• Seizing• Managing
  7. 7. The New Model Emphasizes Speed andAgilityand Iteration between Design and LearningDesign• Processes• Positions• PathwaysLearning• Sensing• Seizing• Managing
  8. 8. Steps of Lean Start Up• Opportunity Recognition• Customer Development• Agile Product Development• Business Model Development• Bootstrapping / Creative FinancingExperimental Mindset & Design Thinking
  9. 9. CustomerDevelopment
  10. 10. Lean is abouteliminating waste
  11. 11. The biggest waste isbuilding something thatnobody wants
  12. 12. Customer development helps in 2 ways1. If youre building the wrong thing, it helpsyou learn that sooner2. Once youre building the correct thing, ithelps you find customers before you launch
  13. 13. Its very simple1. Talk to lots of customers2. Deeply understand theirneeds3. Write down what you learn
  14. 14. But it is not sales!
  15. 15. Its about learningThere are lots of possible ways to learn whatyour customers want
  16. 16. Customer Testing Model
  17. 17. 5/31/2013 19This is what you want…
  18. 18. This is what you get if you aren’t careful
  19. 19. A process not anevent
  20. 20. Thank you!